The Collection (2012) Poster

(II) (2012)


[last lines]

Arkin: All those insects, you're quite the collector. In a 200-mile radius from where we last saw each other, there are 14 licensed entomologists. And you were number 12. Your daddy ran a museum, didn't he? Fucked you up real good. Turn around.

[Arkin presses a gun against the back of The Collector's head]

Arkin: Turn around.

[the Collector slowly turns around]

The Collector: Are you here to kill me?

Arkin: No. That'd be too nice. First I'm gonna make you feel everything that I felt. And then I'm gonna kill you. So that you can never hurt anyone...

[the Collector attacks Arkin, but is overpowered and thrown into a trunk]

Arkin: [slamming the trunk shut] Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!

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[first lines]

Mr. Peters: Elena. I know this must seem like the darkest day of your life. I know you miss your mother. And even though she's not here right now, she'll always love you. You understand that, don't you, darling?

Young Elena: Yes, Daddy.

Mr. Peters: But I'm going to be around more. I will always be here.

Young Elena: Promise?

Mr. Peters: I promise.

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