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Very amusing and funny computer generator movie compellingly realized in magnificent visual style
ma-cortes7 August 2013
Fun as well as brilliant animated piece that has the rare quality of appealing both to youngsters and adults but on different levels . This wonderful film is plenty of fantasy , adventures, spectacular feats and breathtaking scenarios from Peru and Inca Temples . The picture is narrated with imagination and sense of wonder and turns out to be very entertaining , as is apt for small kids but no contains graphic violence , neither profanity . Tadeo (Spanish voice by Barberan) is a Chicago building worker who has aspirations to be a famous archaeologist and adventurer just like his hero Max Mordon . One day, however, he is mistaken for an authentic Professor and takes his place on a flight to Peru in search of the Lost City of Incas . Professor Lavrof and his gorgeous daughter Sara (voice by Michelle Jenner of Isabel) are waiting for the prestigious professor to crack the code . Unfortunately for Tad, Sara is engaged to real-life hero Max Mordon , but shady Max has secretly treasoned to Lavrof and Sara by teaming up with the nasty Kopponen (voice of Miguel Angel Jenner) and his evil Odysseus Inc (a real enterprise which carries out search for treasures) . As soon as they arrive in Peru ,they go to city of Cusco and subsequently the historical town of Machu Pichu . They flee by balloon and discover an Inca Temple . Tadeo along with his dog , a parrot , Sara and a likable Peruvian called Freddy (the notorious comical player Jose Mota) take on several dangers , risks and adventures .

Tadeo , the construction worker , began like a parody of Indiana Jones, but after screenplay began to develop its own personality and became a visual comic . This is a high quality film plenty of adventures, fun situations , humor with tongue in cheek , fantasy and results to be extremely amusing . Tadeo character is a blending between known Indiana Jones and a popular hero from Spanish comic books called ¨Super Lopez¨ . Sensational and fantastic tale, it's a masterpiece computer generator movie , a great animation with enjoyable screenplay and funny happenings . One of a kind, if you enjoy interesting stories and have a soft spot for attractive characters and well planed scenarios, you are in for a great one . Excellent production , lavish and colorfully realized similarly to a Hollywood product . This is the long running to sympathetic character previously appeared in the short films titled "Tadeo Jones" (2004) and its sequel "Tadeo Jones and the basement of doom" , all of them won more than 25 national and international prizes, including the Goya Award for Best Spanish animation film . This ¨Adventures of Tadeo Jones¨ or "Tad, the Lost Explorer" is a big step ahead in production quality when compare to its predecessors . This stunning film with appropriate runtime , converted the first of any kind to gross over the box office in Spain and around the world . The motion picture was splendidly realized by Enrique Gato who is preparing a follow-up . Rating : Better that average , worthwhile watching ; advisable to see for children and adults who appeal the splendid C.G. drawings .
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Fun family movie!
T F19 September 2012
I happened to see Tad The Lost Explorer with some Spanish friends and their children in Madrid a couple of weeks ago - I'm not sure if it's out yet in the U.S.? Anyway - found it to be a very fun ride. Sort of an homage to Indiana Jones, but very sweet. Actually had much more heart than I expected. ANd some great action sequences - the kids I saw it with loved every second! I was actually looking up the film on IMDb to see who made it and when I saw the first review I was really surprised to see a negative review. I'll admit that animated movies usually aren't my thing, but I really thought the characters and story were great.
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I loved it
alex-125022 January 2013
I must say I expected a sub-Pixar animated feature,but Tad has surprised me on so many levels that I actually rated it higher than the recent Disney/Pixar films.

the characters are well developed and animated superbly,but I was particularly impressed by the set designs,although the whole production has been done with so much imagination and artistic's true that it's a cartoon-y take on I.Jones/TombRaider theme but the attention to detail in every shot is simply staggering,and on top of it all it is a very cute looking movie.

It'll take a second viewing to process all the details I must have missed the first time,as it's really fast-paced.
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Great family fun
Fran M. (timber0001)28 December 2012
It was a very nice surprise to see how Tad contained all the required ingredients for such a film and furthermore a good story and a great technical quality... to be honest I wasn't expecting that much! I began watching it thinking of it as a «minor» but found it was much better than some material released by the big studios. The main characters are well defined and fun, like the different situations throughout the story. In the technical and artistic side, the love and care put in this production can be seen everywhere, from colorful landscapes to the smallest details in textures, surfaces, objects, building designs, etc. Anyway, maybe the most important thing is not how much I liked this movie but the fact that I watched it with my 4-year-old niece and she absolutely enjoyed it as much as I did. After watching this Tad The Lost Explorer, I can only wish they'll be making Tad II. Whether you have children around or you appreciate nice movies for all public, you should not miss this one.
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A great family movie, I hope more people watch it!
albertopsg26 February 2013
This was an unexpected experience for me. I went to watch it with my older sister because of 2 reasons: 1. When I was a kid, my biggest dream was to become an archaeologist; 2. We watched a small interview of one of the movie's creators on TV, and he had so much heart for the movie that we could see it in his eyes and listen in his words.

Needless to say (due to the 10/10 score above) that the movie blew me away. Was this the best animated movie I've ever seen? No, there are some with deeper or more original stories. But for sure it is one of my favorites!

The story is great, not much original, but funny and with many references. The peruvian theme is a great choice, their culture is incredibly rich, with many myths (such as Paititi) and legacies like Machu Picchu. The characters are very likable, our 3 leads and their pets are funny, smart and kind-hearted.

I believe that, if this movie excelled in anything, was in lighting once again that adventurous spark in me, making me believe that I can take on many adventures in my life and explore the world. A movie like this is exactly what I (and any child out there) needed to regain my hope, imagination and braveness.
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an unexpected brilliance !!
said_mohmed3324 February 2013
when i saw the poster of that movie i said to myself "oh , it's another predictable movie , just like journey to the mysterious island " but when i got to see it with one of my friends i found it pretty good ! full of pure humor , exciting pursuits and some suspense .. the thing i loved most in this movie was the pure Inca spirit and Peruvian civilization content , the mute bird was a really clever comic addition to this movie along with the Momia as well .. in the technical and artistic side this movie is very good , full of colorful landscapes and accurate detailing even in the smallest surfaces , objects and big buildings , a great family show ,highly recommended
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Wonderful animated movie
elainelandau26 September 2012
Tad the Lost Explorer is an animated adventure filled with belly laughs. It thoroughly entertained four generations of our family. Parents may be tempted to dump the kids off at the box office. If they do, they will miss out on a colorful cinematic escape filled with memorable characters, including a hilarious vocally-challenged parrot. All the characters are flawed, funny and fabulous. The clever running gags, the solid story telling, and the quality of the animation make this a stand-out family film. Our kids want to follow Tad anywhere after going on this ride. We need more films like this - made for audience of all ages. What a delight!
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Give it a shot before writing it off.
Shopaholic3510 February 2014
Tad, The Lost Explorer is a great little animated film that reminds me of a child's version of Indiana Jones. It's really quite charming and I was impressed with the substance of the film. You had your generic cartoon characters but then there were the animated characters with depth and personalities. The animation was quite good I believe and the colours were rich and appealing.

It may follow the typical, no surprise structure that many animated movies follow but that does not matter. It is enjoyable nonetheless and who doesn't enjoy watching a predicable yet endearing movie every now and then.
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Although predictable and somewhat a parody, this movie has a plot to hold a child's attention.
harold-sink27 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It has been a while since I saw the trailer for this movie. I finally watched this with a slight hesitation. It was okay, but I was really getting tired of quips and parodies of other animated movies within this one.

I am one of those people who likes a good turn in story line without stealing a whole lot from previous ones. Granted original stories are becoming few and far between, but this one seemed to drag as you see other tidbits emerge from movies such as Wallace and Gromit, The Pirates, Indiana Jones, etc. Believe me, I wasn't looking for this type of thing, it jumped out at me as if it were shouting, "Oh, look! I'm not all that original!"

Young Tad starts off with a dream to become an archaeologist. You don't know exactly why, he just does. The movie doesn't go all that in depth about it at all. He grows up and still daydreams for something he never really works toward, but still hopeful. His 'friend' who is an archaeologist becomes his gateway into his dream. He meets a dream girl, her father is the leading archaeologist in the world only to be topped by her future husband who has star qualities, thus also the mole/bad guy. I didn't have to read reviews to know how this movie would turn out.

Unfortunately for me, I had to keep waiting for the movie to keep loading on my computer, and all the signs in the movie were in Russian, yet the credits were in English. Oddly enough, the entire movie was made by Spanish speaking people who spoke English in the movie. Yeah, it was a bit messed up for my viewing pleasure. Anyway, I didn't get the full jest of many of the jokes because I cannot read Russian.

As much as I saw through most of this predictable yet stylish story line, about the only parts that impressed me were a few unexpected twists which I thought would happen much sooner than later or vice versa. Other movie parodies are popping into my head as I write this. The animation was not as fluid as I thought it would be, which means the frames per second were lower than normal. I could go on, but I think I've typed enough at this point. Oh, and there are some really great scenes every once and a while through out the movie.
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Predictable and sexist
poliwhirl-213-2662019 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I was dragged along to see this film with other parents and kids and really hated it, and definitely regretted spending my money on it.

On the positive side, some of the scenes are very pretty and colourful, and I suppose well made, although I must say I don't know the first thing about film-making.

My main objection to the film, apart from how boring and predictable it is (you only need to watch the first 10 minutes to guess the rest), is how the female character and male characters are portrayed.

On one hand the female protagonist, Sara, looks like an inflatable sex doll: the pouting collagen lips, and the boobs half hanging out in every shot. They even carefully and lovingly draw in the line of her buttocks in every possible scene.

I have nothing against the illustrator drawing in his fantasy female. BUT if you take a look at all the other characters (and except for an elderly woman receptionist, all the other characters are men), all of them are drawn as caricatures: enormous noses, completely out of proportion chins, larger than life muscles, etc. However, no male sexual attributes at all: no bulges in the trousers or even anything remotely attractive about them.

I know that sexism exists in real life and that for a woman it's still considered advantageous to look as sexy and attractive as possible, but do we really have to perpetuate this and teach it to our kids as acceptable? Is that the message of the film: middle-aged ugly, big-jowled unshaven uneducated building site worker gets off with the sex bomb? Just to give it some perspective for people who think this is OK: imagine the roles reversed: older ugly cleaning lady gets together with charming Adonis with large bulge in trousers, because he can see her "inner beauty". I would love to see that at the cinema. :P

I felt embarrassed for my 7 y.o. daughter while watching it. Some of us parents spend a lot of time trying to teach our daughters that they don't need to look like porn actresses to be loved or to succeed in life, and then along comes the film industry...

For me the film could have been quite OK (from a kids' point of view), just by using more graphically-credible or realistic characters.
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