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Season 1

11 Jul. 2014
It's a Kind of a Birthday Present
It is Axl Johnson's 21st birthday - which explains the fire in the sky; the Waitemata Harbour being the colour of blood; the various women who seem to want to kill him; and the sudden need for a family ceremony in a forest.
18 Jul. 2014
This Is Where Duty Starts
Axl has pretty much recovered, meanwhile, Mike and Valerie are dealing with bad news. As Axl ponders the enormity of his Quest, things take an unexpected turn when he meets a friend of Gaia's. Mike warns Axl to take his Quest responsibly, saying, when you are a God, bad things happen to the mortals around you.
25 Jul. 2014
God's Gift to Zebras
Axl is starting to notice strange new stuff in his Godly world - like how woman are paying more attention to him. Oracle Olaf puts this down to what might be called the 'zebra effect' which, once you get through Olaf-logic, translates as these women know there is something different about Axl, but they're not sure what.
28 Feb. 2011
You Gotta Love Life, Baby
Two very different worlds for two brothers; Axl is starting to enjoy the Quest - going out with Anders, getting drunk and chasing pretty women, while Mike is stressed, and Mike's stress levels are just about to be ramped up on two fronts. Anders, meanwhile, is having his own share of problems. Axl and Ty learn harsh lessons about how following your heart doesn't actually always pan out the way you want it to.
7 Mar. 2011
This Is Not Washing Powder, My Friend
Michele plants cocaine in Axl's car, and the police turn up on her anonymous tip. However, somewhat luckily, Zeb has already removed the drug, and Axl tries to prove his innocence to the still suspicious police officers. Meanwhile, the flatmates are visited by Gaia's gay dad, Bryn, from Waiheke Island, who is far from approving of Axl and is insistent that Gaia return home. Anders and Ty set out to clear Axl's name, and learn of Michele's identity and manipulate her into making everything alright for Axl.
14 Mar. 2011
Goddesses, Axl, Come in All Forms
It's hammer time, as a road trip to follow a falling star takes the God boys into uncharted territory; to a heartland of darkness where the usual rules no longer apply. The paths of the gods and goddesses cross at a rural funeral and both groups encounter the current incarnation of Thor. But will Axl mate with Derek Thor's daughter, Delphine? Meanwhile, Olaf and Ingrid bond, and Anders and Michele spar with one another.
21 Mar. 2011
Bad Things Happen
Axl still doesn't get Mike's moral code - why doesn't he just use his powers to win a truckload of money to pay for everything? All Mike will say is that bad things happen when he uses his powers. At a bar, drowning his sorrows, Mike is tempted into a game of darts. Axl becomes so jealous when he finds out that Gaia has a boyfriend that he starts drinking and breaks into Anders' apartment in search of more alcohol. We all know bad things happen to mortals who get involved with Gods.
28 Mar. 2011
I Can Give You Frigg
Fun and games on both Gods and Goddesses as the hunt for Frigg intensifies. With Olaf as his unpaid slave, Anders is running bogus news stories to lure her into the open; while Stacey is on the ground, checking out leads from Ingrid's genealogical research. In amongst all this Anders and Michele are playing their flirty little powers games. It is into these that Anders drops in the question of what might happen if and when the Goddesses find Frigg - how will they keep her away from Axl/Odin? Will they kill her? Imprison her? And what does Michele stand to gain if/when...
4 Apr. 2011
Hunting Reindeer on Slippery Rocks
Date night! Anders prepares Axl/Odin, while Michele and Stacey prepare Eva/Frigg for their first ever date as God and Goddess - and, ideally, the consummation that leads to everyone attaining their powers in full. Which leads to a kind of high-pressure dinner for the two of them, and it is only when they bond over what a prick her father is that there is any sign of the ice between them cracking. Meanwhile, in their own idiosyncratic way, Ty and Dawn are muddling along with their relationship - although Ty wishes he could tell her the truth about his cold-inducing ...
11 Apr. 2011
Every Good Quest Has a Sacrifice
Axl starts having second thoughts about marrying Eva as he realises that he loves his flatmate, Gaia, instead. As the boys are preparing for the Gudegilde, a pre-wedding God ceremony, Mike too joins the list of Gods having a bad day when Valerie announces that: (a) she is pregnant; (b) to Rob; and (c) that she still loves Rob. Mike decks Rob before heading off to the party. But things take an unexpected turn for the worse when, after Axl announces this to the gathering, Colin steps forward with an announcement of his own: in that case, he says, Mike will die within ...

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