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Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?

Princess Luna enlists the Mane Six to hunt down a magical force that turns dreams into nightmares.

Season 3

10 Nov. 2012
The Crystal Empire - Part 1
Northern Equestria's Crystal Empire has reappeared after being afflicted with a curse that made it vanish for 1,000 years. Princess Celestia asks Twilight Sparkle and her friends to protect the empire from disappearing again.
10 Nov. 2012
The Crystal Empire - Part 2
After Princess Celestia commissions her to keep Crystal Empire from vanishing again, Twilight realizes that she must find the missing Crystal Heart in order to restore the empire's reputation and strength before it disappears again.
17 Nov. 2012
Too Many Pinkie Pies
Overwhelmed with having to choose just one friend to spend time with, Pinkie Pie uses a magic mirror to clone herself.
24 Nov. 2012
One Bad Apple
The Cutie Mark Crusaders are crushed when Apple Bloom's cousin, Babs Seed, rejects their invitation to become a fellow Crusader and instead joins Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon bulling them.
1 Dec. 2012
Magic Duel
When Trixie returns to Ponyville, she defeats Twilight and banishes her from town.
8 Dec. 2012
Sleepless in Ponyville
Rainbow Dash tells scary campfire stories, which give Scootaloo nightmares, but Scootaloo doesn't want to tell anyone about her bad dreams for fear of being made fun of.
15 Dec. 2012
Wonderbolts Academy
Rainbow Dash receives an invitation to attend the Wonderbolt Academy, but questions whether she is Wonderbolt material.
22 Dec. 2012
Apple Family Reunion
Granny Smith agrees to let Applejack lead the Apple Family reunion but Applejack loses sight of what is truly important.
29 Dec. 2012
Spike at Your Service
After Applejack saves Spike, he insists on fulfilling the Noble Dragon Code by repaying her with excessive help around the farm.
19 Jan. 2013
Keep Calm and Flutter On
The Mane Six, especially Fluttershy, are commanded by Princess Celestia to attempt to reform Discord.
26 Jan. 2013
Just for Sidekicks
To earn gemstones, Spike persuades the Mane Six to let him take of their pets while they are away at the Crystal Empire.
9 Feb. 2013
Games Ponies Play
Twilight Sparkle and her friends are assigned to persuade the Equestria Games inspector to select the Crystal Empire,
16 Feb. 2013
Magical Mystery Cure
When Twilight casts a spell that switches her friends' cutie marks and destinies, the only way to reverse the spell is by inventing her own magic.

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