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Silent House is smart about its scares as well as its delivery method.
A denouement more textbook than thrilling stalls some of the movie's power. But the early chills are potent, intense.
Silent House feels relentless, suffocatingly tense and almost unbearable. And that's a very good thing.
"Paranormal Activity" has been here before, of course, but Silent House springs tangy new tricks, and Olsen is a primo scream queen.
It will make you jump, to be sure, and your heart to beat a little bit faster. But what's truly scariest about it takes place not in the body, but in the mind.
The bad news is that Silent House is 88 minutes long, and the final half hour represents a descent into an anticlimax that ends with a scene as dumb as it is disappointing.
Silent House is a bundle of horror-flick tropes yoked together like a package deal.
This is good-for-you, arthouse-style horror. Which doesn't mean it's necessarily any good.
My attention was held for the first act or so. Then any attempt at realism was abandoned, and it became clear that the house, and the movie containing it, were devices to manufacture methodical thrills. The explanation, if that's what it was, seemed contrived and unconvincing.
The film is at its best as a fast-paced enigma. When Kentis and Lau start explaining what's actually going on, Silent House takes a turn not just for the worse but the ludicrous.
The tricky camera moves that fill up Silent House make for one-half of a nerveracking horror film - before the movie's obviousness just gets on your nerves.
A creaky haunted house that, once the big twist is revealed, makes very little sense at all.

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