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Author: Mario Rodgers from San Antonio, TX
5 December 2010

Hasbro has captured lightning in a bottle with a cartoon revelation so pure and enchanting, it has captured the attention of even guys who wouldn't normally like My Little Pony. The pilot episode became one of the biggest animation related events since the release of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Lauren Faust has taken her unique character design style and warm-hearted characterizations and breathed new life into My Little Pony. The result is a new spin on the franchise that's super cute but not saccharine with just enough added snark and outrageous humor.

But it should not be looked at as another My Little Pony cartoon. Instead, it should be looked at as a good show that just happens to have characters from the franchise. But instead of being girly or cheesy, the show has winning humor and wonderful characters. The kingdom feels like it has real places with real neighborhoods. The families have brothers and sisters and older ponies. Magic returns to the ponies and feels real instead of tacked on. There are not too many villains in this show but there are a couple monsters. However the real conflict and drive of the show, and what makes it so interesting, is in seeing how different and varied the personalities of the characters are and how they often act like real friends, complete with disagreements. This is the most educational version of My Little Pony yet. However, unlike preschool cartoons, the lessons don't feel forced or pandering.

This is one of the most remarkable cartoons yet. Truly it is a great achievement.

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142 out of 167 people found the following review useful:

I love it!

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
27 March 2011

I am not afraid to admit as an 18 year old female that I have a soft spot for My Little Pony, as I do with all my childhood favourites. I watched this show, not expecting much at all, and was really surprised at how much I loved it. When I first heard of My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic, I was a little worried of who it would appeal to, thinking of the conception that it was for little girls and pre-schoolers and little else, but I was wrong. Sure that may be the main target audience, but there may be adults who might admire how much My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic accomplishes.

Several reasons make this show appeal to me. There are the life lessons. This is a very educational show I feel which I think parents will appreciate, and the life and moral lessons are important ones and aren't delivered in an overly-didactic and convoluted fashion. There is the humour. I agree that My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic is very winning in its humour, there are many times where I was amused by the situations and writing. Not all of it is funny though, the show manages to convey some poignancy as well without being too schmaltzy.

There is also the characters. Other than the lessons and the humour, the characters and the way they interact are what make the show work. All the characters are genuinely cute and engaging without leaving a bad taste in the mouth, and they are simple yet interact so well with each other and they also have unique personalities. The story lines are also simple but well paced and quite clever, and the writing is cute, funny and poignant. I also liked the animation, the colours are bright and breezy, the backgrounds are ethereal-looking and the character designs are adorable, and the music is lovely complete with an infectious theme tune.

Overall, a huge surprise and if given a chance without prejudice well worth watching. 10/10 Bethany Cox

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121 out of 149 people found the following review useful:

Entertaining and very enjoyable

Author: (carlghbrown)
11 August 2011

If you possess the maturity to look past this show's girly exterior, what you will find inside is a show which is both very entertaining and somewhat educational. The show's main moral is friendship and its importance. This is a moral that everyone, not only little girls, could learn more about.

This show does not portray friendship as all things perfect, just as in the real world. Conflicts between friends is common in this show, as in real life. But at the end of the day, everything ends up well, just like what should happen in the real world between true friends, and a lesson about friendship is learned by the show's main character and, hopefully, by the viewers too. This show teaches morals. Not only does it teach them, but it does so in an extremely fun, light-hearted and enjoyable way.

The show is built upon 7 main characters, 6 female ponies and a male baby dragon who serves as the main character's assistant and best friend. Every single one of these characters is unique. They all have very personifying characteristics which are explored deeply as more episodes are watched. Not only are the front-faced personalities of the ponies explored, but also the flip-sides. Fluttershy is a very kind and timid pony. Not so much though, in the last episode of season one, where she displays a psychotic rage. Not every cartoon can explore personalities this deeply and this successfully. This one can, and it delivers.

The humour in this show is very prominent. The show is laden with puns and one-liners which only serve to give everyone a laugh, not just the intended viewing audience. This show is genuinely funny, and this only makes it better.

The animation is very well done. It's done in Flash, which is becoming increasingly popular for animators. This leads to common minor animation errors, but they don't matter. The styling, including the overall design and colour palette, is brilliantly done.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is a show that anyone can enjoy. It is definitely a show aimed at the younger generation. But who cares. This show is by far one of the best cartoons on TV at the moment, and just because its girly and made for younger children doesn't mean it's bad. Give it a shot. You'll find it's worth it.

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113 out of 140 people found the following review useful:

Friendship is Fantastic!

Author: Chris Alassal from Louisiana
19 June 2011

I was skeptical at first, when one of my best friends suggested I check out this sparkly pink pony-filled show for little girls. But check it out I did, and I've been hooked ever since.

I can't describe why this show is so good in adequate terms, but I'll try to sum it up: Great animation, amazing characterization, clever writing, and an overall premise that works on all levels. Kids will love it, adults will love it, it's a great show for everyone- Young and old, male and female.

What makes this show work so well is, again, that there's something for fans of any age or gender. The show isn't dumbed down or patronizing, but rather treats its audience with respect and delivers intelligent writing and plots. At the same time, it's simple enough to be understood and appreciated by even the youngest of viewers. Something like this doesn't come along often, making Friendship is Magic a treat for animation fans.

My recommendation is to look past the genre ("Little girls show") and give the show a chance for what it is- An amazing cartoon that stands to be the best animated series of the decade, and one of the best in quite some time at that.

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93 out of 112 people found the following review useful:

Fantastic. Simply fantastic.

Author: Alexander Betterthanyou Ash
23 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This cartoon is absolutely amazing. The animation is seamless and smooth, with all those little details attended to. The pony's manes and tails move slightly as they walk, the way you would expect them to on a real pony. The expressions, are, well, expressive, and the voices fit the characters. The setting is believable, the magic isn't simply tacked on, and even the musical numbers (it is a children's T.V show.) are good, catchy, and beautiful.

The characters are three-dimensional and consistent. If one of them is shown to have a fear of thunder, for instance, don't expect them to suddenly be fine with it in the next episode. You meet the characters, and instantly fall in love with them, and you come to love their antics. They are written as characters of around 20ish years of age (this is a estimation, as it is never discussed in the show), which explains why they live alone/why they work.

The conflicts for the majority of the episodes are not from an evil external source, but come from the conflicts around town and in between the characters. The writing of these conflicts and the characters are not as childish as you'd think, with references and jokes the target demographic wouldn't get aplenty.

Did you love old cartoons such as Spongebob, Dexter's Lab, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Fairly Odd Parents and Ed, Edd, and Eddy? If so, this cartoon is for you. Much of the animation, jokes, and even writing are just like something you would expect from the old greats. The show knows it's a cartoon, and acts like it. They don't try to make the physics realistic, nor make perfect sense. The characters even break the forth wall at times.

One last thing a good television show needs is people. I'm not just talking about the team behind it, who are amazing, with animators, voice actors, and writers that worked on Foster's, Fairly Odd Parents, and even the Powerpuff Girls, but the fans as well. Online you will find a large community of fans not of the target demographic. And this is where the fans and the team go hand-in-hand. The team TALKS to the fans, responds to their questions, and even goes so far as to put little things in the show just for them.

Long story short, if you want one big nostalgia-fest, with references, jokes, believable story, lovable characters, good music, and a team that brought you many of your old favorites, you will love this show.

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74 out of 99 people found the following review useful:

A new golden age in animation...

Author: jcs_stanley from United Kingdom
17 September 2011

This is it people. This is the one show in the history of mankind that despite being based of a toy-line for little girls has ultimately spawned an entire internet following that has stretched to the end of the earth composed entirely of comics, fan-fiction, remixes and there fact that most of it's followers are teen to adult males know as bronies.

Prior to wacthing this show I had a lot of mixed feelings about this show because I was uncertain on how it would affect my position as a male of the species. So I watched it and OM Freaking G WAS IT GOOD!!! This show has everything you could ever want! great colour, completely memorable characters and HIGH-larious facial expressions. But enough of that let's take a look at the plot shall we? Okay so the focus of this show is a Unicorn pony named Twilight Sparkle (getit it supposed to be like the sparkly vampires in Twilight (God I shudder at the memories..)She spends most of her sweet time in her library in Canterlot (the capital city of Equestria where the show takes place). Seeing her lack of social skills Equestria's ruler Princess Celestia sends her of to The community of Ponyville to learn about the magic of friendship because that's what it says in the show's title 'Freindship is Magic) so she heads to Ponyville with her loyal, hard-working but comical assistant a baby dragon named Spike who's always with her no matter the scrapes he get's into.

As she makes friends in the place she tries to find out more about The Elements of Harmony a powerful kind of magic in order to stop the return of a malevolent Alicorn (Unicorn/Pegasis hybrid) who is to plunge Equestria into an entity of everlasting night and doom. I won't say anymore about the story you'll have to watch the first two episodes to find out. yup. You're gonna have to wacth this.

We then have her friends who are always with her in her many adventures ((All female by the way just so you know) First their's Applejack the western apple-harvester, Rainbow Dash the completely awesome tomboy and fastest pegasi in the land as well as long-time admirer of Equestria's personal aerobatic squadron 'The Wonderbolts', Fluttershy the cute one who would rather look after animals than engage in activities that involve noise, attention and danger. Rarity the fabulous one who's goal is to bring out a Ponie's inner beauty as long as they don't trail in dirt on the way in and Finally Pinkaminea Dianne Pie OR Pinkie Pie for short who is undeniably the most random, party obsessed and hyper-active pony you could ever meet (She is also the most famous character from the show.) So there you have it. The brief introduction to My Little Pony: Freindship is magic. Wacth it. Give it a go and can assure you it will latch onto your brain stem like a Centurian slug! (see star trek).

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66 out of 89 people found the following review useful:

The phenomenal cult (colt?) show that literally anyone can enjoy

Author: soldierstar from United States
25 July 2011

It's supposed to be a show for little girls! This is actually what the fans of the show say, who find themselves enraptured with whatever episode they decide to make their first. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is aimed for a target demographic of young girls 5 to 10, yet an older male demographic (who call themselves "bronies") are also finding themselves heavily invested with everything going on in the new series. News of "bronies" following the show has met with both positive and negative feedback. But I like to take the optimistic side - quality is quality. Transformers has always meant to be a show for young boys yet costume shops sell Transformers costumes meant for women every year.

The anime; Sailor Moon was also another show meant for younger girls, yet it's unprecedented popularity saw it receive mention from bands like The Bare Naked Ladies and get covers done by the Osaka Popstar's

I don't think I even need to get into how SpongeBob Squarepants dominated the first decade of the newest century. Odds are five people you know can finish the sentence, "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?".

Friendship is Magic is like discovering Looney Tunes for the first time or laughing at the family dynamics of The Simpsons. Think those are some lofty comparisons? Tough, get off your high horse *snicker* because this show has honestly earned it. I hope to see several more seasons, I hope to see a movie one day on the big screen, I want to see the Japanese create a new opening theme, and see what other memes the fandom can create that will become part of the show's canon. So much more I can't even fit in this box is possible. Some cartoons are good, fewer still are even great, but it's rare ones like these that are actually magic.

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52 out of 69 people found the following review useful:

My little pony - Friendship is magic: best cartoon in the last 10 years

Author: jaret-7-288110
21 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My little pony Friendship is magic (often written as MLP:FIM) is a cartoon created and developed by Lauren Faust. The cartoon, unlike it's "ancestors", the 4th gen My little pony isn't aiming for only girls, but for males as well, even older people. That is why the show is so popular as it is. The demographics on Youtube show that the show is mostly popular with males who are around the age of 18-24. It is full of funny situations in which the main cast has to face different types of problems, and successfully solve every single one of them. The show is also praised by many of it's viewers for the excellent character development, and thus in a small time span created a huge fan base. Unlike many producers, Lauren Faust often talks with fans of MLP about the show itself, and so uses some of the fans ideas, like the over and over appearance of Derpy Hooves - A fan-named pony which appeared first in the first episode as a background character. The cartoon itself is praised as well for the huge amount of side and background characters, who are frequently developed throughout the series. The plot is based on Twilight, a nerd-unicorn pony, being sent to Ponyville by the order of Princess Celestia. Twilight has been sent there to meet other ponies and develop a friendship with every single one of them. There are 5 ponies she becomes best friends with: Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Now, not to get into details too much, the show itself is really focused and the plot is nicely written. There might be some plot holes throughout the series, but they are either tiny or not important. If you have kids, you must make them watch this with you; The series can teach kids various things that are important for living. So, this is why the series, among other things, is my number 1 series I'm watching; My little pony is the best cartoon in the last 10 years.

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41 out of 54 people found the following review useful:

As good as the late 90's cartoons.

Author: jcbmccann from United States
30 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To start with full disclosure. I am an 18 year old male fan of the show. I would not call myself a "brony" because I am not fully embroiled in the internet culture responsible to the peripheral demographic popularity of the show. So I'm a non-Brony male fan.

Firstly, it is targeted at 7 year old girls. The important word there is "target." Walt Disney once said (and I paraphrase) 'you don't make products only for kids; adults are just kids ten years later.' This show takes Disney's idea and runs with it. Fun slapstick with dynamic characters never gets old.

Even the morals are surprisingly good; The central moral of the pilot is that making friends is as important as studying. Reflecting on my school career, I wish someone had told me that back in grade 7. What one might not realize if they do not watch both pilot episodes is that by the end, then princess reveals to Twilight that she believed in her the whole time and never intended to make her quit all studying. Other morals include: accept help when it is offered, make intelligent compromises, sometimes it helps to just ask, even feminine girls can be clever and strong, and don't bite off more than you can choose.

It is legitimately funny. The show is fully of one-liners that are infinity repeatably. This is largely the reason for it's internet success. Such lines include "it's nice, but needs to be 20% cooler", "I could do it in 10 seconds flat", and "Flutter-shy is not a tree"

Lastly, I'd say that the best thing about to show is the cast of characters. They are each dynamic; they learn and grow; they surprise you; they are distinct; they are all utilized in the story.

For more information, the first season is easy to find on popular internet video sharing sites. If you still have reservations about the show, you should watch some of Lauren Faust's other work, Also Faust wrote a response article to "Ms." magazine which can be found online and explains many of the possible misconceptions as far as morals go.

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42 out of 56 people found the following review useful:

a masterpiece!

Author: Yosef Yonin from Israel
31 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My Little Pony was a franchise that was always considered immature and girlie franchise created simply to advertise a line of toys. however, the recent reboot of the show titled: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic breaks all of the stereotypes and is now the show has fantastic animation, brilliant writing excellent character development and the list just keeps going.

not only is this show great compared to it's predecessors, but it is by all rights one of the best cartoons of the current generation it exceeded all expectations.

all other characters are memorable and lovable, they all have vivid personalities and each has their upsides and downsides. for example, one pony that is named fluttershy is on one hand very timid and shy and spends most of her time taking care of animals. but on the other hand can also sometimes have anger issues.

another fine example would be Twilight Sparkle: a unicorn who is extraordinary talented with magic. she is the wise type character always the reasonable and logical of the group, but on the other hand she is socially awkward and nerdy of some sorts. the personalities are very well done and are generally very realistic making the characters even more lovable

the show's setting is marvelous. it is not the typical girlie 'unicorn land' where the innocent ponies would hippity hop on the green fields. it is a living and breathing world: the ponies live in actual cities, the land is full of strange creatures and there are always different and exciting environments for the adventures to take place, it's like the serious human world only replaced with ponies.

and the most important part is the messages and morals the show tries to put through: the importance of friendship. in the end of each episode one of the main characters concludes what new aspect of friendship he/she learned that day and how important it is.the messages that every episode tries to put through are always inspiring and interesting. for example in one episode, one character was scared stiff to go and with the rest of the gang to take care of a dragon but eventually she was the one that managed to defeat it. proving the help can come from even the most unexpected place and friends that you might think to be useless actually care for you the most.

the fantastic and fluid animation combined with the rich and yet adorable art style also add a lot to the experience.

My Little Pony: Friendship is magic is without a doubt one of the best cartoons of the current generation, the animation, characters, setting writing are just wonderful and anyone and everyone should enjoy the message the show is promoting: Friendship IS magic

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