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Anthony Bourdain Interviews Francis Ford Coppola About Regrets and the Best Food in the World — Watch

Anthony Bourdain Interviews Francis Ford Coppola About Regrets and the Best Food in the World — Watch
In the end, do what you love, that’s the secret of life,” Francis Ford Coppola told Anthony Bourdain during the Season 10 finale of the latter’s CNN’s interview series “Parts Unknown.” Bourdain sat down with the legendary filmmaker in Southern Italy at the Palazzo Margherita, a former palace used by officials in Benito Mussolini’s National Fascist Party. The men swapped personal stories while dining on a five-course meal, and Coppola got reflective when asked about regrets.

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“I didn’t want to be one of those old guys who are like, ‘Oh I wish I had done that, I wish I had done this,'” Coppla told Bourdain. “I can honestly say I got to do this, I got to do that, I got to make movies, I got to take big chances with the movies,
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28 alternative horror films worth seeking out

Den Of Geek Oct 31, 2017

Looking for a mix of known and lesser-known horror films to try? Here's a bunch of suggestions...

Low-budget or independent horror films are nothing new, but they’ve experienced a mini-resurgence in recent years. The trouble is, many of the best and most interesting examples are extremely difficult to find, and even the most discerning horror fans are left scrambling for what to watch. To help, then, here’s a list of some of the genre’s undiscovered gems you’re perhaps yet to discover.

Discovering Bigfoot

A deep dive into the legendary mythical (or not?) creature, Discovering Bigfoot is the first full-length documentary to allegedly capture real live footage of wilderness experts and professors - including the renowned Dr Jeff Meldrum - interacting with the elusive Bigfoot. The film follows the brave researchers as they explore Sasquatch Country, discovering along the way that what we
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Rushes. Farhadi Not Attending Oscars, John Hurt & Emmanuelle Riva, Post-Sundance Travails

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Get in touch to send in cinephile news and discoveriesNEWSJohn Hurt and Emmanuelle RivaCurrently, due to American President Donald Trump's executive travel ban, Academy Award-winning Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi cannot travel to the United States. But in a statement made to The New York Times, the filmmaker, who is nominated again this year for The Salesman, says he wouldn't attend even if granted an exception:Instilling fear in the people is an important tool used to justify extremist and fanatic behavior by narrow-minded individuals.

However, I believe that the similarities among the human beings on this earth and its various lands, and among its cultures and its faiths, far outweigh their differences. Last week we lost two great actors, John Hurt (1940 - 2017) and Emmanuelle Riva (1927 - 2017).Francis Ford Coppola's recent forays into moving images, whether the super-local indie thriller Twixt or his "live cinema" project, have been ambitious and unusual,
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Francis Ford Coppola Launches Kickstarter to Bring Us the Horror with ‘Apocalypse Now’ Video Game

While cinema maestro Francis Ford Coppola hasn’t put out a feature film since 2011’s Twixt, he has just announced plans for a massive project. As Deadline reports, the director is set to return to the world of his seminal classic Apocalypse Now — but not in any traditional cinematic form. Instead, there are plans to create “an immersive, psychedelic horror RPG” where the player would step into the boots of Captain Benjamin Willard (originally portrayed by Martin Sheen) and journey into their own personal hell: Vietnam. To get things off the ground, his team has created a Kickstarter, where everything from downloads of the game (expected, as of now, for a release in October, 2020) to a making-of documentary will be gifted in return.

Says the director:

“Forty years ago, I set out to make a personal art picture that could hopefully influence generations of viewers for years to come. Today,
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Star Wars: Alden Ehrenreich has Spielberg’s Han Solo backing




How two heavyweight directors vouched for Alden Ehrenreich as the new Han Solo - and what counted against Taron Egerton landing the role...

You more than likely know by now that Alden Enhrenreich – most notable on screen thus far from his excellent turn in Hail, Caesar! – has been cast as the new Han Solo. He’s going to play the younger version of the character in Christopher Miller and Phil Lord’s upcoming Star Wars movie.

Over 2,500 actors ended up auditioning in some manner for the role of Han Solo, and yet as it turns out, Alden Ehrenreich had some heavyweight support in his corner.

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Steven Spielberg was the one who apparently first discovered Ehrenreich in a bar mitzvah video, and he reportedly offered his recommendation to Kathleen Kennedy. Kennedy, of course, is a long-time Spielberg collaborator, as well as the head of LucasFilm.
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Alden Ehrenreich – Who is the new Han Solo?

If you’ve been living under a rock all day then you might have missed the news earlier, that the forthcoming Han Solo spin-off has found its new Han Solo: Alden Ehrenreich.

Whilst there are probably a small handful of you guys out there who may recognise the actor’s name as the scene-stealer and standout from the Coen Brothers’ brilliant Hail, Caesar! earlier this year, it wouldn’t surprise me if the name got a lot of people scratching their heads. Now, for those that fall under the latter umbrella, there’s no need to worry about just who our new Han Solo is because we’re going to answer that question.

The 26-year-old actor’s name had been in the running for the role for quite some time and a couple of months ago, it was reported that he seemed like the frontrunner from finalists Taron Egerton and Jack Reynor,
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Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Distant Vision’ Will Take Five Years to Complete

Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Distant Vision’ Will Take Five Years to Complete
It’s now been over five years since Francis Ford Coppola has directed and released a feature film. Coppola’s last picture, Twixt, was an experimental horror movie of sorts, and his ambitious plans for that film never came to fruition, as it sat on the shelf before quietly getting released. Coppola had wanted to tour the states with Twixt, playing different […]

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Poster and trailer for supernatural horror Anguish

Ahead of its UK premiere at Glasgow FrightFest this coming week, a new poster and trailer have arrived online for the upcoming supernatural horror Anguish; take a look here…

Teenage Tess has been suffering from anxiety ever since her mother Jessica discovered her banging her head against the wall when she was a child. On a steady diet of medication ever since, it becomes clear her dissociative identity disorder condition might not be necessarily psychological when they move to a small house in Texas and Tess begins experiencing hallucinations suggesting she’s more susceptible to spirits of the deceased. Especially ghost girl Lucy killed in a tragic accident and still being grieved for by her tormented mother. Eerie, jittery and surprisingly moving, Anguish is the creepiest and most resonant American independent horror since It Follows, showcasing a breakout performance by Ryan Simpkins (Twixt, Surveillance, Hangman) playing the withdrawn Tess.

Written and directed by Sonny Mullhi,
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Glasgow FrightFest 2016 – The Line-Up

Kicking off with a special screening of The Forest with star Natalie Dormer in attendance, and finishing in racy rock-fuelled style with Sean Byrne’s The Devil’s Candy, the UK’s favourite horror fantasy event returns to Glasgow Film Festival with another stellar line-up to shock, chill and thrill. A record thirteen films will screen from Thursday 25th February to Saturday 27th February, alongside a selection of unmissable shorts, guest director Q & A’s, great give-aways and a sneak preview of Paul Hyett’s Heretiks, with the popular director in attendance.

The line-up starts at 9pm on Thurs 25 Feb with the UK Premiere of The Forest starring Natalie Dormer searching for her twin sister in Japan’s most haunted location, the fabled Sea of Trees. The ‘Game of Thrones’ star is making her first appearance at Glasgow Film Festival and is thrilled to be headlining this gala event the
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The Week in Disappointment – Anesthesia, Star Wars, Spider-Man, Captain America: Civil War, X-Men

Anghus Houvouras with this week’s disappointments from the entertainment world…

“Trailer for Anesthesia starring Kristen Stewart

I was surprised to discover this is actually a documentary about how you feel when watching movies starring Kristen Stewart.

Francis Ford Coppola says it’s a “pity” George Lucas got lost in Star Wars

I heard George Lucas was equally disappointed that Francis Ford Coppola got lost making ‘total shit like Twixt‘.

Anthony Russo says Spider-Man was always part of Captain America: Civil War…”

This is what I love about Marvel. They have their stuff planned out so far in advance. Spider-Man was always going to be part of Civil War. Why would anyone think otherwise?

“Spider-Man Actor Tom Holland Doesn’t Know What Captain America: Civil War Is About”

So Spider-Man was always going to be part of Civil War, but the guy playing Spider-Man doesn’t know what it’s about?
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Francis Ford Coppola Offers Fresh Details On Next Film, Could Act As The Director’s Last

Not since mooted horror flick Twixt have we seen Francis Ford Coppola step behind the camera to direct a feature film, but news emerging from this year’s Marrakech International Film Festival indicates that the Godfather helmer and all-round cinema icon is currently prepping for his next feature, which may be his last as a director.

Entitled Distant Vision, the director claimed it is shaping up to be “very different from a normal film” in that it will be pitched as a generation-spanning epic, one that shouldn’t necessarily be defined by a single medium.

“I may only make one film more in my life, but it may be very long, and it may go in different places,” said the five-time Oscar winner.”It’s sort of like Buddenbrooks because it’s about three generations of a family. It happens during the birth of television; the growth and omnipresence of
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Francis Ford Coppola Reveals New Plans and Title for Next Feature

We’ve waited years for any news on Francis Ford Coppola‘s next feature, which few people seem to have any clear picture of. News from May of 2013 told us it’d be a generation-spanning epic concerning an Italian-American family, a coming-of-age story, and, more obliquely, something concerning dance. Intriguing, but also the extent of it — and this is a long time to wait for more on something you anticipate.

With the helmer at this year’s Marrakech International Film Festival, however, press have managed to get some new — and, I think, plenty substantial — information out of him. First and foremost, its title is Distant Vision, which relates to the real subject: television. But more than running parallel with television’s development — birth, growth, and “the end of television as it turns into the internet” — he’s become keen on using that medium, more specifically a live rendition, as his mode of distribution.
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Francis Ford Coppola Wants To Do His Brewing Family Saga As Live Television, Talks "Pity" Of George Lucas & 'Star Wars'

The latter-era career of Francis Ford Coppola has been marked by experimentation. He went black-and-white for "Tetro;" played with digital, 3D and on-the-fly editing in festival screenings with "Twixt;" and during his address at the Marrakech International Film Festival, called out the creative gatekeepers of the industry who put profit over progress. It may be why the director is now saying he's going to hang it all up, though he's going to go out by once again trying to push the boundaries of storytelling. Last year, the director revealed he was in the midst of writing what he described as "a multi-generational saga about an Italian-American family not unlike his own." Now, in an interview with Screen Daily, he reveals a few more details about the project, titled "Distant Vision," and the approach he wants to take. “I may only make one film more in my life, but it may be very long,
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Francis Ford Coppola: "I may only make one more film"

Francis Ford Coppola:
The Godfather director talks new Italian-American saga, risk-taking and how George Lucas got “lost” in Star Wars.

Francis Ford Coppola’s next film may be his last. But it may also be one of his most ambitious.

Speaking at the Marrakech International Film Festival (Dec 4-12), the 76-year-old director of The Godfather trilogy revealed details of the new multi-generational Italian-American saga he is developing, titled Distant Vision.

Coppola compared the project to novelist Thomas Mann’s family saga Buddenbrooks.

“I may only make one film more in my life, but it may be very long, and it may go in different places,” said the five-time Oscar winner.”It’s sort of like Buddenbrooks because it’s about three generations of a family.

“It happens during the birth of television; the growth and omnipresence of television and finally the end of television as it turns into the internet. Then I decided that I wanted to do it as live
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Val Kilmer Seems to Have Confirmed His Return for Top Gun 2

12 A.M. on a Monday night isn’t exactly the typical time for potentially big casting news to drop, but sometimes an actor’s excitement gets the better of him/her and they let loose without studio clearance. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, and I’d argue it’s typically more interesting than an officially parsed press release, but there is one big downside. Off the cuff remarks are prone to misinterpretation. Val Kilmer posted an update late Monday night on his Facebook page stating he’s been offered a role in Top Gun 2 (presumably returning as fan favorite, “Iceman”), but the way he phrased it has left most readers shaking their head in both delight and confusion. Here’s his post: You can see where this went south, right? Everyone seems to be taking this to mean that not only is he returning for the sequel alongside Tom Cruise, but
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Francis Ford Coppola Doesn’t Want to Make “Factory Movies”

Francis Ford Coppola Doesn’t Want to Make “Factory Movies”
Francis Ford Coppola makes a lot more wine than he does movies nowadays. We haven’t seen a film from the iconic director behind The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, and The Conversation for four years now. His last picture, Twixt, came and went. Over the past decade Coppola has been directing some of his most experimental work, not what he calls “factory movies,” which […]

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Review: Anguish

There a huge amount of “been there, done that” with the majority of films dealing with possession and/or possible exorcisms. By now, there are very few things that seem original within the subgenre and it takes a whole lot for a film to really stand out. Enter Sonny Mallhi, one of the producers behind such films as The Strangers, The House At The End Of The Street and At The Devil’S Door (just to name a few). While doing a hell of a job developing and producing films, it’s his directorial debut, Anguish, that really offers that breath of fresh air, opting not to follow traditional cliches’ within the genre and instead, giving horror fans a film that pulls you close and gives you quite the frightening experience.

There’s a very intense opening to Anguish, one that makes you as a viewer interested in where the story is going,
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The Perils of Passion Projects

Christopher Nolan recently announced a new project entitled Quay, a documentary short about two British stop-motion animators. Set to premiere next week, it’s a far cry from Nolan’s blockbusters in both scope and subject matter. Yet it’s clearly a personal project, with Nolan using his clout and money to promote two obscure filmmakers.

Every artist – director, star, screenwriter – has some project that they want to make above all. A deeply personal, original idea; an autobiographical story; a favored story or hero they wish to celebrate. If a filmmaker is successful or lucky enough, they get a chance to produce them. Yet sometimes the reaction isn’t what they expect.

Francis Ford Coppola started his career directing exploitation films for Roger Corman, notably the horror film Dementia 13 (1963). Then he toiled as screenwriter and occasional director, helming the musical Finian’s Rainbow (1968) and the more personal The Rain People
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First Pictures & Synopsis for Final 'Paranormal Activity' Movie, All Questions Will be Answered

Paramount previously delayed Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, what will effectively be the sixth (and final) film in the Paranormal Activity franchise which began with the first film in 2009 and was then followed by Paranormal Activity 2 (2010), Paranormal Activity 3 (2011), Paranormal Activity 4 (2012) and the spin-off feature, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014). Ghost Dimension hits theaters on Oct. 23 and will mark the conclusion of the franchise and producer Jason Blum says all the questions will be answered. "It's coming to an end. This is it, the finale," Blum told USA Today. "We're saying it before the movie opens. We're not going to grind this horror franchise into the ground. This will keep Paranormal Activity as part of this culture and this particular time in a really fantastic way." So what answers will this final installment holdc Well, "All the questions that everyone has asked from the past Paranormal Activity films,
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Neon Demon: Elle Fanning To Star In Nicolas Winding Refn's Horror Flick

According to a report over at The Wrap Elle Fanning (Maleficent, Twixt) is in negotiations to star in Nicolas Winding Refn's upcoming female-driven horror film, Neon Demon. Fanning will play an aspiring model who is caught in a world of beauty and demise. "Elle Fanning is a super cool wonder woman and I look forward to going on a terrifying trip with her into 'The Neon Demon,'" said Refn, the acclaimed director of the "Pusher" trilogy.Refn wrote this new film along with newcomer Mary Laws. Longtime Refn production partner Lene Børglum will produce once again under the pair's Space Rocket banner. Production begins in Los Angeles this March. The film was being sold by Wild Bunch and Gaumont at Afm this past Fall. ...

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