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i need a season 2
gmarcott_934 October 2012
This show is quickly becoming one of my favorites. i love the characters and the whole story. i think they should come out with a second season because this show deserves to finish what was started. i want to know what happens next. i want to know if Jane and billy ever get together or if Jane and Eli stay together. what happens with Ben? this is a great show and i don't think I'm the only one who thinks that. season 2 needs to happen so that we can have all of our questions answered. does she ever get a promotion to designer or something higher than assistant? seriously how can they just stop, this show had so much potential if only it had another chance
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Great Show!
courtxoxo16 February 2012
Jane by Design is a fantastic show! If you're like me, and you watch other ABC Family series, this one is different than all of the others! Jane Quimby, a high schooler, works at a fashion internship and along the way has to stay in high school, and live with her adorable older brother Ben. Ben works at the school where Jane and her best friend Billy Nutter go. (Billy is so hot, by the way ladies!) This show is quirky, different, and funny! All of the characters really mesh well together and every week when I watch it, I laugh, smile, and love to see what's going to happen next! I would recommend this show to anyone interested because not only are the characters cute and funny, but the show is great and different than what other shows are like nowadays! CHECK IT OUT!! :)
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Unique Show
sardanpasta18 March 2012
Jane by design is fast becoming my favorite show. Here are the pros: * Great acting. From excitingly explosive performances by India to the complex and non-stereotypical characters of Lulu and Nick, this cast has proved they have the chops. 26 year old Erica Dasher, who plays the main character of Jane, portrays a teenager quite well, as does Nick Roux, who plays her best friend.

* Creative plots. The plot lines are not contrived or cliché. Instead, most plots center around Jane at school, Jane at work in the fantasy world of fashion, and Jane's relationships with her friends and co-workers. This show is obviously very fashion related, so any fashionistas will enjoy its numerous references to the industry and cameo appearances by designers (like Betsey Johnson.) * Unique relationships. This isn't just your typical abc teen show drama...instead of constant breakups and such, Jane by Design presents Jane and Billy as incredibly close but (as yet) platonic best friends. Billy's devotion to Jane is something quite unusual and their relationship is one not really seen before.

* Really good clothes. Which is to be expected, since this is a fashion show.

So, in conclusion, go watch this show. It's positive, lighthearted, and actually has substance. The 10 episodes are airing in rotation on abc's site (a rerun is added every Monday) and abc has just ordered 8 more episodes for this summer. OR, if you can't wait that long, check out this realistic fanfiction story which carries over all the plot lines from the show (just search for "Kickstich" by Clarissa Rivers on fanfiction.)
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Cute Combination
borderlinecomedy30 April 2012
Jane by Design is an adorable combination of Ugly Betty and the Devil Wears Prada. This show caters to young girls. It will also capture the hearts of hopeless romantics. The show creates curious conflict to hook the viewer. Yet, the show manages to end with a resolution that leaves you eager to feel more. I'm not sure if its the beautiful actresses or the interesting plot; but, my husband has sat down to watch several episodes with me. He has even asked me a few questions about the character's backgrounds. It is hard to engage a man in a romantic comedy, but this show has done it.I look forward to more episodes. If you enjoyed Ugly Betty or the Devil Wears Prada, I believe you will be surprised by Jane by Design, and the writers ability to write show after show with the same up beat feel.
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Please Renew
rvashus6 August 2012
This is the best show ABC has put on air in years. I will be very disappointed in them if they do not continue this series. In fact I may stop watching ABC all together without it. Nothing else has both grabbed my attention and my emotions like the characters and plot of this series. The characters are dynamic and well thought out and the romance confusion definitely puts the icing on the cake. The numerous love triangles, mix-ups, and near disastrous situations that the female lead, Jane, encounters can grab your attention from a mile away. I would rate this TV show no less than perfection and am very, very pleased with ABC when inferring to this particular series. I hope with all my heart that they renew it and continue such a great show.
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Targeted for a specific audience
moossaboossa30 April 2012
I think this show is either directed at teenagers, those who aren't far from their teenage years or those who are particularly reminiscent of their teenage years; simply because it can't be taken too realistically.

"Jane by design" details the life of a sixteen year old girl who is mistaken as an adult, and is given the opportunity to live both the life of a normal teenager and the life of a successful career woman. She doesn't pay rent but she earns a respectable salary, she doesn't have bills so she uses her money for clothes- it's essentially the best of both worlds. This show centres around a daydream that most high school "outcasts" have had at one point; that of being given the opportunity to break free from the mold and prove to every popular kid that even the outcasts matter.

This show can't be taken too literally. It is very surreal (as a situation such as Jane's would never go unnoticed), perhaps a little stereotyped and generally tailor made for the modern day teenager. It has Iphones, heels and a Katy Perry soundtrack- so if Gossip girl or 90210 simply aren't to your liking, this probably won't be either. But as a teenage girl, I find it adds much needed sustenance to my own daydreams and perhaps a little bit of healthy positivism to my outlook on life.
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Jane by design
rachel_nicole_jade22 August 2012
I like this series. Its the old double life Hannah Montana meets The devil wears Prada. Where the unpopular dorky school girl actually has an exciting life outside of school. Its good to see the misfits and underdogs as not the most glamorous people, because lets face it- in reality that never happens! It opens young girls minds to the idea of their own design and trends in fashion. About expressing ones individuality and also that they can do anything that they put their mind too. For a woman in my 20's who has a large distaste for a lot of the latest programming that TV has to offer, i must admit that this show has certainly caught my attention!
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High school and high fashion
Eleni14 October 2012
For someone who has watched a few (or more...) TV series, this is a classic, by-the-book, teen show. Like The O.C., 90210 and Gossip Girl have already proved, when you put pretty faces in pretty, and expensive, clothes, you have yourself a TV show.

Jane is a high school student and she is supposed to be unpopular, an outsider, "dateless" to quote the storyline description. I am not sure how this fits with her going to school every day in extravagant dresses, high heels and tons of makeup.

Jane loves fashion and designs most of her clothes. After a misunderstanding, she lands her dream-job, assistant in a big-time fashion company. Where they think she is an adult. Now she has to juggle two secret lives, one in high school, and one in high fashion.

The plot revolves around troubles Jane faces at school, at work or at home. She always manages to cope, with some help from her best friend, Billy.

The cons: The whole situation is completely unrealistic, from Jane's clothes, to her platonic friendship with Billy, to people getting jobs at their local high school whenever they feel like it. The dialog is totally predictable. If you've watched high school shows before you can guess what the next line's going to be. Jane has an annoying quality I can't really put my finger on... but I didn't like the main character, and that of course is a problem.

The pros: No one expects you to take this seriously. The clothes look good. Billy looks even better. All of the supporting cast is lovely. Jane always manages to turn things around and make it work, which gives the show a nice optimistic note.

It's light entertainment, very enjoyable, and I would like to see how it would all turn out if there was gonna be a season 2...

P.S. I kept wondering why she has to change when going from school to work. Her outfits are already over-the-top. It would make more sense if she wore something more "normal" to school.

P.S.2 The first half of the season is better paced, in the second half new characters are introduced and that usually stretches the plot a bit much.
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WORST show on television
sam-braco20 April 2012
I literally wanted to bash my head into a wall attempting to watch this show. The acting is borderline terrible with a few promising actors budding on acceptable (Ben, Jane's brother, isn't HORRIBLE). The script is juvenile at best. I do think it's probably a good show for teens but if you are an adult trying to watch this, you will want a good healthy dose of a hefty pain killer before you try to watch it. Erica Dasher, who plays Jane, is annoying and there is something going on with her face that just bothers me and distracts me from anything else that is going on in the show. Also, people at ABC Family, who are we trying to kid? These actors and actresses portraying high school students do NOT look like they are in high school! At least hire actors who look like they can pull off being a teen. For example, Matthew Atkinson, who plays Jane's crush, Nick, is DEFINITELY pushing 30. I'm sorry to those who like the show, but for someone who was excited to watch this show because she likes fashion, this was a huge, stinking pile of disappointment.
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Erica Dasher best in too fake show
SnoopyStyle29 August 2013
Jane Quimby (Erica Dasher) is an outsider at school. Her brother Ben struggles to earn money as an athletic assistant at her school with their father dead and their mother gone. She tries to be an intern but famed fashion designer Gray Chandler Murray (Andie MacDowell) mistakenly hires her as an assistant. With her friend Billy's help, she leads a double life as a student and a full-time assistant.

This is a cheap looking, fake feeling work story, and completely unreal. The only saving grace is the super likable Erica Dasher. Sure she's cute, but she has the adorable underdog feel that demands we root for her. It lasted 1 season. It could have done a good second season but maybe not.
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