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Entertaining but not very clever

Author: wikipediacabal from United States
1 October 2013

The small and not terribly smart production team searched the planet, searching for evidence that there are mutants among us--regular humans who have been endowed by nature with exceptional capabilities. After three seasons, we know this: there are not mutants among us.

Instead they have found a jumble of strong men, memory savants, typical spirit mediums with their tricks, fakirs who can endure extreme pain, et cetera. They also found a long list of not terribly skeptical scientists of some sort to help investigate the claims.

These tend to be "sports physiologists" or "human performance researchers" when they have titles at all. The scientists don't say too much and often what they have to say is something to the effect that "what this person is doing is beyond what is possible" which is not a scientific comment. Sometimes the "scientific testing" is total nonsense like in 01x01 when the host tests the electrical resistance of a man's body and accepts the nonsensical values measured as a legitimate reason for the results.

The show's budget is tiny, which has grave results for both the educational value and the entertainment value of the show. In terms of education, it doesn't appear that the show has the research and writing resources to seriously investigate any of the subjects. The crew can only afford special lights and slow mo cameras for an occasional segment; most of them use the same garden variety gear with visual effects coming from overlaid graphics, which are repetitive.

At the end of every episode the host and Stan Lee, two perfectly unqualified guys, solemnly inform us that the trick of the day "is truly superhuman." After just a few episodes there's not even a question in your mind that's what will happen.

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How interesting!

Author: lisaofshades from Canada
11 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I didn't see the whole thing yet, but it keeps me coming for more. Don't expect people to fly, or see through walls (well maybe but not as far as I've seen). But you'll see people who have a greater human capacity than average. That makes them super. Not non-human magical. Just above average to the point of gaining special skills. Which could kill even the most enduring normal person. I liked how they got doctors to test, and they found differences. It could have been more in depth... at some point I wondered "what the hell do you feed on!!! Give me some!!!" but it's nice to have many stories on each episodes, it keeps you entertained more, you don't have the time to get bored with long medical explanation, they get to the point. I liked that. It's showing off and some medical proof that something special is actually going on. You can't argue with an MRI. It's amazing because we could all evolve into this specialization. But while we don't, they actually did. It's not like the x-men, or the fantastic 4, and those who expect extreme romanticized non human will probably disappointed. But I was amazed because I actually learned things... it pushed the limits of what I thought was possible, it robbed me of some shackles that science have... it felt liberating.

SPOILERS The one that amazed me and that I actually understood, but god it's difficult to explain... is the guy who can stick things to his body... I first thought "oh he can do it with metal, we all have electricity in our body, I guess it's possible to become a magnet"... but he did it with plastic and said that he can do it with concrete... and then I got an epiphany... I never believed in auras, until I actually saw one... someone who didn't respect his limit and tried to use beyond their energy so much that he literally sucked the light around him... It was darker all around him... and then I came across a science thing that actually took photo of magnetic fields of humans, and apparently all objects, even the dead ones... have that electric-magnetic aura... so... if someone had a magnetic field stronger than an object, it would stick to him... and kids can do it by rubbing b-day balloons to their hairs... so it exists... maybe the earth attracts us to it's center because of the magnetic field and maybe not because it turns, but because it just is... everything is made of tiny electrons so basically we're all made of the same stuff... we're all energy... so if the guy can boost his energy, which spreads out of the body (what we call the vital space, we don't like to mix them with people) it can engulf the energy of an object so powerfully that it gets attracted to the center... of his head, or hands... and stays there... he doesn't do it from a distance, but if that's possible, to make an object become part of your energy field and you, maybe it's possible to throw that energy into the air and affect distant objects... It makes sense to me... like the guy who closed his eyes and used the extreme power it takes to calculate the eye movements and see (we see upside down, the brain put it back together) the guy used that to do math to a whole new level... we can use our brain for anything. any parts of them... we just need to learn again... that's how brain damaged people can learn again... it's not how much % that you use but how you use it... the guy actually had less mental activity than normal but could do calculations at super speed... It opened my mind to possibilities. Not every single episodes gave me that awe of epiphany... the "O_O oh god my knowledge just got a new frontier". But it gave me amazement and some medical clues... even when the specialists didn't have a clue on how their readings could be possible... it was well balanced... and the fact that it's introduced by Marvel's creator (or something, I never seen him before, but I go aw! when I see him) and that the guy who meet super-humans is one as well... it felt like the x-men seeking one another so I got this warm fuzzy feeling... They CAN do things human usually can't, they ARE different physically... but it's real, not science fiction, so don't expect the extremes, x-men are probably in a far future... but it's happening... right now... and probably since ever...

Normal is overrated...

The man who can stretch is more fragile to cold... so what it tells me is that many people bullied for being weak just have a specialization somewhere that make them different, and that it's being cruel to look at the down side... because it always has an advantage to it, we just need to find it. And the people in the show did. And that's amazing. They are above, way above what anyone can do... and still, they do their best to improve and face challenges head on... sometimes they get hurt, sometimes they have to take the time to heal... but when they are ready, they still embrace themselves, and they still try to better themselves...

Even super-humans can get hurt, and even unchallenged super-humans can try to better themselves. It makes you think.

No one is perfect, some stuff is suspicious and hard to believe... but that's entertainment, that's people... and no matter what, it got me entertained, it got me thinking, and I learn things...

So I am very satisfied. I don't need superman. I don't need absolute proof. I don't need perfection. I took this show for what it is. And it made me happy ^_^

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