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6 Feb. 2012
Dude Where's My Sword
When Rudy goes on a bike trip with Bobby and Phil, the gang throw a party at the dojo. All is well until they notice Rudy's prized katana sword is missing. Jack, Kim and Milton try to find a new one, while Jerry and Eddie clean up.
13 Feb. 2012
Breaking Board
Jack accidently kicks Jerry in the ribs and insists he go to the hospital.
27 Feb. 2012
Reality Fights
The gang participate in Bobby's new game show, but it tears them apart and tests their loyalty to each other.
5 Mar. 2012
Kickin' It in China
Jack is invited to the junior martial arts championships in China, but while there runs into his enemy. Jerry, Milton and Eddie go on an adventure to find out the ending of a fortune.
12 Mar. 2012
The Wrath of Swan
Jack declines Kim's invite to a dance, so she takes a new boy at school, who turns out to be a black dragon. Milton and Jerry discover they have hot dates. Rudy and Eddie make cars for a scout competition.
26 Mar. 2012
Rowdy Rudy
Rudy flips a pro wrestler and goes viral, which makes Jack think it's acceptable to fight people at school, which lands him in detention. Milton worries when he thinks his girlfriend wants to kiss him.
2 Apr. 2012
Rock'em Sock'em Rudy
Bobby unveils a new robot sensei, which greatly improves the gang's performances. Rudy is fired, but when the robot starts pushing them too hard, they try to get Rudy back. Milton and Eddie create their own robot.
9 Apr. 2012
My Left Foot
Milton kicks a football sky-high, making him the new star of the team.
16 Apr. 2012
We Are Family
Jerry gets a job at the Meatball King to help the gang buy a go-cart.
23 Apr. 2012
Eddie Cries Uncle
Eddie lies about having a famous uncle.
30 Apr. 2012
Skate Rat
The gang convinces Jack's hero, Luke Strong to build them a skate park.
7 May 2012
Capture the Flag
Eddie learns about Rudy's past.
11 Jun. 2012
It Takes Two to Tangle
Rudy and Jack attend a student/sensei tournament.
17 Sep. 2012
The Chosen One
The gang gets the opportunity of a lifetime.
25 Jun. 2012
Dojo Daycare
The gang decides to turn the dojo into a daycare center.
16 Jul. 2012
Indiana Eddie
Eddie is the only one to take his career assessment seriously.
23 Jul. 2012
Kim of Kong
Jack lies to get out of working on a project so he can play a game.
18 Jun. 2012
Jack and Jerry are bummed when they can't get tickets to see Izzy Gunnar.
10 Sep. 2012
Kickin It Old School
Rudy needs to earn his diploma!
24 Sep. 2012
Hit the Road Jack
Jack is offered a scholarship to a prestigious facility.
1 Oct. 2012
A Slip Down Memory Lane
Jack slips on a stack of bo staffs and loses all memory of his friends.
8 Oct. 2012
Wedding Crashers
Bobby Wasabi is lonely while his ninjas are away.
15 Oct. 2012
Wazombie Warriors
Kim goes to a zombie movie and falls asleep, and has a scary dream.
22 Oct. 2012
Jack helps Jerry get a job at the mall.
29 Oct. 2012
All the President's Friends
Milton becomes school president.
5 Nov. 2012
New Jack City
Carson, an old friend of the gang and Rudy's former star student, returns to Seaford. His own martial arts moves prompt Rudy to replace Jack with Carson in the upcoming tournament, annoying Jack.
12 Nov. 2012
Karate Games
A Hollywood director casts Jack and Kim as the stars of his next movie.
19 Nov. 2012
Kickin' It on Our Own
Rudy makes the hardest decision of his life.
3 Dec. 2012
Oh, Christmas Nuts!
The gang volunteers at the Santa attraction in the mall.

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