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Good chapter ... but...
eroblesp3 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
speaking from Chile, I must say, what do the writers have in their heads?? OK, the episode begins with the revelation of the assassination of a presidential candidate in Chile. So far, so good. But then, there are... REBELS??? Using *MACHETES*?? really?? and Rebel Camps?? In Cajón del Maipo?? a place less than 10 kilometers from Santiago, full of picnic areas, restaurants, tourist places... there are REBEL CAMPS??? what are we, Colombia? I almost expected Santiago depicted as a dusty plaza surrounded with places labeled like "La Cantina", "El Hotel", "El Correo" like a banana republic in a '70's movie. One would think that in this era, those stereotypes would be long gone. OK that was my rant.
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The Set Designers for this show should be fired.
Zacius N/A9 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The show overall is not bad, it is entertaining and enjoyable. However the set designers should be fired. The initial scene in Chile, at the Import/Export warehouse, there is a large door that is barred shut. The bar is slid to the left so that the door can be opened. The door doesn't swing open, but rather slides to the left to open. Set designers a door that slides open cannot be locked up with a bar that slides in the same direction. It doesn't work like that. A door that slides open can be locked with a bar that must be raised or via a retention based lock. Shoddy craftsmanship like that is very irritating to those of us that notice.Do Better.
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