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.. makes sense only if you are actually ARE Judd Apatow
A_Different_Drummer4 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
You may recall a major hit a few years ago entitled KNOCKED UP by Director Judd Apatow. You may also remember the "other" couple in that film, the secondary characters, the characters that the main characters "played against" for dramatic exposition. Well, Director Apatow, for reasons that are less than clear, decided to not only do a follow=up film to that hit, but to base said film on the second couple, the couple most viewers who saw the first film have likely forgotten. Wait, it gets better. The actress who played the wife in the original film (ie, in the "second" couple) is Leslie Mann, who, by coincidence, is Apatow's wife in real life. And, ergo, the star of the current film. See? And -- if you like coincidences, you will love this -- Mann herself turned 40 years old the same year that this film was made. So -- let's sum up for those of you having trouble with all this, which should be most of you -- Apatow took the secondary characters from a hit film and made a brand new film about middle aged married people, casting his very own wife. In other words, he decided to do a film about his own marriage. The reviewers have so far been less than kind about his film -- one major reviewer suggesting that all the characters are so horrible he wanted to sell the bunch of them to white slavers -- but one suspects Apatow could care less. This is the film he wanted to make and he made it. Deal with it. Comments... * if you are married, you will "get" a lot of the set pieces in the film. If you are not, you won't. In fact if you are not married, this film may possibly damage you for actual marriage, and should be avoided simply on the grounds of public policy. * Leslie Mann is one of the most photogenic actresses in Hollywood and under different circumstances probably deserved an entire film of her own, just like this one. In fact, she steals entire scenes from Meghan Fox. However, all things considered, these are NOT those circumstances... * overall a forgettable film. Unless you actually are Judd Apatow
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Would have been great... if it was an hour shorter!
ariasn122 December 2012
I think I know my issue with Judd Apatow's movies.

They're always overdrawn. I think Apatow is a true Auteur, and has intelligent, stylish ways of telling a story.

Like almost all his flicks, this movie has laughs, heart and drama.... A LOT of drama.

Apatow should either write, or direct his movies, not both. I have a feeling if someone else took the directors chair/ producers chair, the movie would be significantly shorter.

I don't mind drama in movies, but when the extra hour of the movie is filled up with only drama, then I become irritated.

This is a movie you should rent/watch on Netflix. The writing and direction are both good, but you need to pace yourself, take breaks, come back later after getting some air, because 2.5 hours is to long for a movie like this.

This is all my opinion of course, so take it or leave it.

Regardless of anything, enjoy your night out at the movies, you earned it!
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"This is 40" IS WORTHLESS!
mitchco103 October 2013
I just sat through "This is 40" , and I think they should rename it "This is Pointless". This self indulgent , sloppy , lazy , whiny excuse for a movie should have never seen the light of day , and to think it made nearly $80 million at the box office is an embarrassment to people who have any taste for good filmmaking. While I have enjoyed some of the previous films of Judd Apatow, It seemed the studio had so much confidence in his previous track record that they just gave him a bunch of money and said "Do whatever you want" , and that's what he did , and that's what we got. The enormous waste of talents like Paul Rudd , Albert Brooks , John Lithgow , etc. , is glaring , and I was just waiting for something, anything to happen in the movie to break up the monotony. The use of Apatows two daughters , non actors they are , was as annoying as the obvious lack of a script , and the fact that a lot of the movie seemed to be ad libbed , and really had nowhere to go, and basically wasn't the least bit interesting , or funny , just annoying. The movie went on and on for over two hours , weaving it's little plot of this annoying, self absorbed little family , the plot was about How Paul Rudds' record label was struggling , how Leslie Mann , playing his wife, ran a store which was losing money from a possible thieving employee , and how their daughters were driving them crazy with their daily demands. All in all , I had to go "Who the hell cares?" These self absorbed , totally unlikeable , totally unbelievable characters had nothing to say , nowhere to go , and nothing to do. If I'm ever going to see another Apatow project , I hope he gets his head out of his butt, and can make a movie with interesting characters and situations, instead of the loathsome , uninteresting characters and storyline that go nowhere, which is what this movie is.
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Not worth your time and money, depressing
juniperty23 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I am 39, so I could relate to this movie. There were many fun "lines" but they way they were delivered falls flat. Instead of being funny and showing us relevant insights to turning 40 and life, all this movie demonstrates is a depressing view of angry bitter people who hate each other. Scenes were just thrown together, stitched up and made into a movie. The beginning of the movie shows you that both their birthdays are close together (weeks), but the movie implies that a lot of time has past. What was that bit about them going away? I'm sorry, but if you are so broke you have to sell your house, you would not run off for the weekend. They were all happy and stoned, then what happened to that? I guess they needed something funny to show in previews. And I was thinking wasn't it his birthday party? There were many funny parts, but in between I was thinking, I'm bored and want to leave. Too bad. This movie made me angry, depressed and wanting to run as far away from these people as possible. The only really good part was during the credits when Melissa McCarthy has a bit from their outtakes.
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40, down
EephusPitch1 January 2013
Wow, this film seems to be generating a lot of hostility: I am not quite sure what's behind it. I guess people went into this expecting a sitcom-like, snappy feel good film, like 40 Year Old Virgin? Or goofy, happy-go-lucky characters such as Seth Rogen's posse in Knocked Up? Did these people not see Funny People? I am all in favor of letting Mr. Apatow develop as a director. To be clear here: this film follows Pete and Debbie's story arc from a few years after the events in Knocked Up. The are both turning 40, and neither is handling it particularly gracefully, but they weren't handling their lives and relationships particularly well in the earlier film. I found this movie to have a Larry David Show quality to it: however irrationally and offensively our protagonists behave, there are always others who will go them one better (or worse). Yes, Debbie and Pete are defective human beings; but so, I would argue, are all the people inhabiting this world, excepting the very gentlemanly Graham Parker (and Billie Joe Armstrong). Such is the stuff of comedy. Are these caricatures? Surely, and yet they are caricatures of realities which I see every day. Is the teenage daughter given to histrionics? You bet, but that is what teenagers are like, and the fact remains that teenagers turn their parents into equally irrational and histrionic characters in that relationship; I actually found it refreshing to find a teenager in a movie, played by a teenager, who isn't a wisecracking savant commenting on the follies of her elders.

To sum up, this felt to me like a mature work from a good director. There are moments of farce, slapstick, and outrageous humor, surrounded by moments where things just happen. For people who can't handle that kind of pacing, you are welcome to stay out of movie theaters, and sit in front of your TV sets: the networks are sure to have plenty of non-challenging sitcoms that are specially designed to pander to you.
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hano-prinsloo5 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The movie sets up the perfect situation for a triumphant turn around, but instead of the happy ending expected of a comedy it digs a deeper, darker, more depressing hole. Yet it's characters are compelling. The story was just horrible. This ended up wasting even more of my time. If you are thinking of watching this movie as a comedy don't. It is a drama and was wrongly recommended to me. It was so bad with such bland dialogue that I decided to make an account and come warn people during the film.

My there were so many opportunities to turn this movie it just slams the door in each one of the opportunities as if the producers enjoy and feed of the disappointment of others.
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I gave it a 10 because I didn't think anyone else would.
chazzo-crw6 January 2013
First and foremost, this is the first movie I have seen in years that actually has something to do with my life. I read through the threads, and I wasn't surprised that people found it depressing. They were probably expecting to see Knocked Up or I Love You Man. It lacks the stoner cool single guys being all zany about porn. Instead the comedy comes from things that forty somethings deal with: mortgage, kids, hormones, diet, expectations, etc. I rarely get to see a movie about people my age or having problems and solutions that don't involve guns, drugs, superheroes, cartoon birds, and people who have 8 figure life styles without ever having a job. Okay, so he's a groovy record co. guy, and she has a chic boutique.... Definitely way more California than my life, but still it is pretty real to life. I will concede that there are some gags that don't quite work, but like I said: I'm stickin' up for this one because I think it is getting a bad rap based on expectations. Thanks to Judd Apatow for making a movie about life instead of (hip jobs aside) hyper-situational life.
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A quality comedy which is rare to find these days
Sarunas31 December 2012
Wasn't expecting much before watching the movie, but was pleasantly surprised. Firstly and most importantly the comedy was not lame. The jokes were down to earth, made sense and made me laugh sincerely. This rarely happens with all those stupid comedies nowadays. Secondly - the topic and the storyline was so relevant in regards to relationships and families of our society. Though it is a comedy genre - but underneath that you can fell that the problems and situations that are being touched are important and worth thinking about. The performances by Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann and Maude Apatow - were amazing. Paul and Leslie were perfect, but also my respects to the youngest cast members, as they were convincing and did their part flawlessly.
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No plot--but very funny consistently: "humor porn"
jimojimo23 December 2012
First off--this is well worth seeing, it is consistently funny--and at times keel-over funny. However if you're looking for a meaningful plot that gets neatly wrapped up, that's not gonna happen. Like porn, the plot was just there as an excuse for the many 'money shots'--the consistently funny gags about typical 40ish couple's lives.

Rudd's character is suffering a struggling business (and also maybe a little of 'struggling business'--if you know what I mean). Mann's character has a business also, that is suffering. Their kids are dealing with various modern-kid issues--Facebook bullies, trying to devour entire seasons of "Lost" in a matter of days, etc. The parents fight, the kids fight, Rudd & Mann each have issues with their own parents--one with abandonment issues, the other with what might be the polar opposite of abandonment.

And the gags and issues that arise, I can tell you, are all based in reality--it's a good composite of the issues that this demographic actually faces--only depicted with the cinematic equivalent of the "Photoshop saturation slider" cranked to 11.

A special mention for Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow's kids--they actually can act, and they were excellent in this film. They belonged in the film--not 'becuase their daddy is the producer'--but because they added big-time in both the many comedy scenes they were in, but also in the movie's scattered drama moments. Very adorable kids, who blended into this movie effortlessly and definitely added to its charm.

So that's the plot, and in the end, it leaves you with hope that things will get better, but never really pounds that point down and gift-wraps a sappy, happy ending, but it doesn't need to--the plot is just a vehicle to tow all of the gags with.

And the gags, mini-skits, etc, are very funny, and very consistent--me, my wife, and most of the theater were laughing through the bulk of the film (Stay for the ending credits--the blooper reel with Melissa McCarthy may be one of the funniest of the entire movie).

So that's it--I give it a 8--well worth seeing in the theater, and when it comes out on DVD, I'll definitely rent it and see it again.
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A disjointed sorry mess that's going nowhere
dioditto10 August 2013
This movie is truly the most awful movie I seen for the past year or so. Complete and utter disjointed mess that's going nowhere. I am not even sure what I am watching, characters just do whatever that doesn't seem to contribute anything to the plot in any way.

I am not even sure what category this sorry mess of film is under - is it comedy? Because I sure as hell wasn't laughing. Is it drama? There isn't any dramatic moment - every time it seems something is build up to something they cut the scene and viewers are forced to forget about everything. There is no tension in the movie.

All in all, just a sorry mess. 1/10
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Stay away from this movie
Planetpulp27 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I just saw this movie last night. I was a fan of Knocked up even though my wife and I fought like cats and dogs after the movie (it was about having kids. This time around, the movie did only one thing for me, it made me thankful for my family. Leslie Mann's character was even more of a raving bitch than in Knocked up. I told my wife that I would have shoved her head in the toilet when she was trying to inspect it to see if Paul Rudd's character was really taking a crap or just avoiding her. He was probably defecating on paper so he could help make this film. Actually only Paul Rudd really brought anything to the picture unless you count Megan Fox as a hot boutique worker. The film showcases a small part of the miserable lives of Pete and Debbie as they spiral into unhappiness and misery. Into the mix are thrown several more characters who are equally miserable. I was looking forward to this movie big time and when I realized that it was going south I couldn't wait for it to be over. Unfortunately its over two hours long. So, if you are looking for a way to spend a few hours in the dark, lock your self in a closet or just close your eyes but do not go see this film--it sucked!
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Relationship, Modern Marriage and Mid-life Crisis
Claudio Carvalho25 May 2013
Pete (Paul Rudd) is a family man married with Debbie (Leslie Mann) and they have two daughters, the teenager Sadie (Maude Apatow) and the girl Charlotte (Iris Apatow). Paul and Debbie, who lies about her age, are turning 40 and they are planning a party for Paul. He lost his job in Sony and now he has a nostalgic record label with only one artist, the British rock singer and songwriter Graham Parker that was successful in the period from the 60's to the 80's. Debbie has a fashion store with two employees, and she has just found an embezzlement of US$ 12,000.00. She was poisoned by the inefficient Jodi (Charlyne Yi) and suspects of the productive saleswoman Desi (Megan Fox).

Debbie has issues with her estranged father Oliver (John Lithgow) while Pete secretly supports his idle father Larry (Albert Brooks). Debbie meets her father and invites him for the party. Pete comes to the edge with the bankruptcy since he needs to sell their home and Debbie finds that she is pregnant but she hides from Pete. In the party, Pete has a nervous breakdown but Debbie is there to help him.

"This is 40" is a dramatic comedy about relationship, modern marriage and mid-life crisis. I believe that every viewer that is more than forty years old and married with children will identify problems that he or she might have lived. There are many hilarious scenes and references to movies and shows but also moments of drama that are immediately relieved by a joke. It is also funny because I have recently watched all the 117 episodes (and not 114) of "Lost" in five weeks, the same way Sadie did. Just as a curiosity, Leslie Mann is married with the director and writer Judd Apatow and the two girls (Maude and Iris) are their daughters. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Bem-vindo aos 40" ("Welcome to the 40")
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Apatowian genius
LeoReich16 January 2013
Judd Apatow is undoubtedly directly at the centre of the USA's comedy universe. Discovering and nurturing stars such as Seth Rogen, Jason Segel and Jonah Hill, and with movies like Superbad, Bridesmaids and Anchorman to his name, Apatow has earned the power to make movies about anything he wants, starring whoever he wants. And so we have This is 40, the fourth film that he has written, directed and produced (after The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up and the far weaker Funny People). Starring his wife, Leslie Mann and two kids, Maude and Iris, and filmed on the Apatow's street, this is bordering on autobiographical- even Judd's 90 year old grandmother makes an appearance.

The movie follows the story of Pete (Paul Rudd, essentially playing Apatow) and Debbie (Mann), and their two kids, Charlotte and Sadie (Maude and Iris Apatow) who we met as supporting characters in Knocked Up, and whose marriage is flagging after 14 years. The story doesn't get any more complicated than that, really. Watching as this well-to-do family of four battles through a plethora of first world problems- they might have to move from their big house to a slightly smaller big house, children spending too much time on the ipad, etc- for two and a half hours sounds like it would be agonising and boring, and yet it isn't. The fact is that this film is so observant of the upper-middle class to which it's characters belong, so honest about the little, everyday struggles that they encounter, that it feels like it's real, and real is funny. Even with hilarious supporting characters played by Megan Fox, Melissa McCarthy, Jason Segel, Chris O'Dowd, Lena Dunham and Albert Brooks, the real stars here are the family of Apatows, who nail the nuances of inter-family relationships, with Maude Apatow putting in a particularly brilliant performance as over-dramatic older sister Sadie.

This Is 40 has been unfairly criticised for over-dramatising the problems of a rich LA family, saying that the parents come across as mean and the kids as spoilt- but that analysis is shallow. This film goes deeper than that, the characters aren't upset because they're losing money, they're upset because their relationship is falling apart, that they have secrets in their marriage, that they can't be honest with each other. People seem repulsed by the fact that a comedy about the rich is trying to earn the audience's sympathy- but why not? Can a comedy only be emotional if it's about the poor? I was sure that films like Four Weddings and a Funeral and Lost In Translation had already proved that this wasn't the case. But just in case there was any doubt, This is 40 is here to do it again.
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This Is 40 is horrible from the minute we re-meet Debbie
dalydj-918-25517528 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"Marketed as a comedy this is film just try's to be a moving drama about a very unlikeable couple that make no sense about the actions they do and the conclusion of the film made no sense to what the aim of the film was"

In 2007 Knocked Up was released and like most people I found it enjoyable so with this film Judd Apatow decided to take two characters from that film and stretch them out to try make them more fuller characters. Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann) are both celebrating their 40th birthday's in the same week even if Debbie does not want people to know her real age. During this week we see their daughters who tend to scream at them a lot as well as both Debbie and Pete's businesses failing and neither one of the two able to be true to themselves blaming everyone else for their problems.

This film from minute one was insufferable for me because of how annoying Debbie was as soon as she was on screen. She seemed to act insane about being 40 which is not that old but that is just how the character is written to be. The film is way too long for the story that is being told because two and half hours is way too long for a comedy that is set in one week as we see all these events happen in the main characters life's. The film talks about the family having many problems so them spending money on an expensive trip makes no sense to the story. The ending of the film was not a good conclusion to the story because so much stuff in the film did not get a full story but also Debbie and Pete staying together made really no sense to how the two had treated each other throughout the whole film.

Leslie Mann plays Debbie and Mann as an actress just cannot act in my mind. In almost everything Mann has done she is trying to make me like her but I just do not because she never really stretches herself. The character she is given is horribly written as a shrill women who complains so much that I do not know why anyone would like her. Mann try's to be dramatic with a blank stare on her face and I could not help but laugh at how unbelievably bad she was in every scene. Paul Rudd plays Pete and he has been great in small smarts but even though he is not as bad as Mann he is not much better then she is. His character is also written badly but at least Rudd knows how to play this man because he always plays the same character which is fine but I wish he would try at least shake it up. These two are the only leads and there are way too many supporting characters by some of my favourite comedic actors who are wasted and when some are given funny lines they got no laughs from me at all.

The film tried to be funny and heart warming but nothing that the film did worked for me at all. The female characters in the film were very one note and even Mann's character was written badly as if no women had any input into the female characters. The film did not seem believable to me because this couple just did not belong together which made me hate this film even more then some of Apatow's produced efforts which are so much better then his directed/written films.

MOVIE GRADE: F- (MVP: Paul Rudd)
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So much potential but they just couldn't get there
Cherie jones27 December 2012
When first seeing the trailers for this movie i was excited because i remember this couple's story in Knocked Up and it was hilarious but i think that's as far as it should've gone and i'll tell you why.

First the movie, for a comedy, is way too long. 2 hours and 15 min is a bit ridiculous. because of this the jokes were dragged out and it caused me to lose sense of the plot. There was so much potential with this story line and i felt it could've been so great and hilarious but they just didn't get there. I felt like there should've been a bit more drama to their marriage, it felt as if they were trying to make it seem so realistic that it came off fake. a lot of the problems they were experiencing does happen to real life middle aged couples but not to the extreme like they portrayed it. There were some familiar faces and others were just random (megan fox) lol but i also think a little bit more development for the new characters and maybe the old would've been nice as well. I wanted to like this movie so much because it had so many good parts where it could've been great. Maybe if they added a small portion towards the end of the movie interviewing real life 40 something year old couples and had little exerpts that would have also made the movie a bit closer to home.

All in all i do feel pocket hurt for spending 11.50 to see this movie because i was simply disappointed. Would i recommend This is 40? Probably not.
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Unamusing Garbage
A. Ri.7 October 2013
This was one of the worst films I have seen of any genre of movies in a long time. There was little to know story line. It seems the entire film was one giant fight between an incompatible married couple. There was absolutely no point to this movie. And for a comedy/drama- there wasn't even one funny scene.

This was an utter waste of time. I almost fell asleep during the entire film. It made me hate life (and myself for watching it)- the characters were so stupid, unlikable, and completely bland. I always finish a movie I start, I have never had so much trouble wanting to shut something off so badly than I did with this movie.

My overall thought of the movie-this film tried to hard to do something with nothing (and failed miserably).
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This Is Terrible
tvstew31 December 2012
I believe I have seen all of Judd Apatow's films and I've liked a majority of them but This Is 40 is not only his worst film, it's one of the worst films I've seen this year if not ever. The film honestly felt like the script was never completed, an editor was never hired and the actors had no direction. It had none of the joy of his other films and not even the natural likability of the stars (Rudd, Mann, Segel) could save it. It felt dour and depressing all while under the naturally (or unnaturally) pleasant skies of Santa Monica.

The main couple's (Rudd and Mann) lives are coming apart because they feel they need to change but find it difficult to change. In the end, however, they come to the realization that they don't need to change...this is the worst character arc imaginable...characters who go nowhere and are somehow happy about it by the end. But then again, these characters start from a place of wealth and privilege (not that you can't have wealthy, relatable characters) so you already begin the story by thinking these characters really don't have that much to complain about (or enough to really care). They both have luxury cars, they have a family, a beautiful house...that's not exactly a starting point for an audience to feel for a set of main characters. Literally all the normally excellent actors seemed to have awful performances that felt jilted, tired and unfit (I mean try and find John Lithgow giving a bad performance ever), this was not a good turn for Megan Fox in comedy at all, go down the list...even Jason Segel who rocks almost everything he's in felt misused. The worst part of it all was it was not funny. There were a smattering of laughs for the whole film in the theater I was in.

This film was a total and utter train wreck...and I almost feel bad for Apatow except for I spent my money on this film and now I feel bad for myself. I was very close to walking out a few times and I never walk out of films. The two and a half hour run time felt way excessive and basically like a first time director who didn't know how or where to cut. And the beats didn't work (the COMEDY BEATS, that should be Apatow's strong suit).

I had to go out and watch something else the next day just to help erase the memory of this film because it was that awful. Not campy awful, not funny awful, just plain 'ol awful. I really wish someone had stopped this film at some level and tried to help them fix it because the themes are good, the actors are normally good...all the parts could all be good...but somehow this was just the opposite...just bad, really, really, bad. And as a writer/director you have to put the blame on Apatow for this one.
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www-cooperwe197924 December 2012
A good rule of thumb is any movie where Jason Segal has the funnier lines probably shouldn't have been made. This seemingly endless stream of hormonal tirades was difficult to say the least. Leslie Mann pulled this off once in Knocked Up. Which was a delightful film by comparison. But in This is 40 I could not find one sympathetic thing about her character or any of the characters for that matter. Part of the problem is KnockedUp was made before this basic cast was in every other film that came out. I kept waiting for Jonah Hill to happen by and suck up what little oxygen Leslie Mann hadn't already used. I am a fan of Judd Apatow. He's a comedy geek's comedy geek. Hence the casting of the brilliant veteran comedy writer Robert Smigel as the buddy of Pete. So I settled in to watch and see what Smigel could do as an actor. But he had two scenes in this nearly two and a half hour film. Guess they cut some of his scenes to make room for some more where Leslie Mann gets angry over nothing and curses and screams for half an hour. I was also excited to see Jim Brooks as Pete's father. He receives lots of screen time and is the second least sympathetic character. I do admire Apatow for having the courage to try and combine work and home by just putting his family on screen. But why so mundane? It's compelling when a film depicts regular people in not so regular situations. This film is made up of regular people who live in southern California and drive BMW's and Lexi and complain constantly about things that happen to everyone. It's exhausting. I will not give any attention to the children in this review as it is clear that they have received far too much attention already. On a strictly "laugh o meter" scale this film is not completely devoid of humor. Like say, Funny People. In fact, Funny People makes This is 40 look like The Jerk. Paul Rudd does fine as usual,and Megan Fox is great eye candy and "hottie relief". Here's hoping that this is the end of Apatow's tacky Cassavetes period.
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Don't waste your time
Melissa H22 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw the trailer for the movie, I thought that it would be an cute, funny movie to watch. Unfortunately, it was anything but. This movie portrays a middle aged woman(Leslie Mann) who is in denial of her age. This movie perpetuates this society's constant obsession with looks & age... what happened to aging gracefully?!(What message does this send to viewers...) She's obsessed with how she looks like and tries to act like a 20 year old. She has a very irritating voice, it's very high pitched & she sounds like she is a 15 year old girl!! Not a great actress either. The adults in this movie act like immature;children & get away with their childish antics. Its not really funny. All the funny parts are in the trailer anyways. ALSO, is it just me or does Megan Fox always play the hot/dumb girl in all her roles! Why doesn't she take on a role of an independent woman, someone that would actually be a good role model for young girls! Anyways, the characterizations of the women in this movie are terrible representations of how women should be like (submissive to their husbands/ needing to look "hot" to get a man). Don't watch. awful movie
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Inneundos overflowing
p-stepien27 May 2014
Debbie (Leslie Mann) and Pete (Paul Rudd) are both homing in on 40, a breakthrough age, where youth is now firmly behind us, highlighted by their elder teenage daughter Sadie (Maude Apatow) going through her puberty. Far from a dysfunctional family nonetheless Debbie and Pete struggle to rekindle the attachment and mutual fulfillment that this marriage has brought forth. Pete is a loving father, despite the fact that Sadie was never planned, he affectionately tries to perform his duties, even if his love for rock music places him as somewhat of a family outsider. Coupled with his ailing music label, dedicated to the old timer music lovers, Pete is increasingly left alone.

In turn Debbie owns a clothes store, (wo)manned by the alluring Desi (Megan Fox) and the troubled Jodi (Charlyne Yi), one of them guilty of stealing profound amounts of money, thus further increasing the family financial crisis. Sadie, hot on the heels of her first period, is an avid "Lost" fan and is going through a period of teenage angst, which spitfires as an open rebellion to the actions of undeniably immature parents later on in the movie. In the background we have the star of the movie, Charlotte (Iris), an 8 year old with wit to die for and a knack for a short but pinpoint summary of events.

Much in the vein of "40 Year Old Virgin", Judd Apatow gets in deep with an odd mix of slapstick, vulgarity, toilet humour and the rampant Tarantinesque meandering dialogues. Nonetheless, where it works in other movies, the low-brow humour felt markedly out of place for the majority of this family drama, jaggedly deflating tension and dramaturgy in order to force a cheap laugh. On top of that Apatow attempts to overdose on sideshow (primarily unfunny) jokes, which derail attention and exacerbate running time. Nonetheless the movie has a pretty decent flow, but I found myself distinctly uninterested as to where the drama is headed, which questions how effective mix of comedy and social commentary actually is. One of Apatow's weaker scripts isn't helped by its predictability and overly sexual innuendos.
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For my First Review, My Worst Movie of All-Time
GavinRendar16 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I have an unhealthy fascination with how much I despise This is 40, a grinding, poorly paced, two and a half hour movie with editing that featured many scenes ending halfway through unresolved conversations; conversations that were repetitively depressing and unrealistic, accompanied with failed attempts of forced comic relief between the tearful lines of hatred and depression. What does that mean? Well, for example, our main couple might be and screaming through tears about things like how they hate their lives and lie to each other religiously, but then the film will have Paul Rudd yell "We're like Simon and Garfunkel, and somehow, you turned me into Garfunkel!" to which Leslie Mann eventually responds, "What's wrong with Art Garfunkel, he has a beautiful voice!" Oh, sorry, we're supposed to be in the mood to laugh now? Wait, no we're not, because now Paul Rudd whispers that she doesn't look at him with loving eyes like she looks at their daughters. Anecdotal evidence is not enough to condemn a movie, but this is the tip of the iceberg. Every scene has an identity crisis, trying to be funny and painful at the same time without any rhythm, flow, or pacing.

It is a movie meant to capture the grittily honest and very real essence of what American middle-aged parents go through, but allows them to make unrealistic and nonsensical decisions like proposing a toast to forgiving in-laws who happen to be sitting at the same table, and not reacting to a $12,000 internal theft at their own business by a confessing employee.

This film actually offended me once too. I don't really expect this to bother other people. I went to pre-marriage counseling with my officiant and my fiancé/now wife. We learned basic conflict resolution and communication skills (for instance saying something like "It hurts me when..." as opposed to "I hate when you..." and so on. Well, This is 40 doesn't stop at ruining your day, it wants to ruin your relationship too. Paul Rudd suggests they use the language they learned in therapy, which quickly turns into "I feel hurt... when you act so F*****g selfish!" Again, a line trying to serve a sampler platter of every emotion in one. But also this is dialogue that belittles couples everywhere and their attempts to work through their issues through this very real and very common practice. It felt like when a horror movie uses sound editing to make a girl's bedtime prayer sound eerie. It's disturbing, it's cheap, it has no artistic creativity, and it wants you to lose happiness in something you love. Maybe that's an overreaction and that part upsets only me but there you go.

Whatever this film's intent was, it was not successful, as it provides no entertainment, no comedy, and no emotional enlightenment with it's sudden half-resolution that came about 45 minutes too late.

Think about that: every scene felt cut short, the film lasted about 150 minutes, and it STILL had an immediate brick-wall ending. Maybe this film needed to be seven hours long to make the scenes feel complete and provide some actual plot-based buildup for the climax and resolution. While I certainly learned to never trust the writer/director Judd Apatow again, I think I would have rather paid $5.99 to not watch it.
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Albert Wesker4 April 2013
This movie got 1 laugh out of me other than that the movie was boring, doomed from the start, there was no point 2 the movie other than a psycho family with way 2 many problems, & the same words, gags, get repeated over & over again, the whole time i was watching it i thought "is this movie over with so i can get back on with my life" out of any movies or TV shows i have ever scene in my life i don't remember any of them boring me this bad weather i liked it or not, well i lied there is 50/50, Hop, & the Lorax, those movies i either almost fell asleep 2 or i wanted 2 shoot myself in the head, if some 1 tells u 2 watch this movie don't i learned that out the hard way, 133 minutes of my life wasted, if u wanna watch something that has family problems that's good watch we bought a zoo that may b a family movie but it's 100,000 times better than this, & another thing if the man characters dad has 4 or 5 sons, & he has 3 daughters i would say he really dodged that bullet that is some like if u want daughters over a son like me, well i don't have anything else 2 say on this dumb movie
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Absolutely terrible......
polishdog6921 January 2013
I really had high hopes for this movie. Especially after seeing the trailers. Well, if you saw the trailer, that's exactly all the "funny" this movie has to offer... Literally... Out of 2+ hr movie, they fit all the amusing parts in the 2min trailer for it. I could not finish the movie. Walked out of the theater after getting my money back. I'm in my mid 30's and I found the main characters (including the kids) to be self centered, annoying, and most of all depressing. The title of the movie should not be "This is 40". It should be "This is 18", because the language, the "acting", the situation "humor" would only appeal to that age group... I cannot stress enough how painfully awful this way too long movie is... This should have never made it into a production. If anything, is should of been a one time Saturday Night Life skid. It would probably be fine as that... Nothing more... Do not waste 2hrs of your life on this emotionless drain on your brain... Worst movie of 2013 for me so far.....
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Horrible movie, very depressing to watch
malissa-littlered17 December 2013
I watched this with my boyfriend, I have to tell you I was very excited to watch this movie. Not even halfway into the movie both of us looked at each other and realized the movie was so depressingly real that neither of us were enjoying it. We kept watching hoping to see it get better, it didn't.

Most of the humor wasn't really funny, it was too true and real to be funny. we found ourselves saying, well thats not funny, thats horrible.....

I truly regret watching this movie. Im just happy I waited for it to be a free movie from the cable on demand, if we had paid to watch this i would have been very upset

I made a joke in the first few minutes that the couple in the movie was us in 10 years to my BF... bad idea. by the end of the movie we both had that depressing reality that it could end up being us
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2+ hours of people yelling at each other
LawnBoy-419 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This film was excruciating. By the end of the film, I was so exhausted after having watched a staggeringly annoying family (and almost everyone associated with said family) argue, scream, yell, whine, cry, complain and fight for TWO HOURS that I was on the verge of suicide. I popped in a DVD copy of "Requiem For a Dream" just to cheer myself up.

By now, you've read the summary and the other reviews, so I won't rehash it, but, to summarize, guy (Rudd) and woman (Mann) are apparently only able to remain hopelessly and exclusively linked to one another in matrimony by the boat anchors which resulted from their unfortunate (for the audience) procreation. The family meanders its way through what passes as its daily existence by struggling with finances, impotence, various addictions and afflictions, including sugar, smoking, internet, rage, mooching/unloving parents, unwise spending choices, poor business decisions, selfishness and low self-esteem.

That's pretty much it. Really. That is what you will spend 2+ hours watching and little more.

Any film which can render Paul Rudd, Albert Brooks and Jason Siegel so completely and utterly unfunny is something which should be avoided. If Judd Apatow wrote this as a means of expressing his mid-life woes, I cannot possibly imagine how he manages to get up in the morning, much less muster up the energy or motivation to create.

You have been warned.
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