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Chicago Tribune
Many will find Apollo 18 silly and derivative. It is. Yet it's also a break from the usual hyperbolic, down-your-throat brand of silly and derivative scare movies.
Despite stretches of skillfully sustained suspense, Apollo 18 ultimately comes across as little more than a modestly clever stunt.
Even if Apollo 18 is not exactly as it presents itself to be, it is less of a stunt than a low-key and unassuming film of rising tension rather than big scares or wild shocks.
Contains nothing original or over-the-top enough to make it a real scream fest. For most horror fans it will be kind of a snooze.
Apollo 18 fails to stay with you because, like the cratered satellite on which it's set, it has no atmosphere.
Not only is this film's form clichéd, so is its content.
Boxoffice Magazine
Apollo 18 is a drab horror that tries to plant fears about untrustworthy authority (Nixon, NASA, etc) that are as stale as a freeze-dried peas.
All Apollo 18 has to offer is endless radio crackle and visual incoherence. And what's out there, tormenting the astronauts? The answer is dumber than a box of moon rocks.
Has no thrills, no chills, no scares and contains a villain, or several of them, actually, that will turn you to stone -- from boredom.
Unpleasant when it isn't dull, Apollo 18 never sells the lost-footage illusion, and never compensates for it with scares. Jolts, sure. Like so many lazy horror directors, López-Gallego knows how to startle, but not how to frighten.

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