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a tale of two brothers
dme3-624-9569603 November 2013
I just returned from a screening of this film, and I feel the need to say that it was a really pleasing experience.

At first I had some doubts about it since the first reviews I'd read about the film were not too promising. It was supposed to be decent yet too long, and not really compelling. I'm very glad to say that I ignored these and went with my gut feeling to go see it anyway. Thoroughly well executed as well in music score as visual cinematography, the real standout in this one is the fact that it really gets you to understand both sides of the brother's stories. It is really hard to tell who's wrong and who's right by the time you get to the end of the screening. An obvious call as it may seem at first but when the chips fall as they do one might have to reconsider their opinion. The excellence of this movie is the way in which it manages to blend ethical questions, family ties, and personal beliefs in a way that makes perfect sense without wanting to be overly self-aware or condemning. It is and remains a tale of two brother's with diverging paths and beliefs in their respective lives and how they interact with each other and their shared environment. Praise to Clive Owen for portraying his character the way he does, he really fits the part and gives a more real and deeper dimension to the role. Every other actor and actress' portrayal is also quite spot on, and even the 'bad guys' in it feel relatable. It has a long runtime but to me it never felt as such, it doesn't bore and in my opinion its runtime seems necessary to let you see every aspect of the story. A solid character study of two brother's that want to like each other and do so in their own way but struggle with their different views on life and the fine line between right and wrong.

Maybe "Blood Ties" isn't the best film that has been released this year but it's solid both in story as in execution. It certainly deserves better than 'moderate' reviews.
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Excellent movie to watch.
doclee3216 April 2014
Love the movie. One of the best movies I have seen. Excellent story and good screenplay to go with it. However, need to be patient to follow the story line effectively through. Not a simple straightforward story which we usually see in movies. Good family crime drama. It is a thriller reaching the climax at the end. Like the ending too. The starting and the ending of the story blend together very well. In fact all the actors and actresses portrayed their parts very well indeed. The story is adapted from a French novel and movie. Clive Owen did a very good job as the other brother. Good choice of 60s music back ground. If you like simple straightforward action movie, then this is definitely not your type. Watch it patiently and you will love the movie!
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Could have been a classic
Hurry_up_N_buy29 April 2014
All the ingredients were there and the whole time watching it, I was rooting for this to be an intense, potentially "epic" '70s crime movie, and at first, it FELT like it could easily be just that, and then comes some contrived plot devices that bring you back into present day.

I won't spoil anything though, read the summary for a summary. The movie easily captures the '70s with its set pieces and locations and even gives you the feel of a movie made in that era. There are moments of brilliance that come in the form of suspenseful buildups, great direction, and editing and score work that turns some scene transitions into awesomeness. With a 2 hour running time, I had no issues with it feeling long or boring. The acting is impressive on all accounts (some chemistry could be a bit weird though) and for about the first hour I was engaged and feeling, 'wow, if they could just keep this up,' and then of course, unfortunately, they don't.

At some point some things just start to feel like their just being tossed in. I think one of its main problems is that the only real character development is placed on the two leads, so you can empathize when it calls for it and understand why the leads feel and act as they do, but only towards each other, and not always in the context of their interactions with supporting characters. The story calls for enough twists and turns that there is no room to do much developing with the supporting characters and this causes certain situations to happen rather abruptly or seem forced in order to get to the next stage. This could all be easily overlooked if it didn't happen so often (and at critical moments) and continually cause me to lose my suspension of disbelief while viewing an, otherwise, very well made movie.

Problems with plot are highly subjective so I still recommend this and am sure people will find what they were looking for, I ALMOST did. 6.5/10
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Bad Ass 70's
abel-sz04924 March 2014
Real meat and potatoes from the 70's & 80's. It has a real feel to root on the bad guy. Nice plot with plenty of questionable characters, who all have weaknesses. Rise to the top dirty. Good stuff! A must buy! A need to see film. Remember the 70's, Starsky & Hutch? But with real life drama. It doesn't make any sense having golden dreams. If you have a blood thirst for easy money. Standing on the bottom rung of a ladder will push you to heights unknown. You start out greedy, with all intentions on bringing everyone up with you. Watch out for back-stabbers that linger like jackals with no back bone. Reminds me of the "Dead Presidents" but catch me if you can. With all the taste for the unfortunate.
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Very middle of the road and ultimately quite dull wannabe crime epic
lornloxor18 April 2014
The cast of Blood Ties is impressive enough. Clive Owen, Billy Crudup, James Caan, Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana and Marion Cotillard is an impressive collection of talent but I'm not sure if any of them is terribly convincing in their roles. Crudup and Owen didn't really have the kind of chemistry on the screen you'd expect from brothers. There's really no bad acting here but nothing great or memorable either, just average. It was kind of funny seeing Jamie Hector (Marlo from the Wire) as a cop, a bit of a miscast because it was too distracting.

The plot didn't provide any surprises and it was very generic. The central idea is as old as it gets: Two brothers, one a criminal and the other a cop. We've seen this before, haven't we? I was just about interested for the first hour but I became increasingly bored when it hit me how dry and tedious the whole thing started to look. There's nothing new, edgy or clever about this script really and it lacks energy and flow. The running time was a bit too long for this kind of film and the pacing suffers as a result. It wants to be an epic crime drama but ultimately fails at this.

Cinematography felt "normal", whatever that means. I guess it achieved that 70's grainy feel successfully. The few action scenes were quite well done and they had some zest. Too bad you I really didn't care about the characters because the whole thing just felt so bland overall. I think the film makers didn't want to take any risks with the movie because everything was just so average down the line.
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classy crime thriller
Achyuta Ghosh18 April 2014
Blood is thicker than water is a proverb that might be out of place in today's independent, and nuclear world. But the same is the heart and soul of French-American crime thriller Blood Ties. The movie itself is a remake of the 2008 French movie, Les IIens du sang by Jacques Maillot, which in turn is an adaptation of a French novel by Bruno and Michel Papet.

Two brothers on the opposite sides of the law is a plot done to death, and almost invariably the brothers fatefully clash in a bitter end. Not so in Blood Ties. On being released from prison, Chris tries to lead a straight life, but is unable to do so, and soon goes back to his criminal roots. This impacts his police brother Frank, but when faced with a choice between his brother and his career, Frank, in a twist from generic plots, chooses the former. The feeling is mutual, till the end.

Blood Ties may not be a breakthrough movie in itself, but it is powerful cinema nonetheless. Requires some patience as the plot builds up. The setting is the hippie 70s, with big muscle cars, sideburns, cocaine, and racism dotting the canvas. The eclectic cast consisting of Clive Owen, Billy Crudup, Marion Cottiliard, Mila Kunis, James Caan, Noah Emmerich, Zoe Saldana is on song. The carefully chosen musical track adds to the experience.

Even though there are the customary car chases, bank robberies, and murders, this is not a big bang popcorn action flick. Rather a measured crime drama, with realistic violence. Enjoyable when you are in the mood for quality cinema- 7/10
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Blood is thick, and messy, because it comes from our hearts.
Jesse Boland29 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Too many period pieces miss a very important detail; If the movie is set in the 70's then there should be brand new things just things from that era. Too often you see people dressed for the time, but they are using, or carrying antiques that just look like props. There is no separation in this movie, you will feel like you are in New York in the 70's. The production team has done a fantastic job here in making everything about this movie feel as though it was actually filmed in that world, at that time. The acting is tight all around, this is a blood is thicker than anything movie, and the family bonds are stranger, and more dynamic than you will be expecting, which I found very Enjoyable, and unique. This type of movie always draws a line in the sand and says that one side is one way, and the other is opposite of them, but in this movie you can see that it is far more unclear than that, and people are more complicated, and surprising than we ever give ourselves credit for. I give you this movie that I wish was mine to give, so I recommend that you watch it when you get the chance, and hope that that will do.

Jesse of
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Movie based on character development, great one by Canet
July_Faraday13 May 2014
IF YOU EXPECT THIS TO BE A CLASSIC Hollywood GANGSTER MOVIE, YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED! It's not, it's way more than that, it's almost entirely based on the characters development. As the movie unfolds, we learn more and more about the lives of the two brothers, and the circumstances in which they keep finding each other, which makes it very hard for them to connect on a brotherly level. The actors play their roles to perfection, very believable, specially Clive Owen and Marion Cotillard. The cast is exceptional and bring out the essence of the period. I really enjoyed this movie from beginning to end, and I'm glad it wasn't action based. I didn't find the 2 hours long like some of the viewers, although I understand it's not for everybody who usually expect more dynamical plot from a 70's movie.
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Unoriginal Soap Opera
Claudio Carvalho29 March 2015
In 1974, in New York, the criminal Chris (Clive Owen) is released from prison and his younger brother Frank (Billy Crudup), who is a honest police officer, brings him home expecting that Chris is regenerated. However after an incident, Chris returns to the life of crime, affecting Frank's career and the lives of his ex-wife Monica (Marion Cotillard) and his present wife Natalie (Mila Kunis). But when Chris discovers that the criminal Scarfo (Matthias Schoenaerts) wants to kill Frank that is living with his ex-wife Vanessa (Zoe Saldana), he has to decide whether he flees or save his brother's life.

"Blood Ties" is a movie with an impressive cast and set decoration, including several cars from the 70's. Unfortunately the story is an unoriginal soap opera that wastes the cast. There are many movies with brothers on the opposite sides of the law and the screenplay of "Blood Ties" is not engaging and does not hold the attention of the viewer. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Laços de Sangue" ("Blood Ties")
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Unremarkable, yet enjoyable slice of 70's cool.
Adam Peters21 August 2014
(66%) A very convincing in terms of period detail crime drama featuring a solid cast and a decent character based story that satisfies through its toe- tapping soundtrack. Clive Owen has a truly fine on-screen presence and he's really great in this, and because he and everyone else are also good, along with the few nice bits of gripping and intense action, meaning that the undebatable flaws in the script, and a couple of minor issues here and there don't really matter that much. This will likely get seen by about half as many people than it deserves, but despite that, and for Mr Clive Owen especially, this is worth a very nostalgic trip to the cinema.
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The Real American Hustle
Liam Blackburn24 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
It's truly a shame that a piece of cinematic filth like "American Hustle" is recognized as a legitimate 70s throwback gangster film. It's even more despicable that it wins/nominated for awards. I can't emphasize just how poor of a film that is. Blood Ties is everything that American Hustle is supposed to be. Amazing acting, amazing character depth, Clive Owen is amazing as usual. The 70s cars, music, everything is perfect. This movie is 1000 times better than watching Bale mumble and stumble around in his fat cheesy wardrobe for 2 hours. The other guy from Sliver linings movie and Hangover, is such a poor poor actor it's laughable. Any way, this is about Blood Ties. It excels as a gangster/cop movie. It's authentic. It's a shame that this movie will win no awards and will linger with a 6ish rating on here when it is 1000 times better than American Hustle....God that movie is horrible.

I personally hope that this movie was made specifically to show how awful American Hustle is. The Director must have.
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Boring, Formulaic, Uninspired
everthefool22 March 2014
This cast is great and it's my favorite type of film: crime, brothers on either side of the law, and a bit of romance on the side. However, this movie proves why Scorcese is Scorcese. He does the exact same kind of story lines and with the same top notch actors but he makes his long movies go by so quickly. This movie just drags on and on and you know what's going to happen before any of the scenes there's no surprises and I care nothing for any of the characters. The acting is fine, the actors did an okay job, but it's just boring. Hood gets out of town, falls for girl who wants him to do well. He tries, he fails, he turn back to crime. There's a past relationship and of course it teases him. There's a dying father, a cop brother who wants him to do good. He just can't handle life on the outside. There's nothing wrong with the story but the dialogue is cheesy and the movie just doesn't flow. It's like time slows down and I'm watching this frame by boring frame. Don't waste your time on this one and rewatch Goodfellas if you're hankering for a gangster film.
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GUENOT PHILIPPE1 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I can say right now that I prefer this film to the original, the french film made in 2008: LES LIENS DU SANG, starring Guillaume Canet, the film maker of this very one.

Yes a powerful crime drama movie, with outstanding characterization and story telling. The scheme itself has already been shown before, in may other features, but here the screen play emphasizes on the relations between characters. There is no real villain here; even the Mathias Schoenheart's one, who plays here the ex con whose the cop has "stolen" the wife from. If you analyse the scheme, it appears that this "bad character at first sight" may on the contrary bring the audience to feel empathy towards him.

The sub characters are also efficiently shown, in a poignant way, and there are may of them.

Guillaume Canet is a really good director, even away from France.
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amateur shout-out to the 70's
drunkardswalk29 March 2015
I don't get it. We are supposed to be engaged by the complex relationship and moral dilemmas of these two brothers. But most of the other reviewers (and presumably the filmmakers) don't seem to be bothered by the fact that one of them is a murderous sociopath. This is kind of a deal breaker for me in terms of empathy. And yet, the same brother chooses to spare the life of a man who is an obvious existential threat to his family. Stupid script, hackneyed premise, overstuffed soundtrack, and ridiculous casting, including two lead female actresses (Cotillard and Kunis) who look so similar as to be occasionally confusing. Amateur foreign film making masquerading as a tribute to 70's American crime drama. Viewers would do better by sticking with the real thing, for instance: Mean Streets (art); The Friends of Eddie Coyle (slick); Superfly (genuine American trash). Any of these would be a much more fulfilling and enjoyable use of 2 hours.
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A lousy French connection
Guy9 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
BLOOD TIES is a French attempt at those classic 70s NYC crime stories. The concept is an oldie but a goodie - two brothers on opposite sides of the law - but it never convinces. It has thriller elements - a police raid, an armoured car robbery and a car chase - but they're badly shot and derivative of better films. It splurges on the drama instead but only ends up with shouting and swearing. It doesn't help that the multi-national cast means lots of weird accents, or that the two leads are a pair of milk-sops. The only moment it comes alive is when James Caan gets angry at his sons during Thanksgiving; when he swears, you believe him. Unfortunately he's then consigned to the supporting cast again as the story heads towards its sorta-redemptive ending as one brother sacrifices himself for the other. The best 70s crime films had grit, soul and energy but this is a flaccid retread and at over two hours (half-an-hour longer than the French film it's based on) it's a real yawn.
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Expected Better! 4/10
leonblackwood12 October 2014
Review:  I really had high hopes for this movie, after seeing the adverts, but it took ages for something to happen. It just seemed to drag after a while, but I did like the ending, which was predictable but well put together. It reminded me of the last scene in Carlito's Way, but no way as good. Anyway, the director had all the right tools to make a good movie, but he failed by making an average film which as predictable from start to finish. I didn't understand why the criminalised brother, decided to rob a truck in the same place were his brother is a cop. Wouldn't it have been easier if he committed his crimes in another state? Anyway, there isn't that much action throughout the movie and the drama wasn't that intense. I liked Clive Owens character, who was a cocky ex-con who gets drawn back into the game after finding it hard to adapt to normal life, but the rest of the characters were quite boring and uninteresting. On the whole, it didn't have to be over 2 hours long and it could have done with some action or a twist in the storyline. Disappointing!

Round-Up: Clive Owen has always been taken seriously in Hollywood because he plays a lot of leading roles like in Children Of Men and The Boys Are Back, which I really enjoyed, but his acting style isn't that unique. He lacks screen charisma and I can't see people rushing to the cinema when one his movies get released. Judging by the box office taking, I'm not alone with thinking that this movie wasn't that great, but it's worth a watch if your running out of things movies to put on your rental list.

Budget: $25million Worldwide Gross: $2.5million (Flop!)

I recommend this movie to people who are into there drama/thriller movies about a ex-con who gets dragged back into criminal life with his brother, a respected cop, on his tale. 4/10
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Stinkier than a 70's headband.
Peter Janoff21 February 2015
I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would grant this stunted flop more than a two at best. Yes, the cast is great and that makes it all the more of a riveting disappointment. James Caan seems like an actor trying to play James Caan. The clichés hit he beach in Coney Island like a tsunami.The 70's effects while pretty consistent are wildly generic and the era continuity flaws albeit not the major problem are still relevant. No, my problem with this film is that it takes insanely capable skilled and even iconic actors and dumbs them down to an idle gray and boring level of energy. Of all the actors chosen for the lead , I mean really a botched casting with Owen. He took Q's from Nicholas Cage and the obvious Goodfellas similarities (tribute or plain plagiarism?) brought this movie to a screeching halt. If fact the only thing that kept the movie running or at least at all memorable was the 70's soundtrack which in itself was nothing major yet the obvious use of 70's hits made it a little more seamless.All of the action takes place in the first 10 minutes. Thereafter a downhill ride.
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Unoriginal, uninspired and completely forgettable
eddie_baggins6 November 2014
While there is much to be commended in the fact that director Guillaume Canet and his production team have here in Blood Ties created a very decent recreation of the 1970's (with an overuse of record players, we get it OK, there weren't IPod's/CD's back then!) there is also much to be made of the fact that Blood Ties is a lifeless, seen a thousand times before, dull and dreary tale that fails to announce to us just why it exists.

On paper, things within Blood Ties would seem to add up to a pretty decent family/crime drama, even moments within seem to suggest Sidney Lumet was a huge inspiration. We have a name cast in the form of Clive Owen, Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana and the ever disappointing Billy Crudup, then behind the scenes you have a film not only produced but co-written by crime genre specialist James Grey and director Guillaume Canet who has a decent track record in his native homeland of France with films such as the excellent Tell No One and the decent Little White Lies, but nothing within Blood Ties ads up to any anything decent, nothing we see here feels emotionally engaging and no one truly seems to care enough to change it.

Blood Ties needed someone too step up their game exceptionally within the piece, yet all participants seemingly rested on their laurels with the material and expected fireworks to happen. Canet's direction clearly did not help this dull overbearing feeling however with his stale, beyond workmanlike gig behind the camera transferring to one of the most bereft of life movies you'd care to see. Where is the tension to be found between warring brothers? The heart pounding experience of a crime in progress or the sparks between lovers? There is none of that to be found here despite the potential for it.

Bloods Ties best moments are all taken/borrowed from other much better films of the same genre, whether it be a climatic train station scene (Carlito's Way), a bank heist gone wrong (Heat) or brothers torn between loyalty to their family/friends or loyalty to their job (We Own the Night or State of Grace) and they go to show you just what can be done with this type of film if it's done right. Blood Ties doesn't do many things right and that makes this a film worthy of being crossed off your to watch list, even if the cast list looks like a sure fire success.

1 record player out of 5

For more movie reviews and opinions check into -
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Utterly Unmemorable
Leftbanker19 April 2015
I mean this literally. I realized when I started to watch this that I had already seen it several months ago yet I couldn't remember a thing about it. The first question you have to ask when you see a period piece movie is do they really need to set the film in this era. I don't get it for this movie; there' no time like the present.

There were way too many personal angles to be addressed in a two hour movie (it felt like a lot more). If you want to tell this kind of story you should do it on TV. This is only my opinion but trying to make a movie that's supposedly all about acting is a huge mistake if your story is weak. This is especially true when Clive Owen is part of the cast as he's pretty thin on talent.

The only reason that I am writing this review is so that I won't try to watch this a third time.
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People ties
Story about taking and giving or vice versa giving and taking lives, love, money, emotions , everything that is exchangeable in todays society. Two brothers, one is policeman ,another is coming from jail are dealing with personal problems and with each other. Is it possible to forgive your brother doing something you despise ? Are people going to help you when you stumble or kick you in the ass ? Story about human nature, precisely different human natures mingling around. Is it possible to begin loving someone from small human gesture and not wanting anything material, but truth ? Is shocking truth better than sweet lie ? Is it possible that person who is killing love someone ? Maybe is love something he is coming back because he is trying redemption after he finds someone who is not spoiled, who is better than him. What to do with our bad choices ? And on the end sacrifice for another.

We are seeing several roads of love, they are all bumpy but sincere and when everything is on table and when you are free of thinking what if ...why that... there are not any obstacles anymore.

Maybe this movie is giving more questions than answers but from mine point of view he is helping us to give our answers to this questions.

Small critic about time given in movie to Natalie. Mila Kunis knows how to use time even not speaking in movie so more time would be better and her participation would be bigger and more significant.

Watch it and than think about it. Don't think about watching it !
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cmoyton7 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I do wish that Clive Owen would stop being cast in American movies to play an American as he cannot nail the accent. In Blood Ties his dialogue often consists of a handful of words - the longer the sentence .... Other English actors do it better like Tim Roth or Gary Oldman.

A crook and cop brother with their complicated love lives paths cross and collide when the jailbird brother is released from prison. A half hearted attempt is made to stay straight but a life of crime beckons leading to trouble for the family. The pace is slow and the story is unconvincing. James Caan playing the father still thinks he is in The Godfather and must wonder why those around him appear comatose. Tunes form the 60's and 70's frequently punctuate proceedings -is this a compilation album or a movie - Stick with Carltos Way, Donnie Brasco even Dead Presidents for a more convincing slice of retrospective 70's crime drama.

Movies like this waste my time and have contributed to driving me away from cinema into the world of television series where the quality is now at.
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Nice Sunday MOVIE much better than I expected!
cheffarina7629 June 2014
I often go by user's reviews, but on this one i think it deserves a much better rating!!! I give this film an 8/10! Nice story line & good overall acting. This is a great movie with a powerful message about brotherly love!

Thecrook, the Cop.. Blood is thicker than water! A good choice movie for a Sunday afternoon when there's no FOOTBALL SEASON! :) . If u like Scorsece's movies, You will like this one! The best part i liked was end. The plot builds up a lil' slow, but as the film goes alone it gets better & better!

The hippie era of 70s, nice muscle cars and the FU attitude.. Loved it!
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The Ultimate Movie Review! - - @tss5078
Tss507830 March 2015
Shot in a 1970s style, Blood Ties certainly has the right look. The film features a great cast, that made me desperately want to see it, but the problem is that it's a very common tale and it moves along at a snails pace. Even with a story that's been done over and over again, Blood Ties still could have been something special, because of it's cast, but that didn't happen simply because it is one of the most predictable films I've seen all year. The film features two brothers, Chris (Clive Owen) a career criminal, just released from prison, and Frank (Billy Crudup) a New York City Detective, who tries to help Chris get back on his feet. Didn't I see this movie in 2007 when it was called We Own The Night? That film has the exact same tagline, but fortunately wasn't as predictable. Billy Crudup stars as the good brother and was the only interesting character in the film, surprising considering the film features two of my favorite actors, James Caan and Charlie Tahan. Unfortunately neither of them have a particular big or interesting role, as everything centers around these two brothers. The con is played by Clive Owen, who honestly seemed like he didn't want anything to do with this role. He is emotionless, uneven, and every time he has any kind of long dialogue, I thought I was going to fall asleep. The bottom line, one's a cop, the others a con, I wonder what's going to happen? What happens is exactly what you think is going to happen, so why even bother to watching this extreme disappointment?
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Can blood ties prevail on both sides of the law?
submarine197723 November 2014
On the beginning, I have to admit, that I've never got familiarized with the style both of Guillame Canet and James Gray, probably because barely any of their previous works acquired broad distribution in my country. Hence, while stepping into the cinema room, I didn't know what kind of emotions or thoughts the upcoming movie would release in me. Neither did I know what the movie would be about nor how it was admitted by professional critics. I was sitting on my chair, being curious what values may bring the movie, boasting with appearance of quite astonishing amount of gifted actors. After the showing, the question was partially answered.

While in other movies representing the genre there is one character the story focuses around, here we have two, both standing on the opposite sides of the law: the notorious criminal, who, having spent a long-term sentence in jail, is being released and his younger brother, Frank, turned out to be a devoted policeman. The past and social positions occupied by both of brothers are sources of the tension growing between Chris and Frank, which is especially visible in the attitude of the police officer. However, he has the feeling of being partially responsible for the path his brother has taken. In the childhood period, Frank failed Chris, which resulted in his first jail sentence.

The whole situation is being observed by third party characters, the most interesting of which is a prostitute performed by Marion Cotillard. Climbing on peaks of her acting skills, the actress successfully presents a wreck, that believes in no chances on brighter future, even while being a mother of two Chris' children. In opposition to her, the rest of those observers fails to attract any attention. Even while having such great actors like James Caan or Lily Taylor, Canet and Gray do not know how to connect their characters with the story, not to mention about Mila Kunis. Her character just exist in the movie's world.

I have the feeling, however, that the screenwriters put enough effort to present the main plot in a satisfactory way, being supported by two great actors. Despite the conflict between two brothers, viewers can sense that there is still a thin bond between them, even though Frank urgently tries to conceal it. All scenes between them are well paced and written. Confrontation of muffled Billy Crudup with impulsive Clive Owen gave an interesting result - it's the former convict, that through his attempts to fix the situation acquires our sympathy more than the cold policeman.

I'm not gonna praise the movie's capacity to convey the 70's atmosphere, because this feature has become common. However, what needs to mentioned about are dialogues. They are juicy and full of vulgarisms, that perfectly give the viewer a notion about the social environment the movie tells about. The presented world is devoid of any kind of beauty.

After all, I accept the vision presented by Guillame Canet and James Gray. In spite of it's flaws, the movie presents the main plot in enough absorbing way to attract viewers. There is a tie between me and this movie, even though it is not as strong as it should be.
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