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Season: 1 | 2
Year: 2011 | 2012

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: The Point of Rescue: Part 1

2 May 2011
DS Charlie Zailer and her constable Simon Waterhouse investigate when Geraldine Brethrick and her young daughter are found dead. The early view is that Geraldine killed them both,an opinion endorsed by criminologists Harbord and Hey,but her husband Mark,on business at the time,claims she was perfectly happy. However Geraldine's friend Cordy,who found the corpses,tells Charlie that Mark was a controlling husband. Furthermore his alibi is suspect. Against the advice of her friend Esther Taylor,Sally Thorne,having seen the murders on television,decides to visit Mark,with whom she had a one night stand,but,on arrival at the house,discovers he is not the same man. Giving her name as Esther Taylor,she leaves,taking with her a picture of the dead pair taken at a bird sanctuary. Leaving a message for Esther she arrives at the sanctuary,telling the sanctuary worker that she is Esther Taylor. Seeing the photo the woman rings the police. Charlie and Simon arrive too late to stop an unconscious Sally being driven away in the back of a car.

Olivia Williams ... Charlie Zailer

Darren Boyd ... DC Simon Waterhouse

Peter Wight ... Proust

Rupert Graves ... Mark Bretherick

Amy Beth Hayes ... Sally Thorne

Tom Goodman-Hill ... Steve Harboard
Geoffrey Streatfeild ... Jonathan Hey
Claudia Harrison ... Cordy O'Hara
Emily Olivia Robins ... Oonagh O'Hara (as Emily Robins)

Ralph Ineson ... DC Sellers

Elly Fairman ... Esther Taylor

Seeta Indrani ... Dr. Chaudry
Holly Atkins ... Mrs. Brett
Huw Rhys ... Nick Thorne
Diana Payan ... Maggie - Bird Warden

Samia Rida ... Business Woman
Nina Hossain ... Newsreader
Darren Finlay ... Dom
Eloise Cartwright ... Amy Olivia (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 2: The Point of Rescue: Part 2

3 May 2011
Sally finds herself in a house with the man who told her he was Mark Bretherick and now tells her that Mark is out to kill her. Mark himself is shown a picture of Sally and he tells the police that this was the woman who claimed to be Esther Taylor. Simon discovers a photo of another woman and her daughter,Maria Olivia and Amy,who attended the same school as Lucy Bretehrick but who apparently returned to Maria's native Spain after marital break-up. The fates of Maria and Amy and the identity of Maria's husband prove to be the key to the other murders but Charlie and Simon have to find Sally quickly to prevent her from being added to the list of victims.

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: The Other Half Lives: Part 1

12 July 2012
Ruth Blacksmith prepares to divorce estranged husband Jason to marry the younger Aidan Harper,despite Aidan's confession that he once 'hurt a woman,who later died',named Mary Trelease. Unbeknown to Ruth Jason and Aidan had fought and now Jason is found murdered,his sister suspecting Aidan,who has no alibi. Aidan is also evasive when Ruth questions him about Mary so she follows him and sees him embrace another woman,after which he flees. Returning to their house Ruth locks him out when he comes after her but forensic evidence leads Charlie to arresting Ruth as the killer.

Olivia Williams ... Charlie Zailer

Darren Boyd ... Simon Waterhouse

Eva Birthistle ... Ruth Blacksmith

Theo James ... Aidan Harper

Peter Wight ... DI Proust

Emily Beecham ... Mary Trelease

Ralph Ineson ... DC Colin Sellers

Christina Chong ... DC Amber Williams

Rick Warden ... Geoff Linton

Geraldine Alexander ... Professor Fox
Amelia Lowdell ... Gemma Blacksmith
Alan Westaway ... Mitch

Priyanga Burford ... Burgess
Vincent Keane ... Kick Boxing Instructor

Greg Bennett ... CID Detective (uncredited)
Nasir Mohamed ... Detective (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 2: The Other Half Lives: Part 2

13 July 2012
Charlie confronts Ruth with the knowledge that she was in Jason's house on the day he died,forcing Ruth to admit they had sex but she left him alive. As Charlie releases her she explains how she saw Aidan with the mysterious woman,who,Aidan tells the police,is his step-sister,Mary Trelease. In interview Mary confirms this and believes Aidan said she was dead to put his past behind him. However Simon finds out that Aidan's drunken,abusive step-mother was also named Mary Trelease,who supposedly fell downstairs and accidentally died. Thus both Mary and Aidan are seen as potential killers and Charlie and Simon,now lovers,must discover which,if either,murdered Jason Blacksmith.

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