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Interesting and entertaining show for movie and TV buffs, and a collectors pop culture treasure!
Danny Blankenship20 June 2011
Just started watching this show on the Syfy cable network, and I must say I love it! I love history I'm a pop culture history and film buff, plus this brings back the days of my childhood when I collected comics, autographs, action figure toys of movie and TV characters, and film posters. And this program "Hollywood Treasure" explores it all it features the most expensive and high quality memorabilia from the movies and TV that mostly collectors thru the state of California have obtained. And enter pop culture freak Joe Maddalena who travels the golden state in search of these treasures many for his own collection, the rest of the stuff he puts up for sell at a bidding auction in which the money goes to the seller. And this is high dollar stuff, you must have plenty of money and be a serious collector to be able to purchase these items that auction, bid and sells for thousands and thousands! Some of these high priced classic items have included famous autographs, the actual ruby slippers of Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz", actual costumes from sci-fi films, art and makeup work from many famous horror and monster movie films, and actual set props from films like Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas", and "Batman Returns". So you name it you have classic expensive stuff! Also another nice treat that's seeing the attractive and sexy Tracey Mccall who is Joe's nice and hard working events auction planner! Overall neat, and interesting series that pop culture collecting history buffs of entertainment will enjoy it's a nice little hidden treasure.
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Love the show and cast.
MovieHistorian31 October 2010
The series is a lot of fun and interesting too.

I watched the premier episodes and they were exciting, faced paced, and interesting. Seeing cool iconic props from some of my favorite films was fun.

Looks like they found a Gremlin puppet and other sci fi/horror stuff in the clips of future episodes.

What was in the briefcase?

Everyone in the show really seemed to love what they were doing which makes it more fun.

Having the cast visit collectors is nice too.

Can't wait to see more.
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Forget about reality of the auctions, just love the items
SnoopyStyle27 September 2013
Joe Maddalena is the boss at Profiles in History. The team takes in memorabilia, props, and costumes especially concentrating on original movie, television and pop culture. And they set about to auction off the items at the end of the show.

Some of the items are crazy amazing. Some are less so. There seems to be at least some due diligence on the item. There is a lot of suspect on how authentic the auctions are however. It's questionable about the price, the people, and everything else. I choose to forget any of that about the auctions, and just concentrate on the beauty and significance of some of these items.
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Lots of trivia, fun stuff!
macsamus-927-19660626 June 2012
As a toy collector and comic book fan, I was excited when I saw the first commercial for Hollywood Treasure. This show did not disappoint. From the get go, you can see that Joe is a 'real fan' and shows his appreciation for the art of Hollywood pop culture and the art of collecting memorabilia. They couldn't have had a better team to put this show around! I thought maybe that ToyHunter show would have been fun, but the host of that show seems too bent on making a buck and getting the widest margin of profit (I know its capitalism, but TV is an escape--if I want to watch toy peddlers trying to buy low and over price, I will just go to any local toy show or convention!) Anyway, to see some fun Hollywood costumes, props, posters and models, or learn some fun pop culture trivia or facts about your favorite Sci Fi or fantasy movie, then Hollywood TREASURES is the show for you!
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