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Rated Episodes

# Episode User

1.1  Alvira and Susan Give Birth at the Same Time to Two Baby Girls 7.0 16
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.0/10 X  
1.158  Finale 9.4 7
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 9.4/10 X  
1.4  Mara Tries to Be Friends with Clara 9.3 6
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 9.3/10 X  

Unrated Episodes

# Episode
1.2  Carlo Keeps His Deepest Secret Inside His Diary
1.3  Mara and Clara Lead Contrasting Lives
1.5  The Tension Between Mara and Clara Starts to Intensify
1.6  Mara and Clara Team Up to Win a School Competition
1.7  Alvira and Susan Bond to Make Up for Lost Time
1.8  Mara and Christian Join the Same School Organization
1.9  Clara Defends Mara from Her Friends
1.10  Susan Finally Learns to Go Against Lola Lupe
1.11  Clara Invites Mara to Her Slumber Party
1.12  Clara's Friends Humiliate Mara
1.13  Gary Comes Out of Jail
1.14  Clara Learns of the Past Between Alvira and Gary
1.15  Gary Finally Meets Clara
1.16  Susan Discovers Gary's Job and Asks Him to Stop for Their Family's Sake
1.17  Despite Being Freed from Jail, Gary Returns to Being a Criminal
1.18  Karlo Deals with His Guilt as He Keeps Mara's True Identity from His Family
1.19  Clara Reinstates Herself as the Queen Bee of Their School and Threatens Desiree Never to Threaten Her Leadership Again
1.20  Mara Tries to Convince Clara That Being Queen Bee Doesn't Necessarily Mean That She Has to Be Mean to Everyone
1.21  Desiree's Plan to Bring Down Clara Succeeds But Takes a Toll as Gary Kidnap and Torture Her for Revenge
1.22  A Very Disappointed Clara Confronts Amante and Compares the Attention She Gets from Gary and His Own Father
1.23  Gary and Amante React Differently When Clara Joins the Davids for Dinner
1.24  Amante Wobbles When Clara Confronts Him about His Infidelity
1.25  Susan Asks Carlo to Follow Gary to Make Sure That He is Not Back to His Criminal Ways
1.26  Mara Starts to Work as a Food Vendor in Christian's Cafe
1.27  Tension is in the Air as Mara and Clara Both Vie for School Batch President
1.28  Alliances and Schemes Play Out in the Midst of School Elections
1.29  Gary Orders Mara to Withdraw from School Elections
1.30  Clara Makes Sure That She Wins the Elections
1.31  Karlo Surprisingly Scolds Mara for Losing the Medallion Which Made Gary Very Suspicious
1.32  Alvira is Still Confused Why Mara Has the Same Medallion Like Hers
1.33  Jealousy Strikes Clara When She Sees Mara and Christian Together
1.34  Mara and Christian Spend More Time Together
1.35  Clara Makes Sure that Christina Won't Be Able to Contact His Father
1.36  Erris Convinces Christian to Court Mara
1.37  Clara Confides Her Problems with Mara to Gary
1.38  After Visiting in the Hospital, Alvira Asks Clara to Apologize to Mara
1.39  Clara Tells Christian to Visit Mara in the Hospital
1.40  Alvira Asks Susan and Mara to Stay in Their House for the Meantime
1.41  Clara Makes Sure That Mara Will Be Tormented as Long She Stays in Their House
1.42  Clara Manipulates the Basketball Team to Be Against Mara
1.43  Amante Joins Clara and Stands as Mara's Dad in Their Father and Daughter Camp
1.44  Gary Shows Up in the School's Father and Daughter Camp
1.45  Amante and Gary Spearhead the Search for Mara
1.46  Clara's Jealousy Peaks as Her Parent's Affection for Mara Gets Stronger
1.47  Clara Loses the Trust of People Around Her
1.48  Gary Needs to Get to Carlo Right Away to Save Him from Death
1.49  Gary Protects Carlo's Secret No Matter What
1.50  After Carlo's Death, Will Gary Have the Heart to Tell Mara the Truth?
1.51  Gary Insists on Leaving to Keep His Family Safe
1.52  Clara Refuses to Believe that Gary is her Real Father
1.53  Clara Seizes the Opportunity to Humiliate Mara Now That She is Back in Their House
1.54  Alvira Presents Mara as an Image Model
1.55  Clara Makes Sure That Mara Won't Be a Part of the Print Ad
1.56  Clara's Jealousy Hypers Up as She Targets Alvira's Gift for Mara's Mom
1.57  Who Will Amante and Alvira Believe After Catching Mara and Clara in a Fight?
1.58  Clara's Scheme Goes the Other Way When Christian Saves Mara from Alleged Cheating
1.59  Clara Continues to Pin the Exam Cheating to Mara
1.60  Much to Clara's Dismay, Amante and Alvira Come to School for Mara's Aid
1.61  Mara Had Enough of Clara's Bullying and Starts to Fight Back
1.62  Clara Forces Mara to Do Different Household Chores One After the Other
1.63  Vanessa Asks Clara to Keep Her Son, Christian Away from Mara
1.64  Trying to Gain Her Daughter's Affection, Gary Reaches Out to Clara
1.65  Clara's Disappointment with Her Parents Leads Her into Initiating a DNA Test with Gary
1.66  Clara Nervously Awaits for the Results of the DNA Test
1.67  Amante is Bothered by the P20,000 Cash Advance Made by Clara
1.68  Faith Keeps Mara and Clara at Each Other Paths as They Vie for Top Honors
1.69  Gary Makes Sure That She Will Be a Part of Clara's Life
1.70  Lupe's Excitement to Hug Her Real Granddaughter Leads to Another Mara and Clara Squabble
1.71  Clara is Rushed to the Hospital
1.72  Mara Suffers in Jail for a Crime She Never Intended
1.73  The Ultimate Secret Involving Mara and Clara Twist Their Faith
1.74  Gary and the del Valle's Need to Resort to Legal Actions to Get Custody of Mara and Clara
1.75  Mara and Clara are Forced to Live with Their Real Parents
1.76  Clara Is Having a Hard Time Embracing Being a David
1.77  Clara Barges in Mara's Party After Being Disappointed from Her Own
1.78  Gary's Patience Goes Beyond It's Limit with Clara
1.79  Clara Plays with Mara's Feelings by Assuring Her That the del Valle's Love for Her Is Inevitable
1.80  Alvira Asks Amante for an Annulment
1.81  How Long Can Susan Stand Clara's Stubbornness?
1.82  Clara Shies Away from Her Friends After Realizing Her Present State
1.83  Clara Wants Christian to Pity Her to Win His Heart
1.84  Gary Puts a Threat to Mara's Life to Avenge Her Daughter
1.85  Clara Lock Christian and Mara Inside the Storage Room
1.86  Clara Schemes Away to Push Her Mothers Against Each Other
1.87  Amante Tells Gary That He Will Transfer Mara to Another School Next Year So as to Avoid More Inter-Family Conflict
1.88  Everybody Is Quite Surprised with Clara's Sudden Change of Heart
1.89  To Avoid Further Conflict, the del Valles Decides to Go to America
1.90  Gary Comes Up with a Plan to Stop the del Valles from Going Abroad
1.91  Gary Goes Crazy After Seeing His Men Kidnapped His Daughter by Mistake
1.92  Will Mara Leave Clara Behind to Escape on Her Own?
1.93  Mara Runs Away from Her Kidnappers
1.94  Amante Goes to the Media to Ask the Public for Help to Save Mara and Clara
1.95  Alvira Reacts Hysterically on the Sudden Turn of Events in Their Lives
1.96  Tears Drop at Mara's Burial
1.97  Clara's Guilt Goes Haywire with Mara's Death
1.98  Amante Works with the Police to Identify Mara and Clara's Kidnappers
1.99  Mara Tries to Remember What Really Happened to Her
1.100  Clara Still Suspects Her Father as the Mastermind Behind the Kidnapping
1.101  Lupe Suspects That Clara Knows Something about the Recent Mishaps
1.102  Quite Surprised at Seeing Him in the Province, Mara Runs After Christian in a Public Market
1.103  Mara Is Very Excited to Meet Her Savior, Utoy
1.104  Christian and Mara Continue to Hide Away from Danger in the Province
1.105  Gary Reacts to His Mother's Suspicions
1.106  Lupe's Conscience Is Forcing Her to Tell Gary's Secret
1.107  Mara Wants to Go Back to the City to Check on Lola Lupe
1.108  Amante Tries to Find Evidence to Pin the Kidnap and Murder Case to Gary
1.109  Clara Still Insists on Living with the del Valles
1.110  Amante and Alvira Doubt Mara's Death
1.111  People Start to Believe That Mara Can Still Be Alive
1.112  Amante Asks the Public for Help in Finding Mara
1.113  Mara's Heart Breaks as Her Family Suffers
1.114  Clara Asks Herself How Long She Can Keep Gary's Secret
1.115  Gary Suspects That Susan Is Keeping a Big Secret from Him
1.116  Gary Makes Sure That He Is Always Near Alvira's Side
1.117  What Will Derick's Role Be in Mara's Life?
1.118  Susan and Mara Face New Challenges as Restaurant Employees
1.119  Still Stuck in Jail, Amante Fears the Worst for His Family
1.120  The del Valle's Plans Against Gary Are Unveiled
1.121  Clara Is Stuck with Her Father's Evil Tricks
1.122  Will Christian Lead Clara to Susan and Mara's Hiding Place?
1.123  Susan and Mara Can't Hide in Isla Verde Forever
1.124  Alvira Continue to Shadow and Manipulate Gary's Actions to Find Evidence Against Him
1.125  Will Clara Keep Mum on Susan and Mara's Hiding Place?
1.126  Clara Goes Back to Her Old Mean Ways
1.127  Amante Wonders Why Alvira Chose to Be Closer with Gary
1.128  Derrick Admits His True Feelings for Mara
1.129  Christian Starts to Get Jealous with Derrick and Mara's Closeness
1.130  Alvira Is Willing to Hurt Her Loved Ones for Now Just to Prove Gary's Criminal Acts
1.131  Clara Tries to Manipulate Everyone for Her Own Good
1.132  Gary Fully Believes in Alvira's Love for Him
1.133  Alvira Suffers as She Goes Down Deep as Gary's New Girlfriend
1.134  Mara's Accident Drives Everyone to Isla Verde
1.135  Clara Is Surprised to See Alvira Coming to Mara's Aid
1.136  Clara Feels That No One Even Dares to Support Nor Believe Her
1.137  Gary Spreads Terror in Isla Verde
1.138  Gary Doesn't Let Anyone Intimidate Him
1.139  Mara Wishes to Go Back to Manila to Face Her Fears
1.140  Doom Clouds Everyone After Amante's Mishap
1.141  Lupe's Secret Is Shoveled Out in the Open
1.142  Alvira and Her Family Breathe a Sigh of Relief After Putting Gary in Jail
1.143  Mara Believes That Clara Knows the Truth Behind Gary's Lies and Schemes
1.144  Gary Becomes More Impatient After Being Separated from Lupe
1.145  Alvira Suffers from Pretending to Be in Love with Gary
1.146  Clara and Lupe Are the Key Witnesses to Either Save or Convict Gary
1.147  Gary Goes Ballistic After Seeing His Mother in Court
1.148  The Davids Try to Reunite as a Family
1.149  What Can Mara Do to Ultimately Provoke Gary?
1.150  Gary Gets His Share of Doom in Prison
1.151  The Del Valles Plan to Leave the Country
1.152  Gary Takes Alvira as Hostage
1.153  Mara Believes That Clara Will Lead Her to Alvira
1.154  How Can Alvira and Mara Escape from the Evil Hands of Gary?
1.155  Gary Yells at Clara Telling Her How Disappointed He Is with Her Sudden Change of Heart
1.156  Will Clara Be Able to Redeem Herself and Start Anew?
1.157  Despite the Demonic Things He Has Done, Clara Still Wishes That His Father Won't Be Hurt