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Funny stab at reality shows

Author: blueheart-1 from United Kingdom
13 January 2011

Ashamed to say this but this show is probably only really funny if you've seen the 'fly on the wall' shows that they parody. The characters are pitch perfect send-ups of the hapless 'stars' of the airport based programs.

Less cruel than Little Britain, like many character based comedies, such as The Fast Show, this just gets funnier and funnier. David Walliams and Matt Lucas are top notch comedy actors, in some ways much too good for such light entertainment as this. Thank goodness they've dropped the catch phrases!

The format probably won't last for more than a series but enjoy it will its here.

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An American That Loves this show!

Author: goodnyou100 from United States
17 January 2011

I'm an American living abroad in China. I found this show and I love it. I love the Mocumentary style. The Voice over ads that perfect touch of seriousness to a wacky way out show. The production level is very good and the two "main" actors are very talented. I may not get all the jokes since it is geared towards the UK audience but this is OK. The Stereotypes are crude and offensive at times, but this is all played out to be just over the top and not taken serious. The two male leads play so many parts. Both male and female. At times it is so funny to see a hulking man play a women. It pays homage to Monty Python. I often wonder how they gained access to the airport they are in. I look forward to the rest of the season.

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British comedy at it's best.

Author: ( from United Kingdom
23 January 2011

This is an excellent comedy show by Matt Lucas and David Walliams. It blends the serious nature of some lesser known UK shows that catalogue the every day events of an airport with their usual unique flair of comedy. In Come fly with Me, new wacky eccentric characters are created to amuse, offend and be loved. The material the comedic pair use tends to always edge on the risqué. Some may not know their special brand of comedy and find the show offensive, all I have to say to those offended by Come Fly with Me, is to go and watch Little Britain or the American counterpart Little Britain USA, the show the comedians are best known for. So I'm definitely going to have to show my support for yet another brilliant British production of comedy and hope that people around the world can see it for what it really is, which is a bit of fun.

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There's something special in the air...

Author: Paul Magne Haakonsen from Denmark
4 July 2013

Another great jab at the world from the great satire nation of Britain. "Come Fly With Me" welcomes you into the busy world of British aviation and all the things that happen in the airport.

With Matt Lucas and David Walliams portraying just about every role in the series, then you are in for somewhat of a treat, because these two are really great together on the screen, but they also manage to portray a lot of quirky characters well and in a way that you actually sort of bond with each unique character and enjoy every segment individually.

The characters, as mentioned above, are quirky, but they are also very vibrant, colorful, three-dimensional and unique. And that is a really important trait to the series, and both Matt Lucas and David Walliams rose up to the occasion and delivered one impressive performance after another.

Sure, this might not just be in the liking for everyone, as British humor can be somewhat of an acquired taste. However, if you enjoyed "Benny Hill", "Black Books", "Father Ted", "Black Adder" or "Little Britain" (obviously), then you will also enjoy "Come Fly With Me". It is a great comedy spoof of the reality TV show the initially invited viewers into the aviation industry.

The most disappointing thing is that the series were limited to only 6 episodes, spanning over about 173 minutes. The series could most definitely had more episodes as the characters just had so much to offer.

Prepare to fly high with FlyLo.

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Plane Insanity, Everyman-Style

Author: Elain-ee from United Kingdom
7 April 2012

People compare Little Britain and Come Fly with Me unfavourably. They say the humour is different, or that the latter is not as funny as the former. Having watched the two series' back-to-back in a matter of weeks I have to say I disagree. The humour is essentially the same. The difference is a matter of targets.

Little Britain famously made fun of the disadvantaged and peripheral elements of the UK population: the people that everybody prefers not to see. At the same time it celebrated the English eccentricity in a weird way. We saw the disabled, the flaming queers, the transsexuals, the illegal immigrants, the chavs & council estate skivers as players in the national drama, even if only satirically. That was a first for British telly. The catch, and what made their style of satire acceptable, was that many of these people were not actually what they seemed: Ting Tong was actually a man from Tooting, Andy was actually able bodied, Dafydd was actually a repressed queer-hater, etc., etc.

The characters satirized on LB were freakish, fringe characters who were almost guaranteed not to be part of BBC's viewership. They were people that you would be more likely to see terrorizing the streets and the newsagents, stuffing themselves with cakes over a bodice-ripper or (as I imagine in Lou's case) watching obscure documentaries and re-reading newspapers from the previous decade. It was satire with a large element of "I'm glad that ain't me" humour. Those two styles of comedy are usually incompatible but in LB they found a balance; half the audience seemed to be laughing at the Walliams & Lucas duo while the other half was laughing with them. But the humour in Come fly seems to have sent those two camps scuttling back to their respective sides of the humour divide.

Come Fly With me targets more familiar faces and it's failing seems to be that it is set in an average setting, peopled by average characters. It satirizes people who have the time and money to use airports regularly - people with respectable dayjobs, authority and status; people with a shot at a managerial role. Basically, it targets the half of the audience that laughed AT the freak parade that was Little Britain. They are much more stable, affluent and secure characters than inhabited Little Britain - the kind of people who like to think of themselves as 'average' men and women, and that they should be able to hide behind their averageness.

I suspect that Little Britain fans who dislike Come Fly with me makes me are the same ones who never really understood LB's more satirical elements. They might have laughed at Little Britains' freakshow because, "I'm so glad that's not me" but they never recognized that the joke was also on them, at least in part. Walliams and Lucas took mainstream preconceptions to extremes and subverted them in unexpected ways. Basically, I think that Come Fly with Me hits hits too close to home and has dented the vanity of a certain BBC-watching demographic. That's why less people can take it and it's also exactly why it makes me laugh. I really hope there will be a second season of this!

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Well I thought it was very funny

Author: Red-Barracuda from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
4 April 2015

Written and performed by Matt Lucas and David Walliams, creators of 'Little Britain', Come Fly with Me is a fly on the wall mockumentary set in an airport that spoofs the many British reality TV shows that have followed this format. It features a wide array of characters such as owner of low-cost airline FlyLo Omar Baba, work-shy coffee kiosk worker Precious Little, highly camp passenger liaison officer Moses Beacon, racist immigration officer Ian Foot, quirky ground crew worker Taaj Manzoor, catty air steward Fearghal O'Farrell, serial holiday-makers Peter and Judith and the extremely thick burger joint worker Tommy Reid who has ambitions of becoming a pilot.

Firstly, this is a well written and very well performed comedy. There have been criticisms of it but to be honest I thought it was very funny on the whole. Lucas and Walliams are very amusing and talented comic performers and they are on very good form here. I can't compare it too much with 'Little Britain' seeing as I have only seen bits and pieces from that on-going series. But suffice to say, I think the idea of setting the comedy around a specific place works very well and means that there has to be a bit more discipline in the writing in order for the characters to all fit within the specific confines of the airport setting. Sure, it could be accused of being repetitive to a certain extent with some characters being slightly more one note than others. But on the whole Lucas and Walliams extract a lot of varied comedy from their characters and I have to admit I laughed quite a bit at this one.

As far as the accusations of racism I have often seen, I simply can't agree with this. It's actually quite lazy to label the show racist on the basis of these white actors applying dark make-up to their skin in order to play ethnic characters. To say this is not acceptable is illogical and lazy thinking, seeing as Lucas and Walliams play an assortment of characters from various regions around the UK. To say that they can play characters with different accents and hair colours but not different skin pigmentation is simply absurd. The fact that they do play these characters is in fact the opposite of racist – it's inclusive and treats types of Britons in the same manner irrespective of skin colour. Aside from this, you need look no further that the character of the immigration officer Ian Foot to understand what the creators really think of such narrow-minded thinking.

This is for sure a funny show that is probably a little under-appreciated.

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Not great.

Author: OtwoD from Butt Town
4 May 2017

I have mixed feelings about this show.Of course I had high expectations after watching Little Britain, so that didn't help.While this is not even close to as good as Little Britain, it's still really funny.To me the most disappointing thing about it is that it's another fake documentary.The format has been over done, do something new.Another disappointment is that the characters do the same thing every episode, just like on LB.I was expecting that but when it happened I was sad.But the lamest thing about this show is all the celebrity cameos.In six episodes they had about 25 cameos, not cool.One of the good things is that they finally made the black characters look like real blacks.I would recommend this to all fans of Little Britain.If you haven't seen that show, you won't enjoy this.

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Well made and very funny.

Author: Katie.N64
11 January 2017

Considering that this was made long after Little Britain's success, Come fly with me certainly pulls its weight. An airport setting is a nice refresh from a lot of mainstream comedies. Only 6 episodes where ever made, and that's a real shame because I feel they could have done a lot more with the show. On the upside, it genuinely gives the impression of a real documentary-you could show someone the intro and they would think it is actually about a real airline.

Some people would find it a bit offensive, but personally I didn't find it at all distasteful. The only complaint I have about this show is that I felt the husband and wife pilots "Jackie and Simon" were a bit over used. But it is very minor. It is a good show and is certainly worth your time if you liked Little Britain.

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Up in the air

Author: Prismark10 from United Kingdom
4 December 2013

Come Fly with Me is a fly in the wall type mockumentary created and starring Matt Lucas and David Walliams. It is narrated by Lindsay Duncan in a straightforward manner.

It is a parody of the the 'fly on the wall' airline shows that have been common in UK television for the last 15 years or so on all channels. The characters that Walliams and Lucas portray are very good send-ups of the airport and airline figures that appear in these types of shows as well as some passengers.

The series is less cruel and over the top than Little Britain. The best characters for me was Omar Baba the owner of Fly Lo low cost airline who is obviously modelled on Stelios, founder of EasyJet. Taaj Manzoor the mouthy ground crew worker, Ian Foot the racist Immigration officer and Precious the coffee shop worker who always had to close the kiosk because of unforeseen circumstances.

The first and so far only series was a big hit on the BBC. However the problem as the series went on that many of the characters were one note with always the same punchline. What could had been a great one off show just then repeated the same situations. Precious has run out of milk, 'Praise the Lord' for buy one get one free offers and shuts up shop again.

If the series returned there would have to be new characters added although it seems this show might be rested for a while longer.

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Laughed out loud....

Author: Annoid from Canada
22 April 2014

I've read many reviews on either side of the fence and quite thrilled that there are comedies that choose a side.

I don't see the show as racist just as the American Show "All in the Family" was not, although there were racist people who did think the "Archie Bunker" character made sense.

Yes, we all realize that there are people who think like the characters on Come Fly with Me and people like Archie Bunker, but I for one am laughing "at them" not with them. Too over the top to be taken seriously, but with elements in them to make you laugh at how ridiculous they are.

I am not from the U.K. and I had no problem laughing out loud.

Loved the documentary style, thought it "brilliant". It's not for everyone but worth a shot to see if it's your "cup of tea". Personally I do use the word brilliant sometimes in life and at time to time I do have cups of tea. I'm Canadian and hoping that myself using these phrases to describe a British comedy isn't seen as making horrible stereotypes or being racist.

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