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A US Postal Service mail drop-box on the "New York" Soviet training grounds has the Post Office logo adopted in 1993, which is post-Cold War.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

In the beginning scene when the Expendables are raiding the enemy territory and about to crash through a building, Gunner yells to Yin Yang "Watch your head, insect!", but if you watch his mouth movements, he was clearly saying something else at the time which was dubbed over with the new line.
When Christmas is dressed as a monk he says something in Latin, but his mouth never moves.
After the airport fight, Vilain and some of his men are seen arriving at the hangar on a lifted truck with a regular V8 engine sound. It's actually a Toyota Hilux and the 3.0 D-4D badge on the door means it's the 4 Cylinder, 3 Liter Turbo Diesel engine which sounds totally different.
After Barney meets Maggie for the first time under the bridge and starts his motorcycle, you hear the engine rev up before Barnie even touches the throttle.

Character error 

Jensen writes Einstein's equation for general relativity on a napkin, not special relativity as stated.
Phosphate rock does not have a density of 1.52 or a melting point of 44°C, as stated by Gunner.


When the team and the miners escape the mine near the end of the movie, everyone is seen leaving the mine with clean faces and clothing.
After the bar scene at the beginning of the movie, Barney is seen riding off on his motorcycle. The license plate of his motorcycle is showing on the left side of the rear wheel in the first shot and then on the right side in the next shot to be shown on the left side again upon arrival at this destination.
When Vilain has a gun at one of the expendable's head, just after they find the box, you can clearly see he is holding the gun with his right hand. The close up reveals he is holding it with his left hand as his left finger is on the trigger, then the next shot shows him holding it in his right hand again.
During numerous shots, the plane has a rear access door (they load, and then throw out Jet Skis) but in other shots the rear of the plane clearly has no door, the latter being correct as this plane is a Grumman "Albatross" which has no rear access.
When Booker is approaching Barney and his crew for the first time, Booker stops in front of Barney, in the next shot Booker comes to a stop a second time.
When Barney wakes up Gunner for snoring, it is shown that Gunner is eating a cookie after he wakes up, but there was no cookie in his hand or laying beside him when he was sleeping.
After the big fight at the airport, Booker, Church, Maggie and Trench are seen getting in a helicopter with a large 711 on the engine cowling. However, the helicopter we see taking off with them supposedly on board has a large 712 on the engine cowling.
In the beginning driving scenes Gunnar Jensen is seen lifting his ramming I-beam into position. In close up scenes of Gunnar the ram is again in a reversed position.
In the opening action scene, Barney's mustache stretches all the way down to his jawline when he is driving, then changes mid-scene to the shorter handlebar mustache that he sports for the rest of the film.
During the airport battle there is one quick shot of Hail Caeser using his automatic shotgun he gave to Trench in the beginning of the movie, and then in the next shot of Trench he's using the same gun. Finally, when it shows Caeser again he's only got his regular pump action shotgun.

Crew or equipment visible 

During the shootout scene between Vilain and Ross towards the end of the movie, you can clearly see that Barney is wearing ear protection while he is taking cover from the bullets.

Errors in geography 

At the beginning of the film, the location is stated as Distretto di Sindhupalchok, Nepal, however, signs written in Burmese can be seen.

Factual errors 

Plutonium is about 20 times heavier than water, so the Plutonium bricks would weigh about 100 kilograms each. It would be impossible for one person to move that much weight as is displayed in the movie.
During the opening scene the bad guys are actually speaking Thai even though they are supposed to be Nepalese. Also the sub-titles don't actually match what they are saying.
The guys are seen zip-lining down on a high voltage power line. This could never be possible, as on every pylon, the wire is anchored to an insulator. Even considering the fact that the power was turned off, they could have only zip-lined between two pylons.
The Canadair CL-215 does not have a rear access door like the C-130, so the sea scooters couldn't enter the plane from the rear.
The coordinates that show up in the binoculars; N39°93'19" E17°70'56" are not real coordinates, as the minutes (the second number) must be between 0 and 59. During the scenes the coordinates do change, even into an existing location, but that does not represent what he sees through the binoculars, but is in fact somewhere in the Ionic Sea, off the coast from Italy.
When the group finds the crashed airplane there are two wolves eating dead passengers. They scare the wolves away, but then there is the distinctive sound of coyotes howling, not wolves.
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Revealing mistakes 

After the big fight at the airport, Booker, Church, Maggie and Trench are seen leaving in the helicopter. As the camera pans out on Barney, as viewed from the chopper, there is no wind gust at all and Barney's hair doesn't move from the vortex wind that would be created by the helicopter. Also in this situation you wouldn't be able to look at the chopper directly due to the wind vortex blowing in your eyes.
When the expendables come across the wrecked aircraft, it is obvious that it is there due to having crashed. The engines are missing, which would be likely in a real crash, however it is obvious that the engine was removed by unbolting it, and not by crash forces. This is evident from the intact bolts and hoses shown forward of the engine firewall.
When the Canadair CL-215 takes off from the water through the smoke after the hostage rescue, there is no wing or prop vortex created in the smoke as the airplane flies through.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.


When Bill dies in Barney's arms, one shot shows Bill's head tilting straight back as he dies. However, the immediate next shot shows his head tilting again, this time to his left.

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