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19 out of 26 people found the following review useful:

Hysterically politically incorrect

Author: iamcraig from San Francisco, CA
17 March 2012

An obese half-vampire bisexual living in WWII Nazi Germany with cell-phone service, internet access, a 2001 Apple clamshell iBook and a Segway.

Even though the lead actress Lindsay Hollister took pains to try to change the movie title, and she publicized that she only took the part because it was difficult for plus-sized actresses to find roles, she is an utter jewel in this movie with her comic timing.

Willam Belli is a stereotype chameleon (swishy queen, blackface mammy, blackface thug, etc.) playing off of Hollister so well, between them they make the movie.

The bonus in the movie was Clint Howard as the Josef Mengele analogue. Half playing it straight dramatic and half doing comic Nazi goose steps.

"Blubberella" is a lot of politically incorrect fun, and you'll get a lot of laughs as long as you know what you're in for.

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15 out of 23 people found the following review useful:

"Blubberella" is without a doubt one of Uwe Boll's worst films... A tedious, unfunny "comedy" that is just hard to watch...

Author: MaximumMadness from United States
14 July 2012

I love-hate Uwe Boll. That's the best way to describe my feelings towards him.

I absolutely hate the man, and I hate his films as honest attempts at art. However, I do love the "character" of Uwe Boll, and I love his films in an ironic, "so bad, they're good" kind of way.

So I came into "Blubberella" from a fairly open place, expecting if nothing else, an amusingly-awful film. The problem is, this is an attempt at a comedy. When a film is meant to be serious, and it fails, it usually works in that sort-of ironic way because it's failed drama ilicits unintentional laughs. However, a bad comedy just sucks, because it fails in every respect. A failed dramatic scene can work if it becomes so bad, it's funny. However, no matter what, an unfunny joke is never funny, even in an unintentional way. It's just painful.

And that's this film in a nutshell- painful and full of unfunny jokes.

For some background, this film was shot at the same time as another of Boll's films, "BloodRayne III: The Third Reich", which was actually one of his better films, because he understood that it wasn't a good movie, and simply tried to make it entertaining. Hence, it worked as mindless thrills with lots of blood and sex, like a 70's exploitation film. I'd actually recommend it, it's a lot better than the first two, which were just foul.

This film shares the entire same cast and crew as that film, and re-uses all of the sets, props and costumes. This film was basically made to be a cheap cash-in- Boll could film two movies for the price of one and release them separately.

Lindsay Hollister stars as the title character "Blubberella", whose hobbies include eating and killing Nazi's. She's a damphire- a half-human, half-vampire living in Nazi Germany during World War II. She spends her time killing Nazi's, mainly to steal their food it seems. (Her opening kill features her slaughtering a Nazi for his sub-sandwich)

Hollister, to her credit, at least tries, and is perky and fun, but the script is so sloppy, there's no enjoyment in her performance. Other actors include Clint Howard, Brendan Fletcher and Michael Pare, and they all give lukewarm-to-craptastic performances. Nobody really has their heart in this, and they're all about two seconds from looking at the camera and apologizing to the viewer for this filth.

There is a vague attempt at a plot, including a resistance group or something (I don't know specifics, I only watched the first half, and I wasn't paying attention, it was so dull), but it's all just a scam to cram a lot of bad stereotype jokes down our throat.

There is almost nothing to say about this film, good or bad. It's just bland. Also, a lot of the jokes are too random and have no structure. Despite taking place in WWII, Blubberella has a laptop computer and uses a Jewish dating website, there are passing references to Elvis Presley and George W. Bush, etc. Sure, anachronistic humor can be funny, but it has to have a basis within the reality of the film, and there is no attempt at setting up any internal logic here.

There's also a lot of horrible stereotyping of groups such as the obese, gays, etc, and it's really offensive. And not in the good way, where taboos are pushed and ideas are parodied, but more in a grade-school bully kind of way. There's no love or respect in the offensive humor- you get the feeling that Boll really is just very jaded and spiteful and hateful of everyone he makes fun of.

There's nothing to say about this film beyond that. It's 80-or-so minutes of unfunny, offensive stereotyping, and is extremely cheaply made. It's one of Boll's worse films (though from from his absolute worse), and isn't worth checking out. Skip it. A 1 out of 10.

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11 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

The voting scale has no zero

Author: P.S. Paaskynen from Tornio, Finland
10 September 2012

German director Uwe Boll has a reputation for prolifically turning out films that are, shall we say, unsatisfactory. He has worked with reputable actors and sizable budgets, yet all his films fail to convey, if anything, the joy of film making. It saddens me to say that the flick Blubberella epitomizes this total failure.

I have seen many bad movies in my life; some so bad they became good, some bad in a campy way, some just plain crap, but Blubberella is none of that. It is uninspired, clumsy (and not in a quaint way), fake and most of all BORING. Uwe Boll must have had his sense of humor surgically removed to be able to produce such an utterly unfunny comedy.

I can rage against bad films when they have redeeming qualities, or when there was a start of an idea, a good intention. Blubberella is just absolutely nothing.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Boll's worst and one of the worst films ever, too

Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
8 October 2016

You know, I recently watched Uwe Boll's FAR CRY and thought to myself, Boll has actually made a decent film here. Perhaps he's improving as a director. I've subsequently sat through a kind of double-bill of AUSCHWITZ and now this, and I have to revoke that thought. Because AUSCHWITZ was bad, but BLUBBERELLA is by far Boll's worst film ever, as well as one of the worst films I've ever had the misfortune to sit through.

The joke is that Blubberella is a morbidly obese girl who fights Nazis in some kind of amateur WW2 setting. There's also some nonsense about her being half vampire although that has nothing to do with the story. Instead, what we get is a pantomime-style film with constant and offensive jokes about overweight people, different nationalities, and anything else. There's even a scene of blackface which has to be seen to be believed.

Lindsay Hollister as the main actress is humiliated throughout and I felt acutely sorry for her. Michael Pare must be wondering how far his fortunes can sink by appearing in this. The only decent actor is Clint Howard playing a creepy doctor in the usual Clint Howard style, but that's it. Uwe Boll's cameo as Hitler is the worst ever. The crude sexual jokes and the like take the biscuit and the film is too cheap to include any action, effects, or real storyline. It's absolutely awful in every way and I wish I'd never seen it.

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9 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

Uwe Boll delivers another abortion...

Author: mr_will001 from United States
17 March 2012

I thought I've seen the worst of film. Yet Ewe Boll manages to take the title ONCE AGAIN. In a story that was written by a horny bi-curious teenager, "Bluberella" is a 90-minute failure that couldn't be enjoyed by a stoned 20-something college student (and they can enjoy A LOT). Not even fit for the independent venue, this "film" wouldn't get a "D" in an Intro to Fiction class. A mixture of ad-lib dialog tied with random shots and a C+ actor (Clint Howard), this film not only leaves much to be desired, but a basic foundation of cinema as well. If Boll wanted to fight me as he so often said he would to his "critical reviewers", I would gladly take the opportunity to put this so-called director in his place. Your move, Mr. Boll, Your move...

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9 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

I wonder how some films get financed.

Author: BRITT PRENTICE from United States
15 February 2012

This film obviously had a budget. They filmed on location in Croatia, more sets than I can remember, and even paid Ron Howard's creepy bro to be horrible in it- but how does this film get made??? Set in WWII but there are laptops, they have sex with clothes on but it's supposed to be real with orgasm, they are slapping people as a running gag but it was never funny. The editing was so disjointed...or was it the actual plot. And just because you're fat doesn't necessarily mean you are funny. A fat dancing woman isn't always funny either. All these over-the-top characters aren't funny because the actors don't go all the way with them. They don't have the training and confidence so it doesn't fly. And people are drifting in and out of accents so you don't know if it's a gag or if they are just bad. I say it's all bad, an unfunny comedy with a terrible plot, horrid acting and disjointed filmmaking.

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4 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

The Blub in Boll

Author: Michael_Elliott from Louisville, KY
7 March 2012

Blubberella (2011)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

Uwe Boll's latest centers on an obese superhero known as Bubberella (Lindsay Hollister) who joins a Renaissance to kill as many Nazis as she can. Along the way it turns out she's also a half-vampire and likes to search the internet for guys to have sex with. It's really funny that Boll has become one of the most hated targets in cinema right now yet those who hate him most continue to watch each new movie he comes out with. I love bad movies and bad filmmakers but I've yet to dig into Boll's filmography but with a title like BLUBBERELLA I just had to check this one out. There's no question that this is a pretty bad movie but at the same time I at least give Boll credit for trying to deliver one laugh every ten seconds even if the majority of them don't work. It's also clear that Boll wanted to offended as many people as possible as there are jokes aimed at all races, gays, fat people, women and we even get some blackface moments. One of the highlights of the film is a spoof of the movie PRECIOUS and I must admit that it was just so tasteless that I couldn't help but laugh. The blackface jokes in a movie made in 2011 might seem shocking to some but this is an exploitation movie after all plus it's Boll so I guess it should be expected. Even though the film takes place in 1940 that doesn't stop the director from talking about current situations like Dancing with the Stars, Corey Haim, Michael Jackson and countless other celebs. Clint Howard plays a crazy doctor in the film and we're told he was also the doctor to Haim and Jackson so you know where that joke is going. There's a gay character who gets quite a few jokes aimed at him and they seem to have been written by some teenage boys as they're so childish. Hollister isn't too bad in her role and Howard offers up some mild entertainment. Boll himself plays Hitler but I won't comment on that. BLUBBERELLA could have been a fun camp movie but the screenplay just doesn't have enough going for it to work. There simply aren't enough laughs and in the end this is just a pretty silly movie.

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6 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

what the hell was this

Author: trashgang from Midian
26 January 2012

Uwe Boll, you love him or you hate him but this flick is utterly trash. I guess that they had a lot of fun making this flick. It features Nazis and let that be the most important part in Bloodrayne 3. So it's clear that they filmed it back to back with Bloodrayne 3.

The script doesn't go anywhere but the acting was by some okay. I kept watching it to see where something is happening and the few things that happen is one vampire attack, one corpse of a vampire being investigated by some kind of perverted doctor and some nude chicks walking around.

I didn't laugh a bit with the comedy or jokes or even situations. The only thing that saved this turkey is Lindsay Hollister (Blubberella) and Brendan Fletcher (Rampage). The idea was okay but what a mess it became.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 1/5 Effects 1/5 Story 1/5 Comedy 1/5

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7 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Genuinely FUNNY!

Author: detroitrockscene from DETROIT, MI USA
12 April 2013

This is the sort of low budget movie that normally goes nowhere but on the strength of its comedy alone, it's actually fun to watch! Perhaps the only movie made out of another movie (except "What's Up, Tiger Lily", this film is a parody of "Bloodrayne: The Third Reich" using the same cast and crew but is eminently more watchable. Less ridiculous than the "Naked Gun" movies, it's a farce but a very clever one. It shows just how much you can do with a sense of humor and some "good" writing. The star shows a very rare ability to make fun of herself in an age where "fat" jokes and every other sort of politically incorrect humor has been banned by the "culture Nazis". Enjoy!

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1 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Very funny, I fell in love with it, but you have to know what you're getting into...

Author: Jagggged45 from ImaginationLand, USA
2 August 2013

This movie becomes a lot funnier when seen in conjunction with BloodRayne. And BloodRayne becomes a lot funnier when you know it's based on a video game. And they all become a lot funnier when you know that Uwe Boll is something of a modern-day Ed Wood; his direction and storytelling tends to be quirkily, tongue-in-cheek, self-deprecatingly silly--so you're only doing yourself a disservice if you go into it expecting some kind of art. He's not aiming for something the quality of Citizen Kane; he's aiming for something the quality of Rocky Horror Picture Show, and the actors are in on the joke, even if, judging by these reviews , the audience frequently is not. I caught Blubberella by accident a couple of times on cable in a hotel, and the first two times I turned it off because I had missed the beginning and I just didn't know what the he%% I was seeing. Then one night it was late and nothing was on and Showtime showed BloodRayne followed immediately by Blubberella. Blubberella is actually very funny once you know that it's a parody of BloodRayne, which is itself based on a video game and therefore more absurd than serious. So Blubberella is basically the third meta-layer of self-referential comedic absurdity in that whole... ... nazi-vampire-halfbreed...mess. Like how Marat/Sade is a play based on the writing of a play written about the French Revolutio---you're naturally gonna be disappointed if you go into it expecting a brilliant drama about the French Revolution, because it's not that, and it's not trying to be that. Also liked the performances; Michael Pare, Brendan Fletcher and Willam Belli are all actors who convey a weird, compelling intensity in front of the camera, even when they're delivering absurd lines and barely keeping a straight face. Uwe Boll's comedic style reminds me of Mel Brooks.

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