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Interesting idea, but bad execution
michinine1 April 2012
I'm a big fan of Alexis since Gilmore Girls. I watch all her movies.

This something less entertaining. The story begins well. The characters are there, the setting. One, a small town cop, played Alexis, and one french visitor/tourist, played by Laurent. But the writer didn't know what to do with them.

How they come together, why all the things happen, it feels forced, it feels way to convenient to be believable. Its OK to have one bad judgment as a character. Maybe two. Even three. But a chain of bad judgments, not out of emotion or situation, but just why there is no other way to advance the story? People should react as people, not as cutout characters following a script. How everything goes down and the final "words", its way to contrived. In no way this would happen like that. Especially foreigners wouldn't go down this route by any measurement.

The characters are played OK. I have wished Alexis would do something else than this. Just for her I give an extra point for trying. If you are a true fan and need to watch all her works, wait for this when it comes in the early morning repeat on public TV.
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A movie that fans of the Lifetime Channel will like. OK acting, pretty slow and predictable end. I say B-
Tony Heck21 March 2012
"We're gonna drive some more, we're gonna find a hotel and I'm gonna do some thinking. There's a way out of this situation that doesn't involve me losing my job and you losing your wife." New to the force officer Kate Logan (Bledel) stops someone she thinks matches the description of a killer. After realizing her mistake she offers to buy him a drink. The two soon begin an affair that leads to secrets and problems that make them regret meeting each other. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this movie. It didn't really seem like a movie I would like, mostly because it seemed like it would be a "Lifetime" movie. It took about a half hour for anything of substance to happen and about an hour in for me to get interested. The "twist" at the end was OK but very predictable. My main problem with the movie is that the event that causes the spiral of events is so minor that it makes the movie a little unbelievable. Overall, if you like the "Lifetime" channel movies you will like this one. I do and did not. I give it a B-.
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Another black eye for the Canadian film industry
david_fam-318-89901815 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
As a Canadian, I am once again embarrassed that this nation could have the utter stupidity to make such a horrendous film. From the opening scene it seems to be going somewhere - a young female police officer mistakes a middle-aged French business man for a rapist. Then the plot starts to disintegrate. This young, attractive officer who would probably be more convincing as mini-mouse at Disney World, tracks the man down to "apologize," ask him out on a date despite his being married and return again late at night to drink leading to an inevitable affair. There is a sequence of downright silly events that culminate in the turning point of the movie - he accidentally fires her service revolver in his hotel which is heard by the denizens of the neighbouring room who call the police. They have but a few minutes to get out of there. She insists they escape even though it's absolutely stupid - the bullet is irretrievably stuck in the wall and matches her gun and the room is under his passport. She convinces him to escape or she'll tell his wife about the affair - so they do, against all his instinct, culminating in her killing him in another hotel room to cover this up and keep her job. She is then able to convince fellow officers she was abducted by him and acted in self-defence. The turning point scene is remarkably unbelievable the way it transpires and lacks any semblance of logic. The French man was right - he had no reason to run. There was a ton of other ways to cover it up. How would his wife in France ever find out about an affair? Perhaps the most foolish aspect of the film was the main female officer's shift in character from timid obsequious loser (who's somehow a cop) to cold murderer. They threw in a quick scene of her throwing her alcoholic father out of her house (she told the French man that her father was dead) as if to shed some light on the dark nature of her character. Really? I mean seriously? The "twist" is also extremely predictable - once they flee he is entirely at her mercy. It should not be conceivable that she kills him based on events so far, but by this point the viewer will realize it's a bad film and a murder-cover-up will be used to solve the dilemma. It is an utterly unconvincing disappointing flop of a spectacle. Not to mention the pitiful acting throughout. Quick aside - this is why Canadian films suck - who makes a movie about murder and police where the turning point is accidentally firing a gun at a wall? It pains me to say it - how "Canadian" a story. Do not see this movie. Do not continue to believe that movie titles ending in "affair" usually have intelligent levels of intrigue. Do not waste your time. Canadians - do write your member of parliament to have this director incarcerated.
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Bad acting, Bad story line. Just bad.
sherry-217-57150719 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This movie begins with a French businessman being the only one of his party who stays at a little motel, away from the conference he's attending, instead of the plush resort where the conference is held and his colleagues are staying. This in itself is hard to believe but the story goes downhill from there. The chain of events that follows never once seem even slightly feasible. The loving family man who so easily has an affair; the RCMP officer who leads the train of unbelievable events. This, and more, has one wondering who on earth would write this story and how on earth did it actually get produced? I enjoy a good thriller, but this story is too ridiculous to be a thriller. The only redeeming quality is a bit of a twist at the end. If you're renting this movie save your money. If you're not, save your time.
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plain, boring and confused.
Allan Sopi28 July 2015
A supposed noire thriller that ends up coming across as a fruity and bizarre dark comedy for most of the film's running time. An event eventually occurs which then plunges the film into a dreary vortex of soulless performances, weak and uninspired dialogue, and all round sheer mediocrity. Everything that made the film bearable up to that point - the awkward yet authentic dialogue, the quirky characters and comedic cockups - suddenly dissipates into thin air leaving behind a slightly more focused film but also an ultimately depressing, boring and uneventful one. The ending's just as confused as the rest of the film. Instead of being some kind of ironic wink and nod , it feels more like a desperate attempt at trying to salvage something from the unfocused mess that's occurred over the past 80 minutes.
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Young sex addicted female cop vs. low in morals Frenchman
henrikibsen3 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not sure where to start with this because I'm not totally sure what was wrong with the movie, short of everything. Alexis Bledel was oh so wrongly cast and from this role is limited in what role she can play. I was hoping she'd be Ana in '50 Shades ...' Now I'm glad she wasn't cast. She doesn't appear to have the range to play that role. I'm also not sure about the writing. It seemed more than a little awkward at times and there were no times it seemed at it's best ... if there was a 'best' to be attained. Scenes were put in that seemed meaningless to the overall story, such as the Frenchman pulling his car to the side of the road to take a picture. I sure didn't get the need for that one, and then there was the stop at the gas station where he's slumped down in the car hiding and when she get's out to get gas at a convenient store he asks for a drink, but in the end she's the one drinking a strawberry milk and he's chewing on something. Was there a director even there? So, all in all I'd have to say her acting was really lacking, the story wasn't well written and overall it was poorly directed leaving nothing left other than my being forced to give it a 1 for (awful)which is really too bad.
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Should consider a sequel
kent90111 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie like a great many movies had some holes in it. Like why was a new young cop driving around without a partner? Did she not have to make an arrest report even though the arrest was short-lived? The events seemed realistic for the most part, however. except maybe for the man choosing to escape out of the motel window with this obviously psycho girl-cop. And also that no one in the police department picked up on the fact that this girl-cop had some psychological issues. The end was not satisfying, although, perhaps, quite possible. What this movie cries out for is a sequel. One in which the wife realizes that the actions that were described of her husband were too far afield. She wants to be sure she knows the truth and therefore she hires a private investigator. Someone not unlike Patrick Jane from "The Mentalist".
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Better than most. But not great.
rps-215 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
At last! A Canadian movie that is set in Canada. Mind you, they don't emphasize it but they don't hide it either. For once I don't have to look at Alberta posing as a stand in for Wyoming. It's not too clear just where in Canada the action takes place (BC maybe???) and whether the cops are really RCMP.(Where are the Stetsons and the pictures of the Queen?) Whatever! Nor could the producers resist the American cops and doughnuts cliché that is more suited to satire than suspense. I suspect they did it in such a way so as not to offend people like me who rage about cinematic "pimping" while still letting parochial American audiences think the action is happening in their country. (No Stetson, no flags, no Queen!) In other words, play both sides of the street. (border?) And what was that business about shoelaces? This is not a great movie by any stretch of the cinematic imagination. It suffers from the Canadian film maker's obsession with cheap motels and 1960 style bathrooms. And the acting --- or maybe it's the direction --- has that uniquely stilted, jerky, artificial Canadian style that says "we're getting a little better at this but not much!" I'm puzzled why the male character is from Paris rather than Quebec and why they went to Paris to shoot one brief street scene. Some kind of co-production deal maybe? It has its flaws. But then what would a Canadian movie be without flaws? (What would Swiss cheese be without holes?) But the plot is catchy with several unanticipated turns. And the ending --- well, I don't want to write a spoiler here --- but the ending is a surprise but not necessarily an acceptable surprise.
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not bad for what it is (a good B Movie)
burthelukyman6 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Sure, the story has more plot holes in it than the one hole that starts the whole downward spiral for the characters, BUT this is clearly B-Movie territory here and as such, it's quite good. The director and/or writer are obvious fans of the 1945 Classic Noir B-Movie called DETOUR (Check it out on Youtube, folks !). Same loser type guy who keeps making the wrong decisions and ends up in hopeless situation with a manipulative, crazy-ass femme fatale. Ending is different, though, since in 1945 you couldn't show the Law being defeated, while here ... (Lemme just say that, as happens often in real life, justice doesn't prevail, which is actually a nice twist !)

PLUS film has an unforgettable scene where one of the main characters that we have grown quite attached to is suddenly and shockingly killed !! Tarantino would have been proud ! (As shocking as Janet Leigh being killed in the shower after 40 minutes in PSYCHO).

For that scene alone, the film is a must see !
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