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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Decent Enough Lunar Conspiracy Movie

Author: sddavis63 ( from Durham Region, Ontario, Canada
3 January 2012

This movie gets off to a rather slow start. That might explain at least in part why it gets such bad reviews. Unless you can really stick with it through about a half hour of - well - very little, it's going to lose you. Mind you, there's honesty in the opening credits, as it makes reference to I'm not even sure if that's a real website. I just tried to pull it up and I just keep getting told that the website isn't available. Regardless, the very name makes clear that this is a conspiracy type movie, the point of which seems to be to explain why the United States gave up on moon missions after Apollo 17. In fact, the movie makes the assertion that the United States DID return to the moon - that there was a secret Apollo 18, and that it was the events that happened during that mission and the loss of the crew that caused the United States to give up on lunar exploration.

"Apollo 18" is a kind of lunar-based "Blair Witch Project," filmed supposedly as the events are happening by a combination of hand-held and stationary cameras. We follow astronauts Walker and Anderson on what at first seems to be a pretty routine lunar mission - until they discover strange footprints on the moon's surface. This is where it finally starts to get interesting. Following the footprints leads them to an abandoned Soviet spacecraft - the Russians apparently having been to the moon without anyone knowing it. But there's blood in the capsule, and the cosmonaut who left the footprints is nowhere to be found. As they investigate, it becomes clear that "something" is on the moon with them. From that point on, I actually thought this became a pretty good movie, fairly suspenseful and the performances from Warren Christie (Anderson) and Lloyd Owen (Walker) were pretty decent.

It's a conspiracy movie all the way through. The astronauts are abandoned and left to die in space to avoid "contamination" back on earth, and convenient excuses are made up to explain what happened to them and why their bodies were never recovered (since their journey into space was never made public.) Since the lunar creatures themselves seemed to have some connection to moon rocks, the closing captions noted the volume of moon rocks that were brought back to earth over the years, and pointed out that many of them were given away as gifts and have since disappeared (thus leading us to wonder if there might be aliens among us!)

I don't take any of the conspiracy angle of this movie seriously. I personally think the United States gave up on lunar exploration because (1) it was very dangerous - everybody knows about Apollo 13, but it was only one of many safety problems with the Apollo program; (2) it was very expensive; and (3) the 6 Apollo missions that did make it to the moon didn't find anything especially interesting - the claims of this movie notwithstanding! I guess that leads me to a question though. Is this a serious conspiracy movie, intended to promote the idea that there was a secret, lost lunar mission that found extraterrestrials, or was this intended as simply pure entertainment? I wasn't entirely clear on whether this was intended to promote the conspiracy theory (which is out there) or whether it just took advantage of it. Either way, after that slow start, I actually thought this was pretty decent. (7/10)

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Great concept movie

Author: Ianlinux from United Kingdom
29 December 2011

For me, this was a great concept movie split into 3 areas of dispute: (1) That a Saturn V rocket could be launched in secret, (2) that the Soviets successfully sent a mission or missions to the Moon despite Western propaganda to the contrary, and (3) aliens, or life forms indigenous to hostile Lunar conditions, can actually exist - if at least dangerous in parasitic form to human beings. Yes there were flaws, of course!!!!! Like the dubious depiction of lunar gravity, or the unrealistic expressiveness of DoD/NASA astronauts usually so staid and unquestioning. But the gritty depiction overall, of a doom-laden scenario was realistically spooky, whilst the plot was utterly plausible if a little bare to the point of mere documentation - or a portent to fact through obvious fiction. But then death and it's portrayal, and the concepts alluded to on appraisal, are often unremarkable in their execution. For me, the ideas and intention - even in their apparent starkness (that to some might be perceived as amateurism), and what they bring to the mind's eye according to our imagination and expectations, are just as important to the success of a film that would otherwise be offered by the spoon feeding approach to plot and substance.

I can only think that the poor ratings are a generalisation attributed to a lack of visual and sensory refinement of Hollywood offerings and what constitutes normally "good" Fayre in this herd-like existence of ours.

For me, a great film. For others, not so. I'm just sad some are not willing to transcend the gluttony of expectation and consumption. Oh well.

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Not what I was Expecting .

Author: Jose Picazo
13 November 2011

When i first heard of this movie I was actually not that excited, mostly because I wasn't really into "Lost-and Found footage" type of Movies. When I had the opportunity to see it I didn't hesitate and watched it not really expecting much. When I came out of the theater I was not disappointed at all. Let me state the Cons First: 1: I did feel the Movie in the beginning was pretty slow 2: Sometimes during the Movie I couldn't figure out what they were saying because of the effect they used for the audio to make it sound like it they were in space. Those are practically all the cons I had with the Movie And now for the Pros: 1: The movie kept my attention through out, even with the pacing issues in the beginning. It displayed an original idea that I had not seen before in a movie and provided a good time at the theater 2: The Visual effects, While not that jaw dropping, were still pretty decent considering it was meant to look like it was recorded on a old Video camera. and finally 3: The ending was not bad (Despite what people say) It was a nice way to conclude the a great movie.

In the end I really did enjoy this movie. It adds variation to the "Lost-and found" type of movies and honestly does not disappoint.


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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Different in a good way.

Author: karledwards2010 from Newcastle Upon Tyne
5 November 2011

When i first saw this film i thought it was shot with a potato, literally, it wasn't till i was a good five minuets in that i realized it was going to be shot with a few cheap cameras all the way throughout, But this didn't make the film worse, in fact i think it made the film more interesting, and you could actually think that it was what actually happened, and by the way you cant always see what is going on around, makes a claustrophobia sense, and capable of giving shocks easier. OK, despite the film been shot with a few potatoes i think there are multiple times in the film where there is good acting, but a poor script, for example i couldn't sense fear in a character when i know any one of us would be on the toilet.... (the acting was there but the script was not) Another factor in this was that there are one or two parts in the entire thing where you cant help but think to your self i know whats coming next, and you turn out to be right, at other times you think you know and you turn out wrong..... Despite the obvious flaws in the film, i cant help but feel like i enjoyed the film, and i liked the fact that it has tried something different, and pulled it off. If you are a scifi fan, i think this is a film for you, if you are bored, i would say give it a try.

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

great movie

Author: hoodoo17 from United States
14 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

spoiler alert lots of spoilers :D

Great movie. im glad a director finally chose to move away from the tiny green man stereotype for aliens.all seems believable until you think about what has science taught us all life needs oxygen(well our life, we have never officially found life other than earth so we have no idea what they need to survive)also sound cannot travel through the vaccum of space Sounds requires a medium to travel through. An example is air. (You've also heard sound travel through water and solid objects)now unless NASA developed a live video streaming device and was recorded as it came in there is no way the video was brought back to earth. you could say more missions went to the moon, which is very possible but very stupid because it would be a waste of money. also some cgi looked pretty bad like the end scene when ben is overwhelmed by the rock spider alien things. and the cosmonaught LEM looks photoshoped when ben is trying to link it with the main shuttle.(LEM= lunar excursion module)Anyway i liked it though,the ending is quite sad. "im coming home im coming home" says ben "do not let ben enter the shuttle he is infected" CAPCOM tells john. ben is unfortunately destined to die. this movie was amazing though it is absolutely fake, except for a few clips (some footage looks HD and others look like the screen to a windup TV for blackouts)i loved it. go see it but don't expect to have a full theater. i went day of release and there was about 20 people probably all the hater on IMDb

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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Awesome conspiracy horror film.

Author: Carl Robertson from Australia
27 January 2013

This is a pretty good film, I recently bought it from my local DVD store, but I wasn't certain if I was going to like it, but i DID!!!! It's a really good horror movie, it is filmed in a realistic way, so this makes it seem more real. It takes a while to get used to because of the way it is filmed, the special effects are top notch, it really seemed like they were on the moon, and the film is very suspenseful but you have to watch it to understand because I don't want to give away any spoilers.

Over all I thought it was a pretty good movie and is worth the time. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be but it was still scary. if you like the "found footage" type of horror films.

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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Superior low-budget sci-fi/horror sleeper

Author: Woodyanders ( from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
1 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

December, 1974. Two American astronauts are sent to the moon on a top secret mission funded by the U.S. Department of Defense. During their mission the astronauts discover something awful and deadly on the moon. Director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego, working from a tight and absorbing script by Brian Miller, does a bang-up job of creating and maintaining a great deal of claustrophobic tension and makes the most out of the cramped confines of the lunar landing module. Better still, Lopez-Gallego ably crafts a spooky atmosphere that becomes more increasingly grim, eerie, and unnerving as the story unfolds towards a devastating downbeat conclusion, with an especially bleak and harrowing last third. Moreover, Lopez-Gallego's fine eye for meticulous detail, the lo-fi, yet nifty and believable special effects, and the rough'n'grainy documentary-like style add a certain frightening plausibility to the fantastic premise. Kudos are also in order for the excellent and convincing acting by the three capable non-star leads: Warren Christie as the amiable Captain Benjamin Anderson, Lloyd Owen as the rugged Commander Nathan Walker, and Ryan Robbins as the easygoing Lieutenant Colonel John Grey. In addition, it's refreshing to see a current fright feature that downplays gross gore and cheap scares in favor of nerve-rattling suspense and a scary gloom-doom mood. A real nail-biter.

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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Entertaining if you are open minded: not as bad as the reviews

Author: rodrmar70 from Argentina
9 November 2011

Before explaining my impressions, a brief summary: footage presumably found of a non previously known apollo mission and it's fate (Blair witch style of camera story).

A lot of times, discrepancy comes along with certain movies. Some because they are innovative, some due to the complexity of the script, others because they disappoints our expectations (with false promises rising from the trailers or media). None of that will be found here (it's not a profound movie), but we still got discrepancies in the reviews. Why?

The first thing we must remember it's to see it for just what it is: a found footage style of filming. In outer space.....OK? It's not Dogville...

A lot of criticism came out (away) of this premises; and that is the point of misleading data here: It's not Shakespeare, the reactions of the astronauts are limited (everyone who has seen the real footage of apollo, even those of the quiet translunar stage, knows there's no displays of emotions). I do agree that the script could have been strong, but it does the trick.

For a Moon exploration type of movie, the spacecrafts, the suits, the lunar soil and even the cameras are totally believable, more than i expected. The obvious errors (sound in space, the absence of lunar gravity effect on walking) doesn't have a mayor impact on the story.

If you watch this movie for the purpose of entertainment, with the appropriate amount of ''suspension of disbelief'', you won't be disappointed, even though holds not very surprises o scares. But it kept me interested enough until the end,which is not great but still believable.

You won't be left with a sense of fulfillment after it, but it does entertain enough for this type o movie.

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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Good documentary style SF movie

Author: alistairc_2000 from The Sahrar desert
11 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There was a moon mission that was not reported. Everyone thought that Apollo 17 was the last mission. Now new footage has emerged of the final mission.


There was an extra mission to the moon that no one knows of and this footage shows the reason why. Whilst there they make a discovery... This is done in diary of the dead style. It was a good movie that was slightly spoiled by some yobbos have a fight at the back of the cinema.

I do think that this movie was more suited to DVD that the movies...

9/10.... if you liked Moon.

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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

A Nutshell Review: Apollo 18

Author: DICK STEEL from Singapore
29 September 2011

Just when you thought the found footage science fiction and horror subgenre would finally run out of steam with every possible story being told, here comes another that's set in the final frontier of space, and I admit it's kinda clever for writers Cory Goodman and Brian Miller to utilize this device in a conspiracy theory type story that deals with why there are no longer any more missions to put man on the moon again, barring budget constraints, with no lack of volunteers and astronauts on payroll.

From the Blair Witch project involving discovered footage from a camera, there have been wannabes and variants, with some of the most notable being The Last Exorcism with a documentary crew following their subject for some investigative journalism, in the same way REC did it, and from Cloverfield's monster movie to the Paranormal Activity films which combine both the moving home camera with the static ones from CCTVs. After all from a movie making perspective most of these films are completed on a shoe-string budget and become profitable at the box office, and the challenge here is to create some original ideas to further milk this genre before they all truly run out and remakes are called into play.

Apollo 18 takes one of the cancelled missions of NASA and gives a controversial, conspiracy type spin to why the crew never made it to the Moon, by suggesting that the crew actually did so, but a massive cover up put a lid on what had transpired, with official records fabricated to hide the truth from the public. The premise is smart, but the delivery left much to be desired, despite superb production sets to recreate the look and feel of lunar landing and command modules both from the outside and within, those retro looking space suits, and the near zero gravity experience within the space crafts and during those moon walks.

One of the chief issues here is that we never really got to know the crew involved so as to provide that little bit of an emotional anchor to feel for them when things go wrong. Granted this is not Apollo 13 and neither was the bandwidth given for this to clock more than 90 minutes, but its runtime really felt excruciatingly slow given that most of the time, nothing significant happens, saving almost everything for last, and throwing the audience a couple of cheap scares every now and then. The most we get to know of the Apollo 18 crew was that they really liked their barbecue gatherings, and being called to finally get up there to the moon, in a mission sponsored by the Department of Defense, was a real honour, never mind if their project is more top secret and classified involving what they thought was installing cameras and sensors to detect Russian ICBM launches; cold war era, remember?

By staying true to that era and the plot that the footage is real and found, we get a lot of grainy, full screen presentation with plenty of static, quick cuts (edited by the filmmaker from the hours of raw material it was claimed) to highlight that sense of dread and urgency in staying alive when all else seemed to have abandoned them and the mission. The lack of stronger character development made it a little difficult to empathize with the characters when they face a brick wall in communications and with a mission threatening to go haywire, made worst when there is something else quite hostile in their midst, and contributing to a systemic failure of equipment and people. They become the inevitable fodder, though one is limited to only the crew rather than to have a mindless bloodbath just because it is possible.

Still, don't let this faux pas found footage film put you off from the glee of partaking in a conspiracy theory especially if space missions are up your alley, and meanwhile, let me look for my lunar rock and toss it out the window.

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