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If you've just had a Lobotomy, Watch this movie !!!
cardiffhut10 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
If you had a lot of money, lots of spare time, and an IQ of 10, what would you do? Easy : club up with like minded people and make a movie, glorifying yourself and your dumb pals.The Result : The Expendables and if that wasn't enough to satisfy the ego-maniac...The Expendables 2!!! The plot reminds one of a spoilt, rich brat wondering which of his toys he needs to play with (and destroy) the end of the movie, Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone has successfully demolished all his toys and got himself a new one. Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger is back again with his "I'm back (again)" dialogue thats become so overused its a shame that he still thinks its up to some good.They even got Chuck Norris to do a really dumb appearance.Thank god for the actors who stayed away from this movie.

Easily the most mediocre acting, dialogues and script of this century.The special effects are good.A lot of money that could have fed a lot of poor people gone up in flames.

If you are a die hard Stallone,Schwarzenegger,Bruce Willis fan and want to watch the movie, my advise is get a Lobotomy; makes it a whole lot easier on you-Hollywood has reached a new level of mediocrity.
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This is how it works ?
horst699 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It's incredible, the amount of money this movie has supposedly made .

I am a huge fan of action movies; I have watched and rewatched all the flicks with Stallone , Schwarzenegger, Stratham, and many of those with the other known actors .

The first Expendables movie I enjoyed a lot; however, this one is taking it way beyond the silly, yet entertainable threshold .

Where to start ?

The acting is wooden, to say the least . Granted, the dialogues are poorly written, and the attempts at humour and the references are clumsy and forced .

But most of the known actors in this movie can do so much better, have done so in other roles , and are so experienced, that I find it hard to comprehend how they could agree to do this script . The money, of course, yet I somehow think that their performance in this movie will seriously hurt their career prospects .

This is sad for veterans like Van Damme and Lundgren, who did great in their recent projects to add some substance to their pedigree, but where cast as 2 dimensional morons for this .

The action is decent, though not very original, and very much on the silly side . I don't mind if it's realistic, but this is just action for action's sake, and thrown in like random video clips ; the action scenes don't even pretend to be real, as they do in any good action movie, but are intentionally created like circus acts .

Which brings me to editing; you know those over-sized Legos for toddlers ? The kids can put them together , it's easy and they fit , but it's just a bunch of bricks, no gaps but the colors don't match and there is no discernible shape . That's this movie .

The pieces somehow fit, never match, but everything got squeezed in that was available and deemed necessary , no matter how poorly executed . All boxes ticked, job done . Some parts even seem to have been shot seperatly and poorly stuck together, like some of the Schwarzenegger appearances; scenes jump from one environment to the next, held together by some half sentence in the previous scene .

What really killed it for me, was Chuck Norris - the straw and the camel's back .

It's not just that he is such a bad actor, and doesn't even look like himself anymore; take Steven Seagal as an example - he is horrible, but he can be made fun of easily and blended into this kind of movie (if the writers had had any sense of humor to start with) . But Norris isn't funny, nothing about him is . An empty shell with a beard glued to it, his legacy is being known for not worth being known .

Yet still he got a big part in the later stages of the movie - randomly and inexplicably thrown in, like everything else .

It's truly bad movie, and goes to show how marketing can even make a skeleton effort of a movie into a success .
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Exactly what I wanted from the first film - The Avengers of action movies.
Matt_Layden13 August 2012
While on a mission one of the "Expendables" gets himself killed, this leads the crew to go on a mission of revenge. But is it too much to handle?

I was severely disappointed in the first Expendable film, the mediocre action, the use of CGI blood and the unimpressive villain ruined the experience. So I was hoping that the second time around they would correct these issues. I can safely say, they did and they did it in spades. The big change is Stallone is no longer behind the camera, so he is more focused on his role of Barney and his mind isn't split between two separate places. The biggest change though is the tone, The Expendables 2 does not take itself seriously at all and neither did I, so I had a blast watching what is ultimately a parody of the action genre.

I can look past the acting, lack of story and plot because the film doesn't try to give you one. It's a simple film with a simple purpose. Get as many of these big guys into one film, make it a guys flick with lots of action and killing and they succeeded. The biggest misstep this film has is the motivation behind the revenge. The wrong person dies. A character is killed off that we have almost zero emotional connection with, it would have made more sense if it were another character that disappears early on in the film. It seems this character's sole purpose was to have these characters get their revenge on, which makes it less engaging for the viewer.

I was surprised at how underwhelmed I was by the action in the first film, here it is more stylized and fun. The film steps on the gas from the very beginning and almost never lets up. We are thrown into this action sequence at the start, which is better than anything the original had to offer. A more competent action director is behind the lens this time, Simon West who gave us Con Air and the more recent Mechanic. He understands what is needed and delivers some wild action sequences.

As I mentioned before, the film does not take itself seriously and it has a very tongue and cheek demeanour about it. It's not afraid to wink at the camera, specifically when Chuck Norris enters the screen and steals the show with the funniest line in the entire film. The film is full of one liners you would expect from an action film. During a fight, one characters exclaims, "Let's wrap this up" he then proceeds to take a chain and wrap it around another character's neck to choke him out. Another scene we have a bad guy get shot a dozen times by everyone and Stallone retorts, "Rest in pieces". Finally, my favourite, Stallone says "heads up" then proceeds to throw a head to some people. Yes, this movie is violent, so no fear about the PG-13 rating.

So what about the guys? Well, they all come back, some have a lot more to do than others. Lundgren is basically the comedic relief. Crews and Courture again get short shifted and feel like background characters. Schwarzenegger, Willis and Norris all have more in depth cameos and finally Van Damme shines as the villain. Van Damme really deserved more screen time. We are introduced to him, then we cut back every so often as he tries to steal his plutonium, then we have him fight at the end. He deserved more screen time, so did his right hand man, Scott Adkins. Both are more martial arts type fighters than big gun shooters and since this is a Stallone film, this is a big gun shooting movie. They get their fight sequences, but both of them I thought could have been a bit longer. Especially the Van Damme/Stallone fight.

So in the end, The Expendables did exactly what the first film should have done. It's a hilarious parody of the action genre and has non-stop excitement from start to finish. This is finally the film from these guys that I've been waiting for.
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What is this? I don't even...
troymartin932 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I don't care if I'm the minority here but seriously if anyone has ever seen a decent movie before then they would realize how ridiculous this film is. So much talent can be had from this cast as most of us have seen over the years. If the dialogue from this movie wasn't enough to deter me from liking it then it was the multiple references to previous action films starring the individual cast that did it. The addition of Liam Hemsworth playing billy the kid was a strong move considering his part was by far the most interesting and well portrayed. Better kill off the greatest part in the film (it was pretty evident and cliché that Billy was going to die due to the fact that in every film where someone is about to leave or better themselves in some way leads to their death). Another thing that really bothered me about this film was the fact that Jason Statham's "honey" bothering him throughout the film had literally no relevance, yet they led the audience to believe it would.

The editing in this film was tragic... Ever since Stallone has been making a "come back" with action films, the animated blood that is featured is some of the most unrealistic i've seen. When I first witnessed this odd looking blood was in the most recent "Rambo". I thought then that it was interesting looking but eventually due to the excessive amount of it being used i grew tired. There is a scene in The Expendables 2 where they have cleared out a small church filled with Van Damme's cronies and only one enemy is left. They proceed to light this man up, (which i found comical) but once again the terrible editing in this scene ruined it. You can clearly see his entire torso covered in poorly edited bullet holes that don't even move with the mans body.

With a cast and crew like this, I'd think they'd be able to fund for some fantastic special effects. Thanks for the disappointment though.
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One of the worst movies ever
dineshabe14 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is easily one of the worst movies i have ever seen. If you want to see 3000 people shot to death then you will love this movie. I saw this in an IMAX, but that didn't make the movie less painful. The story is the same old one, good partner gets killed the teams takes revenge. The first 15 minutes was bearable. There was nothing but mindless killing. Every scene is unrealistic and there is absolutely no story line. The good guys can apparently stand and shoot 1000 people face on face and bad guys will miss them. 5 guys shooting and killing 100 people in a open room without getting hit, is what best describes the movie. And finally stallone defeats the villain in fist fight. Oh he had a gun but u know fist fights are better. This is worse than any bad Indian movie i have ever seen. Most Indian superhero movies are much better than this movie.

In short if you have watched any action movie, don't go to this movie.
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Quote from Billy Madison " We are all dumber for having heard it!"
scottedunlap26 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The first thing that strikes me about this movie is, why does it look SO bad? Is it the feel or style they are going for? I dunno, it just looks bad. Maybe they are trying to Vaseline screen the aging stars, who are all in great shape by the way, or are they saving on film? Do they even use film anymore? SPOILER ALERT Virtually every action scene here is over the top and totally unbelievable except for a short scene with Jet Li. The initial escape scene makes NO SENSE! Sly gets shot while going down a seemingly infinite zip line? Statham's got his back so he stays behind while they are surround and the rest of the team continues the escape on the water high speed style. Out of nowhere Sly and Jason are rescued by fledgling team member snipers them out of the situation. Sly grunts "Time for plan b" back to the water chase. Jet skis, for no apparent reason appear from nowhere and the team abandons the boat. Just when all is lost, Stallone and Statham zoom overhead in the plane they arrived in. How is this plan b? Wouldn't the boats and jet ski's be plan b. Jet skis shoot into the ramp of the plane as the plane struggles get get enough lift to take off before they crash into a huge damn. Hey, since we are having trouble gaining altitude, let's head for the HIGHEST POINT on the dam! Most of the action scenes pretty much follow this level of nonsense. Oh well, maybe the writing is good? Nope! Back story for the newbie team member to make us care about him when he gets killed pretty much goes like this, "So, how did you get into this line of work?" " I was in Afganistan for three years when my platoon got trapped in the oil zone. By the time we got out, four of my friends were dead. When I got back to base, they had shot the dog I was taking care of, so, I'd had enough killing for the day"! That's it? That's the best the writes of this mega budget could come up with? Also to the character, since you had enough killing you decided to become a mercenary where you would kill people all day! Speaking of death, I read a stunt man died making this POS. people die everyday, on the subway, in their sleep, lots o reasons, but honestly, I can't think of a bigger waste of life than to die for this movie.
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The Embarrassings 2
laurenthoutent23 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Bad hairpieces, awful in-jokes, no storyline, lots of noise, elderly actors. Throw in $90 million and you have this turkey.

The baddies were at a real disadvantage here, none of their guns was designed to hit anyone. The goodies on the other hand had these special magic weapons that the only time they need reloading is for camera effect.

Stallone was mumbling so incoherently at times, I thought the soundtrack had a problem, but I don't think I missed much of the "plot"!

The shoot out at the airport ... an everlasting supply of baddies that turned up only to promptly get shot. Was the silly little car a product placement? Hope not, as it's so easy to remove the doors, there are obvious health & safety issues here!

It was really embarrassing to watch known actors in their sixties and seventies (Norris is 72), in roles designed for people decades younger. Don't waste your money nor your time watching this turkey.
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it is p**p
muppetfiddler23 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
'If you love life, don't waste time' Bruce Lee once said this.

Sorry Bruce, I need to apologise.... to my family. At the end of my mortal life I will be cursing the wasted time that is EXP2.

I am happy to give cash to my old heroes, but the movie just SUCKED at every level.

Obvious 'dead meat/revenge' character, Asian stereotypes, Bad guys with the complete wrong spoken language (Thai speaking Nepalese, Albanian/Bulgarians). Was Chuck (my number 1 hero) a CGI character? He and his face hardly moved. Sucky story, sucky dialogue, sucky effects, sucky predictable soundtrack... it just sucked!

Just don't do it. Wait for it on cable TV and sit around ripping into it.
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Better than the first by a mile
tonystalloney6 August 2012
First off, yes, much better than the first.... thank god, more locations, funnier and better put together.

No time from opening credits, its straight into the action, which is more epic imo, and is what should have been seen in the first film but maybe due to a low budget we were subjected to a lesser affair The team work well, all of them and Hemsworth does really well as the new boy on the block and second time round and you kind of know these guys. Arnie, bruce are seen more but are not seen as much as the usual gang, and li is seen the least.

Norris is great, seen here and there, great entrance and more of a cameo, and van damme makes good his role as the villain.

The story pretty much straight forward, better than the first, but nothing special, some dialogue was hard to hear, and sly does try to be serious in some scenes which got a laugh and I don't think its how it was intended but its not that much of a big deal really as there are funny moments in the film, more so than the first film.

Fight scenes were better this time round, not too prolonged, timed well, and the one on ones didn't drag on too long. Sly & van damme's fight could have been a bit longer but I guess after all the chaos leading up to that point it was sufficient enough without getting too silly, reminded me of a Rocky fight here and there....he he One liners were good, dolph was great, the girl is good also, be good to see her in exp3, locations and sets fab, cgi was not obvious and edited well.

One thing I will say is sly does have issues coming across as funny and I don't know why. He's funny in real life and was funny in rocky but its hit and miss and it shows here in some scenes.

Its not 10/10 in my book. Maybe when i see it again it may be better in my mind, but like i say a better story would of helped If there is a 3rd, I would like to see more of a story if that is at all possible, see what you think guys when its out, but it's a big improvement on the first and that's a good sign
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Pure garbage
tzrjustbrowsing23 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have no idea why so many people like this movie, maybe I have high standards, but i have to say, all the characters in this movie just don't mix. You can't have all the characters the MAIN character and the story is just pure garbage.

The only bit I liked in this movies was the part where Chuck Norris flashes into the scene, other than that it's just a bundle of shooting and screaming and nothing else really.

The whole story didn't even have a feeling that something was happening. The plutonium was considered a piece of candy that was stolen and everyone was focused on being a 'badass'.

If all mercenaries would be crying babies like this guys, how will they ever survive a seeing a small puppy on the side of the road? In my opinion it's just pathetic.

At least the first movie had a topic, people were talking in their native language, here everyone knows English, no matter where they are from.

Truly I give up, since most of this actors are some of my favorite, but repeating old movie lines (I back, I'm coming back, You came back enough), just makes them look like clowns.

One good thing about this movie is that they did get the character of Jean-Claude Van Damme right. He is a true psycho, but they just found out this right now.

Other than this, the movies deserve a 3 star rating, and this is generous considering that the director of the movie just bashed all the characters head on raw concrete with his amazingly stupid script.
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