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Sex & Nudity

  • Suggested MPAA rating: NC-17 for sadistic violence throughout & some explicit sexual content including dialogue.
  • Female full frontal nudity.
  • A woman naked except for a G-string turns and twirls in a dream sequence.
  • A woman slips off a robe and we see her breasts.
  • We see another woman's breasts.
  • A woman has sex with a man, she is on top, a character sees them having sex through a window and she gyrates, we see her behind.
  • A man and a woman have sex (under sheets, no nudity).

Violence & Gore

  • 10/10
  • Violence/gore includes, but is not limited to:
  • Several instances of castration by various sharp objects (severed penis seen later) accompanied by grisly sound effects (and a man screaming at the top of his lungs).
  • A topless woman is ripped into pieces on a rack-like torture device, her arms slowly tear free, then her legs.
  • A character slits their own throat with a butcher knife. We see the blood pumping out of the slice, the camera stays on them as they collapse,dying.
  • A character drives a sharp weapon that is a cross between an icepick and a skewer into another character's chest, between their ribs.
  • A woman is seen walking in a wood full of toads and she step on something slimey possibly an toad she accidentally step on.
  • A character cuts another character's throat, leaving them to bleed out.
  • A character vomits onto another character's chest/cleavage, then picks a couple bits of the vomit off and eats them.
  • A character has both Achilles tendons slashed with a cleaver as they scream and sob.
  • A character has one bloodshot eye.
  • A character attempts to slit one wrist, vertically, with a straight razor.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Several characters light cigarettes and smoke them.
  • A character smokes crack.
  • A character cooks up a heroin fix, then shoots up. Many ugly track-marks shown on character's limbs make it clear this character is a long-time user.
  • A pregnant character smokes crack.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • See "Violence/Gore". The second-to-last segment has several intense scenes, especially to viewers sensitive to lingering shots in films that involve eyes being interfered with/damaged (or needles).
  • The 'framing' segments do not contain gore, but are creepy and many viewers could find these scenes frightening and/or disturbing.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A chopped-off penis is cooked in a frying pan with eggs (prosthetic, but graphic)

Violence & Gore

  • In the aftermath of a brutal stabbing, we see a man's body jammed in a shower (stab wounds and blood), then a woman whose torso has been stabbed with a butcher knife so many times it isn't clear whether she's wearing a bra. She lays wheezing through a chest or neck wound,( then dies (very bloody)
  • A man's eyelids are pulled with an eyelash curler till the skin stretches, then sliced off with a scalpel.
  • A deer that was stuck by a vehicle lays twitching and broken on a road, still alive and in pain. A character takes a switchblade and stabs the deer in the midsection, the deer makes a horrible noise, dies, and a very large pool of blood spreads from the body.
  • A character takes a hypodermic needle and inserts it into a dying person's eyeball, drawing out the liquid (one in instance, the eyeball collapses in as it drains), then injects the eye liquid into her own eye. (This is shown more than once and is very graphic, the camera does not cut or pan away, some viewers may find this difficult to watch).
  • A character drives a sharp object into their own eye and twists it as they scream. When they wrench it out, we see a gory chunk/section of the mutilated eye drop to the floor, accompanied a spatter of blood ( (very bloody and graphic).
  • A character's neck has rope wrapped around it, (several people tug on the rope as he strangles, he coughs blood as the skin tears, then his head is forcefully completely pulled off like a champagne cork. Blood immediately shoots out in a thick fountain and spurts out copiously, covering several characters. His nude, decapitated body is then hoisted up by the feet, he is gutted sloppily by a 'chef', entrails spill everywhere, characters scramble to grab them, a montage of shots follows as they very sloppily and passionately consume the entrails raw. One character grabs his heart and slowly licks it as she squeezes it. His severed head is seen blinking and there's a point-of-view shot as he sees his body being ripped open and consumed. Later his severed head is shown on a silver serving platter, eyes open and now rolled up to show the whites, surrounded by culinary garnish. The platter rests on a table and a group of people seated at the table are still eating parts of his body (no napkins, their chins are slick with blood and gore) as the camera pulls back we see it is set up as a "Last Supper"-style tableaux. (easily the most graphic, gory, bloody scene in the film).

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