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  • Being invited to the wedding of old friend Shershow creates unexpected consequences and feelings among the group. Brad and Jane discover unsettling news about their marital status; Alex agrees to act as Dave's wingman at the wedding; Penny pretends to be engaged to Derrick; Shershow's fiancé thinks that Alex is a "wedding jinx".


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  • Cafe

    Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.), Alex (Elisha Cuthbert), Dave (Zachary Knighton) and Max (Adam Pally) all receive an email from Shershow (T.J. Miller) inviting them to his wedding. Jane (Eliza Coupe) & Penny (Casey Wilson) arrive and they have also been invited. Jane is annoyed that it's on the same day as her & Brad's wedding anniversary. Brad clearly has forgotten this. Penny can't believe the Shershow is getting married before her- he was her "safety". Everyone decides that with Shershow getting married, Max has become the new Shershow.

    Alex's apartment

    The three girls are discussing Alex's lack of sex-life lately when Dave walks in. He correctly picks what they were discussing, stating he's fine with it because they are now friends & trying to join in. Alex starts to but Dave realises that hearing about that kind of stuff is easier said than done and leaves.

    Brad & Jane's apartment

    Max has been asked to officiate Shershow's wedding and states that he now needs to apply for an online marriage licence. Jane corrects him that he surely means "renew" his marriage licence because he officiated her & Brad's wedding. Max admits that he didn't actually have a licence then and Jane realises that this means she can finally have her perfect wedding.

    Hotel foyer in Wisconsin

    Brad has talked to a lawyer and all Jane and he need to do is sign some papers to be officially married. Jane won't drop her "perfect wedding" idea. Max's luggage is literally stuffed into a plastic shopping bag which causes the group to point this out as another reason he is the new Shershow. He claims he's not and bets that he can make them all cry at the ceremony to prove it. He thinks Penny is the new Shershow.

    Shershow enters with his fiancee Melinda (June Diane Raphael) and everyone is amazed at how hot she is. Shershow admits that he thought he'd have to rely on the pact he made with Penny in his role as her "safety" and then asks how she's doing. Penny panics and says he's engaged before excusing herself. Melinda says she's heard so much about the gang and addresses them all individually. She addresses Alex coldly however and after she leaves, Shershow says that Melinda thinks Alex is a 'wedding jinx'.

    Various locations in the hotel

    Penny tells Brad & Jane that she thinks she's made a huge mistake and we see that the very-gay Derrick (Stephen Guarino) has been called in as her pseudo-fiance. Meanwhile, Alex & Dave reaffirm their friendship by agreeing to be each other's wingmen.

    Penny introduces Shershow to Derrick, who decides to play straight by acting like . Shershow is clearly baffled for what to make of Derrick.

    Jane continues to try convince Brad that another wedding is a good idea by pointing out things he loves that they couldn't have at their first wedding for various reasons.

    Alex & Dave are scouting the bar and Dave sees a girl he likes the look of. Alex plays her part as wingman and after walking away, Alex states that she's "never felt so smart".

    It's time for speeches before the wedding. We see that the dumb girl is Melinda's best friend. We also see a very drunk Penny who decides to make a speech before falling over with the lecturn.

    Alex & Jane head back to their rooms. After saying goodnight to Jane, Alex decides to knock on Dave's door only to come face to face with the dumb girl naked.

    The next morning

    Alex and Dave talk about the night before and Dave admits who he slept with. He states that "this friends thing- it's kinda nice". Alex agrees but looks a bit awkward.

    Penny is hungover but sees Shershow packing the car out the window. She realises he's got cold feet and goes to give him a pep talk, convincing him that he's not the Shershow of old and deserves to be happy.

    Cut to the wedding

    All is going well until Melinda reaches the end of the aisle. She looks panicked, whispers in her father's ear and runs off. Alex goes after her and gives a big speech about how she's regret it if she doesn't go through with the wedding. Melinda says she only ran off because her bustier broke. The awkwardness increases when Alex turns around to find that Dave has heard her spiel.

    Max makes everyone cry as officiant.

    Dancefloor at Reception

    Alex looks bored off to the side. Dave approaches and she brushes off what he overheard as her trying anything to get Melinda back to the ceremony.

    Jane & Brad are dancing. Jane decides that she doesn't need a perfect wedding. The fact that Brad was going to go along with it shows that he's the perfect husband and that is all she needs.

    When claiming his winnings off Penny at the reception, she is looking depressed so Max gives her a pep talk and she perks up, claiming that Max is her "gayfty".

    Dancing by all (including Derrick and some other man he met during the ceremony).

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