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10 Jan. 2011
Ali Kemp
Ali Kemp, a beautiful 19-year-old college student with a bright future, returns home for the summer to work at the local swimming pool. But one afternoon when Ali is nowhere to be found, her father makes a gruesome discovery; Ali's body in the pool pump room - she'd been brutally beaten to death. With her killer on the loose, investigators launch an intense investigation. But despite DNA evidence and a reliable witness, police search without success for three years. Then refusing to give up, Ali's father comes up with an idea that leads to her killer's arrest.
10 Jan. 2011
The town of Upper Merion is shaken when Ellen Robb is found brutally murdered in her own kitchen. At first glance, police suspect a robbery gone wrong. But as the investigation continues police uncover a secret that leads to an unlikely suspect.
17 Jan. 2011
Closing Time
When Jerry Monroe is discovered murdered in his own bar, it's anybody's guess of who could be responsible. Was he the victim of a random robbery, or a motivated murder? Police examine every possible scenario until they receive a promising tip.
17 Jan. 2011
Cold As Ice
California grad-student Denise Huber was on her way home from a rock concert when a flat tire forced her off the freeway and into the path of a crazed killer. Three years after she vanished Denise's remains are uncovered in a chilling discovery.
24 Jan. 2011
Sophia Martinez
The night 18 year old El Paso teenager Sophia Martinez vanished, she was supposed to be going on a blind date. Days later, Sophia's body and her car are found in the desert. Police are baffled by the murder, until an ATM receipt leads to the killer.
31 Jan. 2011
A Mother's Love
Debi Whitlock had it all - a career and family. But the night a killer invaded her Modesto, CA home, all of Debi's dreams died with her. It took years to find the killer - and her mother, Jacque, led the way in uncovering the truth.
7 Feb. 2011
In the Name of Love
When a young mother-to-be becomes the victim of a violent death, Mississippi investigators quickly cast their suspicions on the woman's fiancé. The well-liked teacher and basketball coach may have something to hide but is he a cold-blooded killer?
14 Feb. 2011
Bad Karma
Michael Dojaquez, a yoga instructor in Tucson, is found shot dead on his front porch. The crime scene suggests a robbery gone bad. But the investigation reveals a web of deception and infidelity that shocks the residents of the city
21 Feb. 2011
Mortal Sin
Michael Dojaquez was a popular yoga instructor in the city of Tucson. The residents of the city are shocked with the news when he is found dead on his front porch. Detective Jimenez of the Tucson Police Department investigates what seems to be a robbery gone bad. Was it a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time for the beloved yogi or did the killer stage the crime scene to look like a robbery? The investigation unravels an intriguing tale of deception and infidelity that scandalizes the people of Tucson.
28 Feb. 2011
Killer Instinct
As a high school senior in the small town of Conway, South Carolina, 17-year-old Crystal Faye Todd can't wait for the endless possibility that awaits her at graduation. But when she doesn't return home after going out with friends one Saturday night, a gruesome discovery reveals that Crystal has been brutally murdered. As investigators deduce that she must have known her killer, a wave of fear paralyzes the community. In a town where everybody knows everybody, anyone could be a suspect ... and anyone could be next. An extensive investigation ensues, until DNA testing ...
7 Mar. 2011
Sudden Death
John Cataneo has the life he has always longed for in Holly Hill, Florida. But on an otherwise ordinary night, John's life comes to a violent end. As investigators close in, family and friends are shocked to discover the real mastermind behind his death.
14 Mar. 2011
Til Death Do Us Part
Dawn Hacheney marries Nick who becomes a minister at a local church. Their life seems perfect until Dawn falls victim to a house fire. A church member harbors a deadly secret, and the town is shocked when the truth about Dawn's death is exposed.
5 Dec. 2011
Night Angel
Rochelle Anderson, a 25-year-old single mother, is found beaten at the gas station where she works. Police wonder who could harm such a fun and friendly woman. Was it for love, for money, or just plain evil?
12 Dec. 2011
Lethal Liason
A San Diego family is in shock when their 22-year old daughter and her baby are found strangled in her apartment. The horrible nature of this crime makes investigators and the community wonder - what animal would kill a mom and her baby?
19 Dec. 2011
The Mask
When a small town woman goes missing one night, people in her community are baffled. The case goes cold soon after her body is discovered. Little do police know, the identity of Lisa's killer is right under her fingertips.
23 Dec. 2011
Bryan Ruff was a young father and security guard from Salt Lake City. In December 1991, he mysteriously disappeared and his body was later found. 15 years later, there was a break in the case which led police to discover who killed Bryan.

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