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19 Mar. 2012
Mr. Moth
When Adam is accidentally doused with moth pheromones, he suddenly becomes the object of Echo's attention... but fears he may be turning into a moth.
2 Apr. 2012
Mr. Sleep
Set on teaching his students the importance of getting a good night's rest, Adam conducts a sleep deprivation experiment at Finnegan. He uses his students as the test subjects, and challenges them to stay awake for the entire night, while hanging out in his class. As the night wears on, the group endures everything from exhaustion to hallucinations, while the various effects of sleep deprivation set in.
9 Apr. 2012
Mr. TV
The producer of the popular science-based TV show, "Science Schmeince" arrives at Finnegan, looking to hire Adam as the show's new host. Adam agrees, seeing this as a great opportunity to spread his love of science to a broad audience. But, when the producer grows bored of Adam's science-y technobabble, he hires Derby as the zanier host of the show.
26 Mar. 2012
Mr. Matchmaker
With Principal Tater constantly on Adam's back, Adam and Echo decide to calm his frustrations by finding him a woman. This proves more difficult than expected. But when Echo convinces Adam to match Tater up with Adam's mom, Rachel, everyone is happy -- everyone, except Adam.
16 Jul. 2012
Mr. Discovery
When Adam can't get his class to stop talking, he assigns them oral presentations on the world's greatest discoveries. Through a series of flashbacks, our gang reenacts the events that led to the discovery of plutonium, the light bulb, fire, and more.
16 Apr. 2012
Mr. Pickles
Having had his career ruined by Derby, Preston Pickles takes a job as Finnegan High's new shop teacher. But while no one else will believe him, Derby is convinced that Preston is trying to get rid of him. Derby must find a way to restart Preston's career as an infomercial pitchman, or face the wrath of the Derbinator 3000.
25 Jun. 2012
Mr. Witness
After Slab threatens Derby for tattling on him to Principal Tater, Derby fears retaliation and asks Tater for protection. Tater offers Derby a chance to pose as an exchange student from Britain, Simon. As Derby masquerades as Simon, Tater must convince Slab that Derby has actually moved away.
14 May 2012
Mr. Candidate
In hopes of getting Derby to stop acting up, Adam and Principal Tater decide he needs some responsibility. They suggest Derby run for Student Council President. However, when Derby does them one better by campaigning for School Superintendent, Adam and Tater must stop him from winning or risk losing their jobs.
28 May 2012
Mr. Roboto 2.0
Adam's old robot invention, ARTHUR, returns to Finnegan High and starts replacing staff and students with android copies. Adam and Echo must discover why everyone is acting so strangely, and stop Arthur's dastardly plan, before the entire school is overrun by robots.
30 Apr. 2012
Mr. Film Festival
The red carpet is rolled out for Finnegan's brightest stars to present their movies at the first annual Film Festival. With each student submitting a film, entries run the gamut from a sappy romantic comedy, to a 3D action thriller, to a Kung Fu extravaganza. May the best movie win!
7 May 2012
Mr. Elephant
A teenage girl, Brap, is accidentally transported from her home in the rainforest to Adam's classroom. She speaks no English, has superhuman strength, and believes she is an elephant! Impressed by her animal nature, Slab falls in love at first sight. But Brap only has eyes for Adam. While Echo and Adam try to help Brap fit in at Finnegan, Slab tries to win her affections.
30 Jul. 2012
Mr. Pixel
Derby is spending all his time on the computer, playing "Pixel City," as his virtual alter-ego, Antoine Bolognese. Set on convincing Derby to rejoin the real world, Adam enters the game to track him down. But it won't be easy, since Derby has digitally recreated the entire Finnegan gang to serve and protect him.
23 Apr. 2012
Mr. Student
Adam pretends to be a student at Finnegan High, so that he can join the Quiz Team and help Echo win a trophy. But when Slab takes Echo's spot on the team, Adam tries to force Slab off, so Echo can take his place.
4 Jun. 2012
Mr. Rock Star
When Adam finds out that Echo is obsessed with Dark Demon, a heavy metal musician that Adam knew in college, he tries to get his old friend to come to Finnegan High. But when Dark Demon refuses to make an appearance, Adam pretends to be the leather-clad rocker, and must perform at Echo's Save the Ferrets benefit.
23 Jul. 2012
Mr. College
After Adam secretly tweaks Echo's science fair project, she wins first prize. With everyone thinking Echo is a genius, she is instantly graduated from Finnegan and offered a full scholarship to Great Northern University. Now Adam, with the help of Derby and Slab, must crash a frat party and convince Echo to come back to Finnegan.
20 Aug. 2012
Mr. Cyclops
When Derby discovers his "free toy" is missing from his box of Cyclops Foods cereal, he and Adam set out to confront the massive corporation and demand what is rightfully theirs. Before long, Adam and Derby are face-to-face with the head of Cyclops Foods - an actual, one-eyed cyclops.
13 Aug. 2012
Mr. Dance
Adam's plan to take Echo to the school dance is foiled by Principal Tater. Determined to catch a notorious prankster, the "Gagmeister General," red-handed, Tater recruits Adam for a stakeout. Meanwhile, Ivy tries to get sympathy votes for Queen of the Dance by taking Derby as her date.
27 Aug. 2012
Mr. Switch
Adam's neural-imaging unit goes on the fritz, accidentally switching the gang's personalities. In order for Adam, Echo, Derby, Slab, Ivy, and Dang to return to their own bodies, they must work together to fix the machine before Principal Tater discovers their secret.
3 Sep. 2012
Mr. Scooter
When Adam, Echo, Derby, Ivy, and Slab find themselves waiting outside Principal Tater's office together, they realize they're all in trouble for the same crime - wrecking Principal Tater's scooter. We hear their stories, which include hamsters being born, chickens being freed, and trips to Ireland.
10 Sep. 2012
Mr. Airplane
With the paper airplane competition approaching, Finnegan High's Engineering Squad has no hope against rival Western High - that is, until Adam discovers Slab's untapped paper-folding genius. Adam must convince Slab to embrace his inner nerd and join the squad.
17 Sep. 2012
Mr. Poet
A dreamy new English teacher shows up at Finnegan High, teaching poetry, and gaining the attention of all the girls - particularly Echo. Adam becomes jealous and does everything in his power to prove that science is better than poetry.
8 Oct. 2012
Mr. Invisible
The invisibility suit that Adam created goes missing, but is soon found in the hands of Derby, Slab, then Tater. Adam scolds them for using his suit irresponsibly, but then dons it himself to spy on Echo's romantic study date.
24 Sep. 2012
Mr. Alligator
When Echo gets "nurse" on her career aptitude test, Adam attempts to get her to commit to his fantasy version of the job. But soon enough, Adam realizes she'll only commit if he commits to his result - alligator wrestler.
1 Oct. 2012
Mr. 1812
When Principal Tater forgets to pay the electricity bill at Finnegan High, he challenges the students to live without modern technology for an entire day. But when Slab's brute strength makes him most useful, a jealous Adam tries to impress Echo by being the manliest provider of all.
12 Mar. 2012
Mr. Spring Break
Adam follows Echo to the exotic country of Sanduras in the hopes of spending time with her, but he keeps getting pulled away by his guardian, Mrs. Byrne. Meanwhile, Derby and Slab travel to Sanduras by hot air balloon, and Tater and Dang search for a legendary beast: the Sasquawk.
12 Mar. 2012
Mr. Spring Break: Part 2
Echo has been kidnapped by the evil Cocoa King, so Adam enlists help from Derby and Slab to save her. Meanwhile, Tater and Ivy vie for the starring role on Sanduras's number one soap opera.
23 Dec. 2012
Mr. Hyde
After freezing when Echo asks Adam to join her at the sci-fi convention, he creates a serum that will give him more confidence. Unfortunately it also turns him into a monster. Now Adam must wait for the effects of the serum to wear off, while trying to hide his monstrous form from Echo.
13 Nov. 2012
Mr. Elf
While returning a lost Rudolph to the North Pole, Adam unintentionally suggests Santa automate his workshop, which results in Santa firing the elves. The unemployed elves follow Adam back to Finnegan to have him put things right. Now it's up to Adam to find them a new job, or deal with their pint-sized wrath.
31 Dec. 2012
Mr. Apartment
Adam has trouble getting some peace and quiet at home, so he decides to rent an apartment of his own. But when Derby, Echo, Slab, and Ivy all come over and want to use his new pad for their own purposes, Adam starts to wonder if home wasn't so bad after all.
20 Nov. 2012
Mr. Magic
Adam is thrilled when Echo asks him on a date to the Magic Mansion, but his hopes for a real date are crushed when he finds out she invited everyone at school along. Adam's determined to get rid of the competition, making them disappear one by one using a mysterious magic cabinet. Meanwhile, Tater tries to become a member of the Magic Mansion, despite not knowing any magic tricks.
12 Dec. 2012
Mr. & Mrs. Roboto
ARTHUR returns to Finnegan with his new robot family and asks Adam to babysit his "grandkids." Adam agrees and tries to impress Echo with his parenting skills, but soon realizes that dealing with kids is not as easy as it looks.
28 Oct. 2012
Mr. Candy
Adam, Echo, Derby, and Slab wake up the morning after Halloween, having eaten so much candy that they can't remember what happened the night before. When they discover Derby's wallet is missing, they must retrace their steps, asking help from Ivy, Tater, Dang, and Mrs. Byrne along the way.
16 Oct. 2012
Mr. Tutor
When Adam discovers Ivy has tickets to the sold-out music festival Echo wants to attend, he agrees to tutor Ivy in exchange for the tickets. Adam must now make Ivy a whiz in science, or lose his date with Echo.
6 Nov. 2012
Mr. Sci-Fi
When a sci-fi movie comes to shoot at Finnegan, Adam is hired as the science advisor. He makes the movie so realistic that his interstellar beacon prop contacts real aliens... who arrive, and, in their first step to conquering Earth, kidnap Echo.

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