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  • Two documentary filmmakers are determined to expose the truth about Maggie, the mysterious leader of a secretive cult who claims to belong to the year 2054. Although they believe that everything is nothing more than a fraud, the filmmakers end up driven by her charisma.

  • Two documentary filmmakers attempt to penetrate a cult who worships a woman who claims to be from the future.


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  • The film begins with us watching a 20-something couple following written instructions, drive into a garage, where they are told to shower, dress in white clothes, then are blind-folded, cuffed and led into a van then driven to an undisclosed location. There they are greeted by Klaus, who tests them via their ability to repeat an extremely complex secret handshake. It is there we are introduced to Maggie, (Brit Marling) who claims to be a time traveler from the year 2054.

    We watch as our couple Peter and Lorna, now alone back in their own home, reveal the true motivation is not to join the Cult but to act as documentary filmmakers determined convinced Maggie is just one more cult leader and a fraud. If fact we learn that peter's glasses in fact contain a camera. We watch them repeat this nightly process, understanding that they are gathering more information, yet also realizing that especially Peter is getting drawn deeper in with each passing day.

    There are several scenes where we watch Peter at work teaching 8 year old children. There is one girl with long blond hair kept constantly covered by a red knit hat. Her name is Abigail Pritchett, and she clearly is different than the other kids. As we watch her interact with her classmates, there is little doubt that she is connected to the story in ways that will be pivotal to the plot.

    We are given serious reasons to doubt the claims of Maggie, then the next moment we are compelled to ask if Maggie could be telling the truth. This film gives you two questions for every one answer, but it never feels as if the writers are sloppy.

    At the conclusion of the film, Peter leads a little girl to Maggie, who she claims is her mother. She then gives definitive proof that she is in fact either from the future, or that she has some connection with this girl, who has been acting odd the whole film. Then Maggie is dragged out of the museum by police.

    • Lane J. Lubell of Cinemashadow

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