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Season 4

17 Feb. 2014
The Boys Are Back in Town
Jack and Milton get an urgent message from Funderburk requesting their help one more time, so they return to the spy headquarters in Washington.
24 Feb. 2014
Gold Diggers
Rudy has inherited a worthless piece of land, but Jack and Milton urge him to check it out before he sells it to a neighboring rancher.
3 Mar. 2014
From Zereos to Hereos
Milton, Jerry and Joan decide to make a martial arts video as a new MA performance group called the "Tiger Trio."
10 Mar. 2014
The Stang
To impress his ex-girlfriend Julie, Milton "borrows" his Dad's classic Mustang.
31 Mar. 2014
Nerd with a Cape
Milton dresses up as an original superhero for a convention but is forced into action when a crisis arises and forced to ditch class. Meanwhile, Jack and Taylor fight over the smoothie table which causes Taylor to quit.
7 Apr. 2014
RV There Yet?
With Jack and Milton fighting all the time, Rudy decides to take them on a camping trip in his old RV. Meanwhile, Jerry and Joan bid on a storage locker unit and find something valuable.
31 Mar. 2014
Kickin It in the Office
Milton is desperate to attend a comic book convention but in order to attend he will have to do something he never thought he'd do...skip school!
16 Jun. 2014
The Amazing Krupnick
Jack and Jerry learn that Milton is a talented magician.
21 Apr. 2014
The Battle of Seaford Hill
Jerry sets out to prove his great, great grandfather was a true war hero.
30 Jun. 2014
Fight at the Museum
Milton and Jerry volunteer at the Seaford History Museum in an attempt to win over the same girl but when they discover the museum is being robbed and the girl of their dreams is in danger, they have to work to save her and the museum.
14 Jul. 2014
Tightroping the Shark
Jack and Milton recruit legendary daredevil Spanky Danger to raise money for the troubled Seaford Aquarium.
21 Jul. 2014
Full Metal Jack
Jack, Jerry, and Milton form a team to compete in a Commando Paintball Challenge.
28 Jul. 2014
Martinez & Malone: Mall Cops!
Jerry quits his job at the bowling alley and joins Joan as a mall cop.
4 Aug. 2014
Seaford Hustle
Milton meets Tom, the President of a powerful brotherhood. Kim visits Seaford and Jack envisions himself saving her from the forces taking her away.
4 Mar. 2015
Bringing Down the House
The gang decide to buy themselves a boat but they run out of money and come up with an alternate plan.
11 Mar. 2015
You Don't Know Jack
When Jerry disrespects Jack's authority as a sensei and throws an unauthorized party at the dojo, Jack suspends him from taking his black belt test.
25 Mar. 2015
The Grandmaster
Kim returns from Japan with her sensei, Tomo, who's interested in hiring Rudy.

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