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Hilariously raunchy
plpregent30 July 2013
After watching "Bridesmaids" earlier this year, I was actually quite surprised to see a film that I usually would have flagged as a "chick flick" make me laugh and leave the theatre thinking I just watched an overall quality comedy. I always found that Hollywood liked keeping this stereotypical division between these "raunchy guy comedies" and "corny chick flicks".

The one point I'm trying to make here is that, usually, raunchy comedies feature male characters as the leads, and the female characters usually either serve as the opposing party to typical stories of bromance, or as the "background bimbos". But, after a while, as in any movie sub-genre or trend, clichés keep coming back again and again, the same faces play the same roles in movies that are basically carbon copies of one another, and, quite simply, it gets a tad old and the competent releases among that sub-genre become a rarity.

But what if these old clichés could be completely rejuvenated if the mold was turned upside down, and female characters became the leads? Well, trust me, this film is no corny romantic comedy, the clichés one would expect to see in a chick flick are absolutely nowhere to be found. Think of a cross between "American Pie" and "Superbad", with even dirtier dialogue, morals, and situations...with female characters as the leads.

The film starts with quite a crafty opening credits sequence, which quickly lets you know that you're being brought back to the early nineties (1993 to be exact). And, throughout the film, this nineties feeling is very well kept alive, with the sets, the costumes, and such. Good job on that.

One could argue that every character is super stereotyped. That is absolutely true. And that's probably the biggest trick that "The To Do List" is able to pull off : The situations through which the characters go embrace their stereotypical nature while constantly pushing both the limits of good taste/morals and of what you've previously seen in similar movies. "The To Do List" is not trying to reinvent the wheel. No. But it's definitely trying to push the limits in many regards. Where "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" got a bit sanctimonious at times, this film ends up stating that sex can just be a casual thing and should be enjoyed as exactly that. Where "Superbad" pulled its punches when it came to teenagers experimenting, "The To Do List" unleashed a flurry of hay makers.

And I'm not taking anything away from these two movies, I loved them both. All I am saying is, "The To Do List" qualifies amongst even the cruder comedies, and surpasses them several times in that department.

That's not the only trick it has up its sleeve though. Narrative structure is clever, with check-boxes appearing every time one of the "tasks" is accomplished. The dialogue is top-notch and constantly drew major laughter from the crowd. The cast is impressive, and features a couple of uproarious cameos.

"The To Do List" is quality entertainment that does deserve its heavy R rating. In the same vein as "American Pie", "Superbad", and "The 40-Year-Old Virgin", this film definitely doesn't bring anything properly new, but it does innovate by reversing the mold and putting female characters as the leads. To think the result would be toned down because of that single detail would be foolish, and just like "Bridesmaids" did, "The To Do List" reminds us of that. To be quite honest, I found it kind of refreshing. Add competent direction, a solid cast, and neat dialogue, and you've got a good comedy that's definitely not for kids, but that both men and women will find hilarious.
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Great for what it is.
ariasn15 August 2013
I think the reason so many people disliked this flick was because they went in with the wrong expectations. You hear about a teen sex comedy staring women and immediately people assume something more sophisticated and classy would be the by product.

This is not that movie.

This film is both dry and ludicrous, crass and hilarious.

Aubrey Plaza's one note characters fit this movie well.

What I liked most about the flick was that it finally gave a voice to the sexually confused teenage GIRL population. The movie was written and directed by a woman, and it's pretty clear when you're watching.


It's not an Oscar winner, but it's funny. It's a very progressive movie in the sense that it reverses the normal teen comedy gender stereotypes and gives the audience an unfiltered and unashamed (however hyperbolic) look at female sexuality, insecurities and intricacies.

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A Pleasingly Raunchy And Sex-Positive Sex Comedy
britishdominion21 August 2013
"The To-Do List" is an entirely raunchy, breezy coming-of-age comedy that is anchored with a solid, fearless performance by Aubrey Plaza.

It's an "American Pie" race-to-lose-your-virginity tale that is not only surprisingly sweet, and at times smart, but also pleasantly positive about sex - filtered through a unique female voice and fresh perspective on age- old genre tropes. It's free of the snickering, juvenile gross-out attitudes of the "Pie" films.

The film is uneven, wanders a bit, and sometimes plays like a series of SNL sketches than a full-on film, but is, on occasion, laugh-out-loud funny.

It should get some more love and attention when it arrives on home video & PPV where it is sure to gain a word-of-mouth following.
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Never seen so many people walk out of a theater.
naregian27 July 2013
In short, this film was just ridiculously stupid and ever so stiffly written.

It is the first film I have ever walked out of. There were at least 7 or 8 couples who left the theater, along with a group of probably 10 people, and an immeasurable amount of people who started playing on their phones. I'm sure I was followed by a few more people as well.

Before you discard my review because I didn't watch the end, I did stay for about 80 out of the 105 minutes and just didn't care enough to stay.

The film has a highly overdone premise, yet I hoped it would take a somewhat original take on it with this "to-do list" idea. Wrong. The movie had the most stiff dialog that was just so full of overly crude and unrealistic give and take between characters that it made me feel like I was watching some sort of amateur movie made by a sex-crazed film student.

Before you write me off as a prude who just picked the wrong film, I'll tell you that I'm not. I watch and enjoy many modern comedies but this one was just so bland and stupid. The depiction of the main character was confused and poor. The main character didn't allow for as much humor to pervade the film as it could have and that is the fault of the writer. It's almost like Mrs. Bill Hader (writer and director) didn't know what to do to add in humor so she threw in her husband for a little bit of weak and lame slapstick/stupidity humor.

An obvious comparison of this film would be the American Pie films, which share in the same sort of over-the-top sexual content/humor. I enjoyed those way more than this film simply because they were funny and had characters you actually liked. The stiffness of the characters in this movie were at the fault of the writer, no one else. Rachel Bilson and Clark Gregg, in the little screen time they had, made a legit effort to bring realism into their characters and allowed for a couple short chuckles.

It seems that this film is getting some good reviews here on IMDb, and that's okay, I'm not trying to ruin Maggie Carey's career or anything. I'm just telling it like I saw it, and I respect the positive reviews, but for me I just didn't catch the funny parts in such an awkwardly progressing story about a girl who completes sexual actions with others as part of a to-do list.

Overall, the film was an unsophisticated, unrealistic, overly explicit and awkward dramatization of teenage sexuality. The only reason I gave this 2 stars instead of 1 is because of some of the supporting characters who had somewhat attractive performances and saved some of the more awkward scenes.
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More Often Uncomfortable than Funny
themissingpatient6 November 2013
Aubrey Plaza is Brandy Klark, fresh out of high school and working as a lifeguard for the summer before taking off to college. Brandy is a straight A student with strong morals who has always succeeded at everything she tries. When she meets Rusty Waters at a grad party, she makes it a goal to loose her virginity to him before the summer is over. Not having had any previous sexual experiences whatsoever and embarrassed about how little she knows about sex, Brandy decides to educate herself, taking it on like a school project.

The To Do List takes us back to 1993 with an excellent cast including Bill Hader, possibly the best comedic actor working today, Johnny Simmons as Brandy's best male friend, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Alia Shawkat as Brandy's best friend, Rachel Bilson as Brandy's older sister as well as Clark Gregg and Connie Britton as Brandy's parents. Even Andy Samberg appears in the film's funniest sequence.

With all the greatness The To Do List had going for it, it falls to the level of an American Pie flick. This sex-comedy is so raunchy that it becomes more uncomfortable than funny to watch, even embarrassing in some scenes. Oddly enough the only genuine part of the film is the friendship that blossoms between employee and boss, Aubrey Plaza and Bill Hader. However that still isn't enough to save the film from the failed attempts at laugh-out-loud worthy low-brow humor.
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Rude, funny, and rather sweet
Neil Welch8 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Overachiever and socially awkward high school graduate Brandy is convinced that she needs to arrive at college with much more sexual experience than she has at present, which is none. So she approaches this in the same way she approaches her schoolwork, by setting out her goals in the form of a list of objectives to be tick-boxed.

As a 61 year old British man, this raunchy US teenage girl sex comedy should have set my teeth on edge. I watched this in a nearly empty British cinema, and it really hit the mark with two young women who clearly identified with every gag in it. And it made me laugh a lot, too.

Aubrey Plaza, aged 28 and playing 18, does well to convince us that she is a teenager approaching this "learning experience" with intelligence but no sense and a complete lack of understanding of the emotional aspects of sexual relationships. She is also adept at portraying a Plain Jane who can be unconsciously attractive. The supporting cast is also good: Clark Gregg is funny but not very believable as Brandy's father.

One of the things I liked about this movie which is undeniably on the explicit side (albeit there is no nudity) is that there is an air of innocence about it, and the characters are broadly quite likable: neither Brandy not her sister are very sympathetic to start off with, but they are both funny, and you warm to them.

So don't see it if you object to sex comedies, but if you are OK with that then you may well get some laughs out of it, especially if you are young and female.
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An insult to the 90's
Irishmoviereviewer31 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Seriously I think this movie really made the era look bad! The jokes were so not funny and the storyline was rather ****** up! I couldn't believe Andy Samburg and Bill Hader were on this, they shouldve backed away, they knew well that this is one of the worst films together!

Rather then make this comedy raunchy or full of filth, they should've got better actors and not make this just a 'comedy'. The insults were really horrible and more like what young children would say, like if they were fighting with other children. However, these are adult actors, they should be more appropriate then that within being involved in a comedy film.

Terrible movie, terrible actors and terrible plot!
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This may be the filthiest teen comedy ever, and it's awesome!
AdamBowl2318 September 2013
I didn't know what to expect going into seeing this one. I actually never even saw a trailer for it, but I read the synopsis and saw the impressive cast list and that was enough to get me interested. Even getting to the parking lot I asked my buddy if the movie was rated R and he said yes, and I was ensured of this as the movie started and "Me So Horny" by 2 Live Cru started playing during the opening credits. The movie takes place in 1993 and is about a recent high school grad who decides she needs to explore her sexuality and makes a "to do" list of all the things she wants to try before losing her virginity. I graduated high school in 96 so I could definitely relate to the setting and anyone who grew up during that time will get quite a few chuckles with all the references. But regardless of what era the movie was set in, it would still be a hilarious film. Aubrey Plaza is fantastic as the lead and shows a whole other side than how April is on Parks and Recreation. The rest of the cast is solid as well, with Bill Hader, Donald Glover, Rachel Bilson, Clark Gregg, and Connie Britton. There's almost too many to name. But as I said in the title, this may be the filthiest teen comedy ever made. It reminded me some of American Pie and Superbad but this movie takes it to a whole other level. It does get a little graphic, though there's not any nudity which is an odd thing to say after saying its graphic. You'll just have to see for yourself. I think the ladies will be able to relate to the movie more than guys, but regardless, its funny for everyone. I think I heard more laughter in the theater in total during this than I did This is the End. I think this could be the sleeper hit of the summer.
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Extremely disappointing and with no real message
leroilaw11 December 2013
I normally can see merit in almost any movie. I am definitely a glass half-full type of person. I thought that this would be a coming-of-age movie that would be similar to Porky's or American Pie. However, I was disappointed to find a movie that really had no point and no message to tell its viewers.

From disgusting gags about a girl eating feces to other scenes of girls continuing to have sex in front of their parents after getting caught, the movie lacked any realism. She creates a list to create a list, not out of an interest in self-exploration or in discovering more about how people think and interact. She goes tediously through the list with no real emotion (similar to her Parks and Rec character) and I similarly found myself with the same ambivalence, apathy, and disinterest that she took in her subject matter.

I rented it knowing that it would be raunchy. However, it was not raunchy, it was simply mind- numbingly stupid and a waste of a couple hours of time. I would rather watch Porky's or American Pie for a revolving 24-hour back-to-back setting than to watch this movie another time. I always finish movies and this was one of the few that I thought about turning off and not finishing. It just continually grew more and more boring and disinterested by the minute. None of the characters, except for Bill Hader, were at all likable or relatable.
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Simply horrendous unfunny snore-fest....gross for no reason.
headly661 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Another completely unrealistic stupid coming of age flick with what looks like a familiar cast but they are wasted here. It pretends to be set in the 90's but has zero feel of that time other than a loud soundtrack of hip hop songs that are out of place and some vague references.

A super smart yet nerdy girl wants to lose her virginity before starting college so she makes a list of things she is going to do, all of them slang terms that mostly did not exist in 1993.

Every teen curses in front of their parents and talks about sex, kids at a pool push lifeguards in the water with no repercussions and they use a Caddyshack joke while actually referencing Caddyshack and it's still not funny. And everyone apparently can still swim in the small pool after a kid took a crap in it.

The girl is 18 yet knows nothing about sex. No one gets a "best bod" reference in their HS yearbook. She walks around with her top off in front of parents and kids but is not fired. The manager of the pool can't swim even though he would have to take a swim test to have that job. Teen girls are reading Penthouse openly at the pool, no problem. Having screaming sex in your house with your parents home with the door open seems really realistic.

Avoid at all cost.
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Just good ol' fun for non-prudes
OpinionatedJM3 November 2013
Excellent fun movie, just great entertainment from a perspective hardly ever seen from Hollywood, I hope it gets a bigger bang from word of mouth than it did at the box office, I was surprised that it had such few viewers! hopefully because of the cast more people will pick it up! loved the performance, only thing that stopped me from giving it a full 10 was that they had to play it like she was just.. "studying" instead of being gratified by the experiences, but that was the only thing that seemed to pull off any punches although yeah it's more likely to be that way for a young woman? so anyway just great all around, watch it! and tell a friend! this movie deserves a way higher rating!
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Not quite funny enough
zetes4 August 2013
A throwback to 1980s sex comedies that has a bit of charm and a few laughs, but just not enough of either. Parks and Recreations' Aubrey Plaza stars as a high school graduate who is sick of being a dorky virgin. She makes a list of sexual experiences and attempts to get through them all before she heads off to college. The film has a fine cast. Besides Plaza (who, I must say, looks far too old to play 18 at this point; I know no one else is 18, either, but most of the others are more convincing), we have Johnny Simmons as the dorky, handsome boy who crushes on her, Scott Porter as the hunky older guy after whom she lusts, Alia Shawkat and Sarah Steele as her best friends, Rachel Bilson as her older sister (whose fiancé, Adam Pally, who was one of the funniest people on television in Happy Endings, is completely wasted), Bill Hader as her boss, Andy Sandberg as a grunge rocker and Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Donald Glover as a couple of other guys who went to high school with her. I like all of these people, and most of them have a good moment or two, but there's nothing hilarious. The film is set in 1993, and it's fun to feel my own youth being pandered to.
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Too Much Gross Humor, Not Enough Heart
Slasher_Lover2319 November 2013
When Brandy Klark (Aubrey Plaza) , the class scholar and all around nerd, decides to become more sexually experienced before going off to college, she makes herself a to do list to help her work her way up to losing her virginity. Along the way, Brandy gets a job at the local pool in order to gain the attention of Rusy (Scott Porter), while also being lusted by her friend Cameron (Johnny Simmons). With the help of her friends Fiona (Alia Shawkat) and Wendy (Sarah Steele), and sexually experienced older sister Amber (Rachel Bilson), Brandy goes gets a crash course on the road to sexuality.

In this 90s-era film, The To Do List tries to follow in the footsteps of teen sex comedies like American Pie and Superbad, but in the end it fails to even be on the same level as these films. The film definitely features its share of comedic moments that can be pretty funny, but ultimately it gets carried away by its over-abundance of crude and gross out moments that even the two aforementioned films kept a handle on. The problem is, the story clearly wants to give some heart and moral to the story, but the crudeness really prevents it from showing until the very end where it's clearly written out. It fails to let it's real intentions shine through by trying to throw in every graphic sexual situation or conversation that they can come up with. And it really hurts the film. A majority of the funny moments even come from the non-gross out moments.

On a positive note, the film features a great back drop of several 90s songs that really fill the setting, and provide a great treat to listen to. After viewing this film, the viewer will never be able to listen to Dreams by The Cranberries the same way ever again.

Apart from the soundtrack, the star-filled cast also saves the film from being a complete flop. Aubrey Plaza does provide some great comical moments as the nerdy and awkward protagonist. Scott Porter as the rocker stud also gets his shot of showing his comical side after his stretch of dramatic t.v. roles. Some of the major stand outs include Connie Britton and Clark Gregg as Brandy's parents who are very blunt as far as sex. These two definitely provide a lot of the major comical moments of the film. The whole cast does a well-done job with what they are given and they appear to have a fun time doing it (no pun intended).

I can't say The To Do List is an awful film, but it's pretty weak one as far as the story goes with more interest in having more gross out humor than anything else. But the soundtrack and its fun cast do a fine job of making up for its shortcomings.

My Rating: 5/10
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Movie of the summer, a must watch for everyone!
jessicaconnor27 July 2013
Not for anyone who doesn't like jokes about sex or cringe worthy sex scenes. For everyone else, this is a must see film. True to the experience of teenagers, blindingly sincere and genuine, refreshingly told with real characters, experiences and enough comedy to be enjoyable for anyone. Also, and don't let this be a turn off, but it is also EDUCATIONAL. It talks about a serious subject in an incredibly non-serious way. It flips traditional gender roles and expectations, but it isn't the focus of the film. Highly recommended. I laughed my head off. I liked it so much I specifically came online immediately afterwards to give it a rave review, which I usually reserve only for the incredibly rare time when I think something is so bad people shouldn't be subjected to it. Wish I'd had this movie when I was a teenager as well as movies like "10 things I hate about you".
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The To Do List is something You MUST DO this Summer
nic-dorsey25 July 2013
What You Should Know – Set in the 90's it's believable that Brandy is an eighteen year old virgin. As a straight-A student she's always known what to do except when she gets the chance encounter to have sex with her crush. But she's devised a plan to pop her cherry by engaging in every sexual act possible before her first semester in college. With the support of her best friends and her slutty older sister, Brandy is well on her way from always getting straight-A's to having her first O.

What Works – The 90's soundtrack with all the sexed up songs including "Me So Horney," "O.P.P." and "Let's Talk About Sex." It's also fun to see Brandy check off each item while she's in the act. Her best friend notes there are things on the list that she hasn't even done and that's awesome. There are things on that list that I haven't even heard of and that's sad.

What Doesn't Work – The adorable dweeb looking to lose his/her virginity is a bit overdone, but it's nice that Aubrey Plaza has opted not to wear the signature ponytail and over-sized glasses. While she's the typical straight-A type, she's not insecure in who she is. Having sex is just another thing to cross off her long list of accomplishments.

What I Thought – Worth the Admission In a day and age where slutty teens run rapid it's nice to recall, not too long ago, when they didn't which makes The To Do List something you must do this summer. Keep in mind that while it's cute it's best to wear a condom; this is the kind of movie that is so vulgar you could catch an STD right in the middle of all the laughter.
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Quite Filthy, but Very Funny and Well Acted
danew1324 November 2013
The To Do List was a pleasant surprise since I figured it would be a low budget teen flick...But,you might say it was a very funny female version of American Pie.

I'm also surprised at the modest rating on IMDb. The ensemble cast headed by Aubrey Plaza did a fine job in a fast moving, profanity laced raunch fest that still maintained a valid and interesting plot...a high school grad wanting to learn about what she had been sexually missing.

She was helped by Rachel Bilson, as sexy as ever without her goody goody TV doctor persona and SNL's Bill Hader.Quite honestly it's hard not to like this film despite its grossness in parts.

It would be natural to have a welcome sequel with Plaza'a character as a college girl.
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Tasteless Raunchy Sex movie without even a nipple showing...
Dr_Sagan28 November 2015
I could never get all these movie that have heavy talking about sex, like sperm swallowing etc. and they never showing a female nipple.

So in this movie too, you get the 99% of the dialogs being about handjobs, and blowjobs and backdoors and pussy licking etc. and you can hear the sound, see the moves, the awkward positions, you even see the glitchy semen in the hand of the girl or in her mouth BUT there is absolutely no nudity.

It's very very pretentious...if you ask me. A bad choice that makes an uneven film.

Here you have a female screenwriter/director who (not surprisingly) didn't do anything after this crap, and who she employed her husband (and father of 3 Bill Hader) as the star.

The whole film is very diminishing about women and treats her with a manner, even worst than whores. All of the "sex" scenes are disturbing and trying to force some laughs from the awkwardness of showing some (parent, friend, nephew, coworker) walking right during the act, wherever the place and whenever the time.

There is also no meaning in this. No moral about friendship, or feelings, or parenthood, or marriage, or education or ...nothing.

Overall: An empty shell of a movie. If you want tips like "Let your one-night stand lover drink pineapple juice so his sperm will taste sweet when you swallow it" than this is the movie for you. Otherwise...
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Earl's list is better.
ArT_of_InSaNiTy6 October 2013
This is basically a re-packaged version of American Pie; the difference being that instead of 4 guys aiming to lose their virginity it is focused on 1 girl. The goal is the same; to become more experienced before leaving for college. So the awkward scenes pile in and the cheesy moments also make appearances. Basically everything you seen in American Pie, but reversed. This being a little more revealing and nonchalant.

There is nothing special about it; it does raise eyebrows and a few laughs, but there was something not right about it. It is obviously a film to garner shocks and try and relate to experiences that sexually active teenagers may have found themselves in. But it fails to grasp the attention; just one random scene after another. Each trying to outdo the other; with more embarrassment or to stun you more. This is evident in one scene where the ridiculous meter explodes and leaves you rolling your eyes and uttering the judgmental "as if". In other words in tries too hard to impress.
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Over the top sex in other countries too
johnxkane13 August 2013
An hour ago I saw this movie's advertising in Thailand and the poster is much different here. The "star" has a big balloon over her head as if she is thinking and in it are these words: "love," but also "rim job," "fisting," and "blow job." The trailer I saw had a "joke" about "tea bagging." I am ashamed of this movie simply because movies teach and extend culture throughout the US and around the world. People attack sex trafficking and prostitution on the one hand and in the other hand are tickets for movies like this. This movie teaches the school age audiences it is aimed at about things even I, an adult, consider offensively over the top. Years ago, in a gentler time people were angry about PlayBoy on news stands, but not me. Now every junior high school kid can see all the crazy things in their poster in full color on the internet. There's no going back up the slippery slope. I hope we are all able to enjoy this new American culture we have created, and somehow do so without shame. I love sex myself, but I don't want junior high children to become experts in rim jobs and fisting ahead of their time. Ignore this movie and anything else by this team. It is their only just reward for thrash.
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Disgusting, crude, and not very funny
rogerdob26 July 2013
Sitting through this film was one of the most awkward 90 minutes of my life...I would have left after 15 minutes were I attending this movie alone. It presents a young girls journey discovering sex as a crude, unfeeling, and "let's just do it" adventure. This film almost comes across as softporn written by a man. To my surprise it was written and directed by a woman! I sat through it hoping that the end would have some wonderful message that would help young people cope more sensibly about sex. However, no wonderful message was coming. The only message that came across was that women can now be as crude as men and treat sex as just something that involves no emotional feeling.
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Molly Woodward26 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The film begins with a socially awkward Brandy (Aubrey Plaza) realising she's behind in the world of intimacy. Being a recent high school graduate, she feels she needs to have more sexual experiences before she starts college. With the help of her two best friends, her goal is to sleep with Rusty (Scott Porter) before the end of summer. To achieve this she creates a 'To do list' full of raunchy tasks for her to carry out before she is crowned 'experienced'. She gets a job as a lifeguard to be closer to Rusty, also her study-buddy Cameron (Johnny Simmons) who's in love with Brandy.

The whole concept of the film, in my opinion, isn't so bad. It does share many similarities with American Pie, but the strong cast they have in this film helps to improve the overall quality. For example, the use of Bill Hader as Brandy's boss provides a very comical atmosphere throughout the whole stretch. Rachel Bilson, who plays Brandy's older (more experienced) sister, portrays the typical relationship one would have with a younger sibling. Even Brandy's Dad (Clark Gregg) performs in an uncomfortable, fatherly way. The cast is pretty top-notch!

However, at times the film felt increasingly cringe-worthy. I feel Aubrey's acting at times didn't portray a typical un-experienced school girl. It felt put on, like really put on. But hey-ho!
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This is why The To Do List was enjoyable.
Evan Lu25 July 2013
Having the opportunity to attend an early screening of the To-Do List, I have come out with two minds on the movie. On the one hand, the To Do List has many qualities that could make it into a classic coming of age movie: an overachieving protagonist with a yearning to fill her sudden sexual deficiency before college; the supportive best friends who edge her on, the timid boy who attempts to cross over from being just a friend to being something more, etc. On the other hand though, is the feeling that this doesn't necessarily leave any memorable impression on the table with these elements put together. One thing I can say about this movie is that it has an exceptional flow.

Set in the year 1993, The To Do List centres on Brandy Clark (Aubrey Plaza), a model student with the grades, trophies, attendance and valedictorian badge to show for it. Although not clearly stated, it is implied that her lifestyle is that of a strict Mormon, with no exposure to the more vicarious side of teenage life. That is until, her best friends; Fiona (Alia Shawkat) and Wendy (Sarah Steele) take her to a graduation party where she glimpses upon hunky college student Rusty Waters (Scott Porter) in his long haired, 90's style glory. A brief night on the wild side left unfinished sets in motion an adventure seeking the thrills of sexual experience; thus, Brandy Clark uses her trusty To-Do List to craft a step by step action guide to ultimately lose her virginity.

What makes The To Do List flow so well is the structure of the storytelling. Maggie Carey's decision to keep the teen angst drama to a minimum crafts a movie that flows like the To-Do List Brandy Clark is using; one scene to the next in an almost checklist-like fashion, creating a focused consistency in the movie's pace. Add onto that a plethora of 90's references and the audience can expect an enjoyable sequence of laughter throughout the movie.

The To Do List has a flair of Superbad to it, with help from Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Bill Hader cast as supporting roles. That being said, this movie goes much farther in the sexual department. Brandy Clark's overachieving status as a perfectionist makes her romps just another thing to accomplish, as if handing in a book report. Aubrey Plaza, who I found out shares my birthday, does a stellar job of portraying my age group as an 18 year old, nerdy virgin. Even at 29, her petite features make her a great choice for this role.

Even though the pacing was a high point, some audience members may find themselves struggling to find a memorable impression within Brandy Clark's adventure from nerdy girl to sexually experienced woman. That being said, you'll probably find yourself enjoying The To Do List, and for those who grew up in the 90's, it'll be a worthwhile trip down memory lane.

Verdict: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Rated: R Run Time: 1 hr 50 mins
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A Real Turd
meaninglessbark27 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The R rated trailer for the To Do List makes it seem like a clever take on the standard "losing it" movie. DON'T BE FOOLED! The trailer is a fine example of what a really good editor can do as anything funny in the To Do List is shown in the trailer.

The To Do List is nothing more than a standard unimaginative teens-gone- wild "comedy" filled with crass jokes and dozens of pop song snippets. The film looks low budget, the acting is so-so, and the characters are all stock.

If you see the trailer and are still wondering whether or not to see the To Do List here's an example of what passes for humor in the movie: At her summer pool job the main character has to go into the pool to remove a floating turd. She, a class valedictorian who got a full ride college scholarship, assumes this is all part of her first day hazing and the turd is fake so she grabs it and takes a bite. But...It's a real turd!

If you are on the floor laughing at the idea of such a scene definitely see this movie.
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Yes it's raunchy, but man is it boring!
Dogslyf23 December 2015
I wanted to like this movie, but it was so boring. The title sequence was great and I thought that this might be a raunchier version of Adventureland, but like I said it was just boring. The dialog was flat, the acting was uninspired, and the story was predictable.

This movie wanted to be Fast Times or Dazed and Confused, but it just came off as pretentious. It just seemed like this movie was trying way too hard to be edgy. There were a couple of laughs, but I ended up just wanting the movie to be over quickly. Truth be told, it took me two tries to finish it because it just didn't hold my attention.

I don't have much to say about this movie except that once the shock factor wears off, it's just a below average teen sex farce. This was a waste of lots of talented actors. My advice, skip it!
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