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Meet Heather Kurtman, famous relationship expert and bestselling author. Public appearances to the contrary, she just cant seem to straighten out the mess shes made of her life. Trapped in a publishing contract with her emotionally distant husband Richard, she has filed for divorce and is hard at work finishing the final book of her contract. Unfortunately, Richard will not let go, sabotaging her writing efforts and any opportunities she might have to find a different publisher. Blocked both professionally and emotionally, Heather does not know where to turn. Enter her long time book editor Jake.

Although the two have never met, Jake has secretly admired Heather for years. He would love a chance to get together with this sharp and savvy woman but there is no time for romance as he struggles to save his dying grandfathers publishing company from financial ruin. Fate finally conspires to bring these two together when Heather is at Richards office picking up her kids and Peaches, their pet garter snake, escapes. Mayhem turns to merriment when Peaches shows up in Jakes rescuing hands, making him the hero of the day. Jakes long time friend and co-worker, Fred, witnesses their first meeting and his scheming wheels start to turn.

A potential investor has been found and only one thing is needed to close the deal: Jake must sign a celebrity author. Fred hatches a plan on the spot to put Jakes grandfathers company back in the game and possibly prosper himself as well. Heather will be their new celebrity author! Although Jake is at first reluctant, with a little reverse psychology, Fred convinces him that its a win-win play for everyone involved; he wont be using Heather, hell be helping her and and thats good Karma. Feeling the pressure of the ticking clock, Jake follows Freds advice and woos Heather personally to try and win her professionally. But each flirtatious encounter brings him closer to the truth. First, Heather isnt ready for a new relationship, showing her fear every time she runs away. Second, Jake has fallen for real and cannot exploit the woman he loves, not even to save his beloved grandfathers company.

Ironically, it is Heather who now turns the tables. Trying to cure her writers block, Heather attends a speed dating event and chemistry ignites when she runs into Jake. They begin dating in secret and for Heather, life has never been better. She has a new love, a new contract with Jakes publishing company, and is ready to move on. But fate has one last test lined up for these star-crossed lovers.

The day of the big announcement arrives; Heather is signing on with a new publishing company, Jakes publishing company. Family, fans and the press all attend. But Jake is still riddled with guilt. How could he have even considered Freds plan to use Heathers status to save his company? Coming to a decision, he confides in Fred; he is going to tell Heather the truth. Seeing his plans for personal advancement in jeopardy, Fred argues with Jake. And at just the wrong moment, the microphone in Jakes pocket turns on, broadcasting their argument to the entire crowd. Hearing only Freds manipulative comments, very publicly humiliated, Heather now believes that Jake never truly cared. Despite having done right thing for very right reasons, Jake now stands to lose everything the woman he loves, the company he has worked so hard to save, and a friend that turned out to be not a very good friend at all.

Writer's Block is a hilarious romantic comedy about two people pursuing the right relationship for all the wrong reasons.
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