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Season: 1
Year: 2010

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Arrival

5 November 2010
David visits archaeological sites where fossils were found illustrating the origins of life on earth, in the ocean. For long, evolution worked very slow and species remained primitive, mostly single-cell, alter fractal. Only the invention of sexual reproduction kick-started genetic diversification.

David Attenborough ... Himself - Presenter
Hazel Barton ... Herself - Microbiologist, Northern Kentucky University (as Dr Hazel Barton)
Bernard Degnan ... Himself - Marine Biologist, University of Queensland (as Prof Bernard Degnan)
Philip Donoghue ... Himself - Palaeontologist, University of Bristol (as Prof Philip Donoghue)
Mary Droser ... Herself - Palaeontologist, University of California (as Dr Mary Droser)
Jim Gehling ... Himself - Palaeontoloigst, South Australia Museum (as Dr Jim Gehling)
Guy Narbonne ... Himself - Palaeontologist, Queen's University, Ontario (as Dr Guy Narbonne)

Season 1, Episode 2: Conquest

12 November 2010
David Attenborough travels to the Canadian Rockies where fossils document an explosion in animal diversity. Going on to Africa, Australia and Scotland, Attenborough discovers how animals evolved to conquer not only the oceans but also the land and air.

David Attenborough ... Himself - Presenter
Jean-Bernard Caron ... Himself - Palaeontologist, Royal Ontario Museum (as Dr Jean-Bernard Caron)
Richard Fortey ... Himself - Palaeontologist, Natural History Museum (as Prof Richard Fortey)
Justin Marshall ... Himself - Marine Neurobiologist, University of Queensland (as Prof Justin Marshall)

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