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Daytime Emmy Awards 2011

Daytime Emmy
Outstanding Special Class Special
Jon Stewart (executive producer/host)
Stephen Colbert (executive producer/host)
Rory Albanese (executive producer)
Josh Lieb (executive producer)
Tom Purcell (executive producer)
Kahane Cooperman (co-executive producer)
Meredith Bennett (co-executive producer)
Rich Dahm (co-executive producer)
Steve Bodow (supervising producer)
Emily Lazar (supervising producer)
Tanya Michnevich (supervising producer)
Jim Margolis (supervising producer)
Jennifer Flanz (supervising producer)
Hillary Kun (supervising producer)
Adam Lowitt (supervising producer)
Adam Chodikoff (senior producer)
Jimmy Donn (senior producer)
Justin Melkmann (senior producer)
Matt Lappin (senior producer)
Jill Katz (producer)
Chris McShane (producer)
Pamela DePace (line producer)
Paul Dinello (consulting producer)
Outstanding Special Class Writing
Steve Bodow
Barry Julien
Frank Lesser
Stephen Colbert
Rich Dahm
Paul Dinello
Eric Drysdale
Rob Dubbin
Max Werner
Dan Guterman
Jay Katsir
Opus Moreschi
Tom Purcell
Meredith Scardino
Scott Sherman
Michael Brumm
Glenn Eichler
Rich Blomquist
Jon Stewart
Kevin Bleyer
Peter Gwinn
Tim Carvell
Wyatt Cenac
Hallie Haglund
J.R. Havlan
Josh Lieb
Sam Means
Jo Miller
John Oliver
Daniel Radosh
Jason Ross
Rory Albanese
Elliott Kalan
Outstanding Achievement in Live and Direct to Tape Sound Mixing
Tim Lester
Outstanding Achievement in Technical Direction/Electronic Camera/Video Control
Andre Allen (technical director)
Tom Ucciferri (camera operator)
Rich York (camera operator)
Timothy Quigley (camera operator)
Helene Haviland (camera operator)
Franco Coello (camera operator)
Jerry Cancel (camera operator)
Tom Dowling (camera operator)
Phil Salanto (camera operator)
Paul Ranieri (video control)

Directors Guild of America, USA 2011

DGA Award
Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Musical Variety
Chuck O'Neil

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