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The episode does contain many examples of violence and gore, which may not be suitable four younger kids. Most of this is robot-based, yet shown in a very graphic manner, which some might find unsettling.

Noteworthy examples are:

The evil drones called Eradicons constantly get killed or disabled in graphic ways. Besides getting shot or ran over, many of them have their heads or arms torn off. Some are simply pounded to death or thrown off from high places, and one is even used as a live shield by an Autobot.

The fight between Optimus Prime, Ratchet and Megatron's zombie army is also very violent and brutal. The zombies are dissected, sliced and blown to pieces. One even gets its head stuck onto Optimus Prime's sword, while another has its head blown off by Prime's blaster, straight through the body of another zombie.

The zombies pile up on the Autobots, who then have to blast their way through.

Ratchet's right arm gets damaged during the fight.

While it doesn't involve killing, Megatron is also abusive towards his second-in-command, Starscream. To punish him for a misdeed, he slaps and punches him, then steps on his head and continues to press him against the floor. Sparks fly out of his body.

Human-related violence includes Starscream hanging up Agent Fowler by his hands and torturing him with en electric prod. This inflicts damage to Fowler's nervous system, and causes him to pass out. However later his brain-damage is played for laughs, and he gets better in a couple of episodes.

Many intense and frightening scenes throughout the episode.

There is also a very unique slow-motion shot, during which we get to see the robot fight from the three human kids' point of view. The sounds are muffled to simulate deafness, and the screen turns blurry, while chilling music plays. This shot might scare some children.


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