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The Island Police car is a 1968 Plymouth. The movie is set in 1965.
In the sailboat scene the sail itself has a Quantum Sails badge. Quantum wasn't founded until 1996.
When Sam and Suzy are writing letters to each other before their first meeting, the bedspread shown behind Sam features a '70s to '80s-style Formula 1 race car.
At the end of the film, the top of the chapel crushes a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle. The movie is set in 1965.

Character error 

Suzy's left-handed scissors are mentioned at least two times but after she stabs a scout with them, she's shown holding them in her right hand.
The pilot of the plane incorrectly says the word "five" as "fiver". In standard radio phonetics, the number "nine" is pronounced "niner", to distinguish it from "five", which is not changed or pronounced "fife".
When ending the radio conversation, policeman says, "Over and out". This combination does not exist in standard radio communication protocol where only "out" is used to end the conversation (while "over" indicates passing the voice over to the other side).


The first shot when Scout Master Wars is recording his message, you see the recorder, a glass half full, an ashtray and a picture on the table. From the opposite angle, his hand appears over the ashtray, the glass now almost empty and the picture angle and distance from the machine all change.
During the back and forth shots between Captian Sharp and Social Services, the wires in the switchboard change places, disappear and reappear several times.
Captian Sharp's trailer is shown from the outside at night and the window curtains are closed, but from inside the curtains are open.
When Scout Master Ward exits his tent the morning after his troupe leaves to rescue Sam and Suzy his neckerchief is on/off between shots.
When Scout Master Ward asks "Who's missing?", there are nine scouts at breakfast mess and one empty chair (at around 42 mins), but there are eleven scouts in Troop 55. In addition to Sam, Lazy Eye is also missing from the mess table. He reappears (at around 15 mins) when ten scouts and Scout Master Ward peer into Sam's tent.
In the very first scene, the room where Suzy and her brothers are playing is an attic room with sloped walls. When the shot changes to the exterior, it is a normal mid-level room with straight walls.
As Scout Master Ward is going to Sam's tent, the hole Sam has made is not visible from the outside.
When Sam is eating in Captain Sharp's trailer, the serving fork changes positions in the frying pan on the table and the top layer of bread on the sandwich changes position.
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An overhead shot of the police station wagon driving across the island shows a smooth top and just the red light. In later shots, the station wagon has a rack on the top and a siren in front of the red light.
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When Suzy goes into the tent by herself, she is wearing a heavy layer of blue eye shadow. A few moments later when Sam enters the tent, Suzy has been crying and her eyes are nearly devoid of shadow before Sam hands her his neckerchief and she wipes her eyes. In the very next scene when Suzy is reading aloud from her one of her books, her eyes are once again fully coated with eye shadow.
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The amount of books stacked on top of Suzy's suitcase when she is by the lake with Sam changes from 3 to 2 between shots.
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When Sam and Suzy are found at the inlet, Mr. Bishop removes the tent they are in. But the tent has a bottom and he has somehow moved the bottom of the tent though them.
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When Redford is motivating his fellow Khaki Scouts to help Sam, Redford's hair changes position several times between one shot and the next.
At the beginning of the movie, Suzy looks out through a window using binoculars. When shot from the inside she is in the top attic room looking out through a dorm window. When shot from the outside she is in the middle tower room.

Crew or equipment visible 

When the "Command tent" at Camp Lebanon is flooded, and the nearby totem-pole is struck by lightning, the equipment used to tilt the totem-pole is clearly visible at the base of the pole.
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Camera shadows are visible in the lower right corner on scouts and the police chief while on the boat dock.
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When Sam is alone in the canoe, the camera shows a closeup of his patches and the brooch that belonged to his deceased mother. When the camera shows Sam's full body, his life jacket is completely covering all of those items.

Revealing mistakes 

When Scout Master Ward enters Sam's tent at Camp Ivanhoe, he discovers that it's empty and that Sam has left via a hole in the side of the tent. The hole is covered by a map, but it's taped to the inside of the tent. If Sam had actually left via the hole, he would have no way to stick the map to the side of the tent, and if he had left via the tent door - which was zipped with the zipper-pull on the inside - there would be no reason for the hole in the first place.
When Cousin Ben is talking to Sam and Suzy as they walk through the camp, a marching scout extra in the background can be seen looking and waving at the camera.
When the audience is hearing the broadcast over the transistor radio, the close-up shot on the radio reveals that it is turned off.
While Captain Sharp and Mr. Bishop are riding in the police car, the gear shift is in "Park".
The sail position does not change when the yacht pushes of the pier and moor back. It is not possible during real sailing.
The recording which contains "The Carnival of the Animals" and the "Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra", both conducted by Leonard Bernstein, is a 12-inch LP which plays at 33 1/3 RPM, not a single that plays at 45 RPM.

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