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Mr. Young is Amazing!

Author: Yath Ithayakumar (apilash) from Canada
1 March 2012

Mr. Young is Doogie Howser for a new generation and a younger audience. It is the rare kind of show that parents can enjoy along with their kids. The characters are fun and easy to relate to. There is something for everyone in this show! This kids show features the perfect combination of romance, pranks and adventures. The cast are a talented bunch that ooze charisma. It won't surprise me to see any of these actors on the big screen in the future. Most of the episodes tend to be standalone so you won't miss a beat if you happened to have missed an episode here and there. It is a surprisingly intelligent kids comedy that and I hope to see more of it. I can't wait for new episodes!

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Author: Neha Banerjee from United Kingdom
29 March 2016

This show is hilarious and doesn't need the laugh track because it can easily get real laughs from the viewers unlike any other sitcoms I have seen. For the first time ever, I found myself laughing along with the laugh track almost every time there was an attempted joke.

It does contain humour for slightly older children but the 'mature' jokes are very subtle and can only be understood by people who have been exposed to mature content before. There are very few of the 'mature' jokes and I hardly doubt that young children will be able to understand half of the jokes aimed for an older audience.

The characters may act ridiculous and act stupid but that is what makes it a sitcom. Unlike other Disney shows that I've seen, the teenage characters actually act like teenagers with teenage minds, rather than like 8 year olds trapped in a teenage body, and teenage minds aren't always completely pure and innocent.

This show is constantly making me laugh and even though, like most sitcoms, there isn't a single strict plot line, the rough storyline is very interesting, in my opinion. There is lots of humour with elements of cute romance and small aspects of scientific information in each episode.

The only thing is that children may confuse a lot of the 'science' in the show to be real and existing in today's time, which isn't. However, to most older children, it is quite clear when the 'science' in the show is correct and factual and when the 'science' is made up and discovered by Mr Young to take the characters of the show on an adventure.

Overall, I love this show and would recommend it to any audiences aged 10 or older.

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You Can't Do That On Disney XD?

Author: IlbibPrime from United States
26 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I pride myself on remaining true to Family Friendly entertainment. While there were some risky jokes, this show didn't need a laugh track to get its laughs. However, you did need to get the humor to laugh. I don't find "dirty" jokes funny. This show, however, was hilarious. The Teacher student relationship was awkward because of the fact that "Young" is the Teacher (because he's a genius) and has a crush on a student. However, they are the same age and would be in the same grade, too, if not for "Young" graduating and becoming an Educator. I think that he became an Educator is a good example. Also, he loves Science, which is a good example. I thought the show was similar to, "You Can't Do That On Television," but was a tamer version w/ a better budget. I think the show targeted the older kids, who were watching Nickelodeon shows, which I think tend to cross line, more so. If that's the case, God bless 'em. There's so much garbage/ filth on TV and in movies that parents take their kids to see. It seems as though, parents will take their kids to a movie theater and watch movies that are unintended for their age group, but get mad at Disney for trying to catch the attention of slightly older children, all the while trying not to be too wild for younger viewers. I see parents w/ young kids at Nickelodeon Awards. The awards, voted by minors, go to adults/ in adult targeted movies/ adult music entertainers and their too raunchy, for me, subject matter. Yeah, I wish older youth would watch more family friendly shows on Disney. At least, "Young," didn't have cussing and middle-finger cussing/ crudity, of the much popular, "Guardians of the Galaxy." So popular w/ families that they are cartoons on Disney, not to mention all the toys. (Maybe, this is a ranting review. I mean it in respect, though. Just my take on it. We all have different styles.)

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Just too funny and I love it!!!!!

Author: ( from Heisan Heights, Quebec
16 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What to say. This show has made me laugh since joke one. Its swift, fit for those not expecting to laugh and crack up seriously with every passing bar-moment of its comedy. Those who don't like this show, your definitely entitled to an opinion; but so am I and I give this show ten thumbs up. I was entertained for most episodes and believe the plot, humour, and comedic climax well-balanced. If your a potential-viewer be aware of tremendous laughs ahead, clever jokes meant for older kids, teens and definitely "been-there" adults. The dialogue is well-revised. The jokes bounce back well. Every character possesses an image of humour; and we can tell they've been well-drafted during casting. One of "the" best shows I've seen from Disney. Thank you. !

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Hilarious but not for kids.

Author: jamesbornfree from Canada
1 June 2013

I am a 23 year old male with no young kids in my life. I don't know how exactly I started watching this show as I do NOT watch any other "teen sitcoms". Either way there are many suggestive jokes, but not any worse then the other comparitive shows. Many of the jokes can only be understood by someone with proper knowledge and I don't know how any kid or teen would get half of the humour. There are references to history and movies from the 80's and 90's which I find really funny.

Personally I don't think any teen or kid should be watching any of the "teen sitcoms" as they have far too much suggestive behaviour. (example: "Life with boys" (which airs after Mr. Young) had a scene where a "cool" kid SUCCESSFULLY peer pressures a "nerd" into smoking a cigarette. He is busted by his sister before he inhales but still its totally unacceptable)

BOTTOM LINE: Personally I think primetime family sitcoms are more appropriate for kids or teens as the suggestive (INMATURE) behaviour on these "Teen sitcoms" is not good for kids/teens self esteem or provide proper behavioural role models. At least on adult family sitcoms the maturity and consequences are much clearer. And more properly prepare young people for "real" life (yeah right). But its better then YTV. That being said as I male in my 20's I think Mr. Young is hilarious. Almost ONLY because of the background jokes that no kid or teen would understand. I can't believe they get away with that stuff, let alone air it. Who is really the target audience?

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Author: Showtime2345
22 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Dan Singer's failure, "Mr. Young", is proof that kids shows are getting worse. First of, why is Dan obsessed with child prodigies? He is a creator of this, and "A.N.T Farm" which are about child prodigies, WHEN IS DAN GOING TO REALISE THAT THIS CONCEPT JUST DOES NOT WORK! WHY WOULD YOU CREATE A SHOW THAT ENVOLVES AROUND A TEENAGE BOY THAT IS A TEACHER? It's idiotic! Adam(a.k.a Mr. Young) is very creepy, his friend is bland, his love interest, Echo(???) is cliché and just idiotic, the bully is even more cliché. The story lines, like "A.N.T Farm", are garbage, but even worse than A.N.T Farm's! The humor is very dull, and it is so dull to the point I sometimes think that this show is meant to be unfunny. The dialog and the script is cliché and garbage. Another example why Disney XD is on the rocks. If you like shows that have plot holes like the size of USA, than this show is for you, and by this I don't mean to offend anyone.

0.0/10 (Stupid plot, garbage story lines, bland and clichéd characters, dull and unfunny jokes and clichéd and garbage dialog and script)

Worst sitcom to air on Disney XD!

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I don't like it

Author: Brandon TheBoss from United States
23 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I usually give shows a chance because they're usually good. However, this is the worst show i've ever seen in my life :(. The actors are really bad at acting, the show isn't funny at all, and the plots for each episode are generic and boring. It really isn't a good show. I've watched 3 episodes of it, and it never even made me smile (and pretty much everything makes me laugh). I don't get why Disney thought it would be a good idea to make this show. None of the characters are even likable. They're all stupid except for Mr. Young, and he's a creeper.Seriously,it's pretty bad. I wouldn't recommend watching it unless you feel like torturing yourself.

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How is this rated so well!?

Author: taylortillytally from Canada
23 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

How is this doing so well?

When I first started watching Mr. Young, I was hoping for a new show that I could laugh at when I had time, but instead I found this show to be humourless and uncreative. First of all, the plot has been done before so many times, and they did not do anything to make this show better or stand out from the others.

Mr. Young is about a boy who is so smart that he has already finished University and has become a teacher. The big twist is that he is the same age as all his students. He is reunited with his childhood friend at that school and of course, ( so cliché) forms a crush on one of his students who has one of the most awful names I've ever heard.. Echo. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD NAME THEIR DAUGHTER ECHO!? I could go on and on mentioning these generic characters, but I wont.

The jokes in this show have all been done before, and they are just down right stupid. I cant stress enough how bad this show is, and if you actually find this watchable, you probably have no taste whatsoever.

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What in the F?!

Author: peltoas from United States
24 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a parent to a 7 year old. We rarely watch YTV, but I decided to let her watch it. I first watched 10 min of some other awful show, and then this show "Mr. Young" came on. I watched 5 min before I turned it off. Not knowing that the basis of the show was, and not really caring, I was disgusted by the plot. I obviously could tell that the kid "Mr. Young" was a kid, but regardless of if he was a kid or not, he was still a teacher. In this episode he was trying to hide his relationship with a STUDENT named "Echo" (irrelevant, but that name sounds like a dog's name). What is this teaching children?!?! With all the teacher's taking advantage of kid's these days, and all the stories about molestation and child predators, I don't think this show is appropriate for ANY age. All I got from the 5 min that I watched it (and I could tell that was all the time I needed)that it was sending a really bad message to kids. It was sending the message that a)It is okay to date a teacher/ allow a teacher to take advantage of you, and b) that if you do date a teacher that you should hide it from your peers (that's not predatory at all!). I didn't watch much more because I was disgusted, and I had to turn the channel, and tell my daughter and 11yr old niece that it was absolutely NOT okay to date your teacher regardless of the situation.

This show should be canceled and banned. We wonder why our kid's are so messed up today?! It is smut like this that is causing kid's to become the way they are today. Disgusting. You should be ashamed, and any broadcast company that plays this show should be ashamed. What ever happened to educational, wholesome, and fun TV?

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