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Actually entertaining...
loveforfreddie21 September 2011
I really enjoyed the show overall. Yes, Neal comes off a little cold-hearted at times but that does make/break the show. I felt it was very interesting to see the process that must be done after a blood shed. The job seems grueling and the tough work schedule must be very hard to manage. I suspect they get pretty good for all the night calls they are required to do.

Although, maybe it was the fact that I find Mike to be extremely handsome that kept me tuning in. Not quite sure yet :)

Overall, I enjoyed it because it gives you a different perspective about crimes. I have had my fill with all the murder mysteries so it was nice to watch something different for once.
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Good Topic, Not So Good Show
brittonwa23 July 2011
Crime scene clean up. What could actually be the subject of really interesting and informative reality TV is lost in this show's look on the unpleasant task of cleaning up the aftermath of lawlessness.

The first obstacle is Neal Smither, the foul mouthed, control-freakish grime tech leader who is not above describing an employee as "Fat Ass" and appears to be one of the most unpleasant persons to work for. He tries to show a sensitive side while cleaning a crime scene, but it just doesn't seem believable.

The second obstacle is that the show does not grab your attention for very long. It's easy to switch channels on this series without the regret that you are going to miss something interesting.

What a shame that this little known profession is represented in such a manner. You'll be better off watching meerkat reruns.
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