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Erica's life seems to be back on track. 50/50 Publishing's future seems bright. Brent wants to extend a permanent olive branch to Julianne - and by association Erica - due in part to their now closer working relationship. Julianne is still somewhat suspicious as Brent will not tell her why he originally stabbed her in the back. Back with Erica, she is in a budding relationship with Adam. And all of her family - Barb, Gary and Sam - are also in happy places in their lives. But Erica's life takes an unexpected turn when, after waking up after her first ever lovemaking session with Adam, she finds that she is back in the hospital during the time when she first met Dr. Tom. Populated by familiar faces in different positions, such as Julianne as a nurse, Dave as an orderly and Dr. Tom as Dr. Wexler who is her physician and not her therapist, Erica's new reality is that she has just awaken from a two week coma from her nut-allergy induced anaphylactic shock. The implication is that her ...

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