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Awful and Insulting

Author: Chainsaw Slasher from Long Island, New York
5 December 2011

How could the families of these victims possibly allow this to be made? The voice overs are a complete mockery of the victims and the cases in their entirety. The over-dramatized and corny voice overs are TERRIBLE, making this the first true crime comedy! Please don't talk like this. The voices speak in an impossible omniscient way that makes it completely unbelievable. Line like, "I was such a good girl in high school, why would anyone want to kill me?" are absolutely corny and pathetic. People should be saddened by these stories, not chuckling at this desperate attempt by producers to be different. I also feel bad for the officers and family members that took the time to be interviewed. I feel that their legitimate statements are overshadowed by the silly voice-overs. These true crimes are a sensitive subject and shouldn't be manipulated into the stupid kind of entertainment that these writers are aiming for.

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Overdramatized garbage

Author: evilpinklolita from Anchorage, AK
11 January 2011

As a big fan of true crime shows such as Dateline on ID, The Investigators, American Justice, 48 Hours, and Forensic Files, I was looking forward to another show of its kind. I was sorely disappointed. In the most bizarre strategy I have heard of, the programs' directors use the victim of the murder to speak about themselves in voice over fashion after the crime occurred, which makes it seem really macabre, weird, and artificial. It is like a crime fighting version of Maury. The show warns the viewer at the beginning that "some of the dialogue and characters have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes." Take that warning to heart, because they have made this TV program so dramatic that what should be a true crime show seems more like a soap opera. Put this show down your garbage disposal. Delete this program from your DVR. Whatever you do, run away! Run away fast! Trust me, you have much more important things to do with your time.

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Awful-- just ugh

Author: meredith_lj
4 January 2014

This show is incredibly offensive. Not only are the southern accents Scartlett-O'Hara-esque (and therefore fake as can be), what the victims "say" on the show is insulting. The victim's "thoughts" are dumbed down observations so they seem like 5 year old children looking back on their murders. I do not see how any family member associated with the murder would ever allow this to come to production.

For example, the first (and only) episode I have ever watched (or ever will watch) described a 30-something year old woman who went missing and was killed. Her "voice" was a mockery of the southern accent and "she" made obvious comments: the narrator went on to describe how a local man bought lyme to cover up a dead body smell and "her voice" says "Mama always used to buy lyme in the garden-- how was Earl gon' try hurt me with it?!" as if she were a child who did not understand anything. I'm not associated with her family but I'm offended and embarrassed for them. ID is really grasping for shows to keep their viewers happy and this show is a good example of a shoddily produced show with poorly manufactured reenactments and pointless dialogue just to fill up a time-slot. If you see this playing on your TV, WATCH SOMETHING ELSE. That way you won't be disappointed.

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Stolen Voices Buried Secrets

Author: seanalexanderbateman from manhattan
22 September 2012

frankly I couldn't disagree more with the few reviews that stated this show is macabre and grisly and does a dis-honor to the victims and thats its bad - its awesome !!

I wish this series has lasted - its great - it makes the families and the victims seem real as opposed to other shows who just interview the police and CSI you get a true and absolute feeling of the person and their life - I totally dug the production visuals as well and the way the story unfolds - this is some really great story telling - too bad most of America has such bad taste not to find this gem of crime reality series and make it a hit - I've watched one season - so far - can wait for the other - and saddened that I think there's only TV - dear ID channel - bring it back !!

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another season

Author: lilebabe8 from United States
29 March 2011

I love this program! I think it's awesome! I really hope the producers find it within themselves for another season. I love the mystery/crime drama/police shows. Please make another season. Pretty please!! Others may not like the voice-over effect, but it doesn't bother me. I think it's a great idea to get a story out by letting the victim "tell" his/her way. I know some things are fictionalized and/or dramatized, but what on TV isn't nowadays? Just about everything you watch will have some dramatization unless it's like a soap opera or something to that effect anyway. I mean even Animal Cops on Animal Planet is dramatized. They tell you at the beginning of each episode. So I'm not sure why some people are saying the dramatization is a big deal. I guess they're just jealous they didn't think of a show this great!

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