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Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Electro Man

5 August 2010
Daniel Browning Smith, a man with Superhuman flexibility, travels to India to investigate the local legend that Rajmohan Nair has developed immunity to electric current and can let it pass through his body, unharmed. Just one tenth of an amp can kill, but Daniel witnesses Mohan passing more than 30 times that amount through his body. Can anyone really be immune to electrocution?
Bill Amonette ... Himself - Human Performance Lab
Paul Faure ... Himself - Bat Scientist
Scott Flansburg ... Himself - The Human Calculator
David Hubbard ... Himself - Neurologist (as Dr. David Hubbard)

Stan Lee ... Himself
Raj Mohan Nair ... Himself - Current Mohan
Dennis Rogers ... Himself - Strong Man
Juan Ruiz ... Himself - Human Radar
Daniel Browning Smith ... Himself - Host
Frank Spaniol ... Himself - Professor of Kinesiology

Season 1, Episode 2: Killer Punch

12 August 2010
Daniel is in Vegas to meet Bob Munden the planet's fastest gunslinger, rumored to be faster than the blink of an eye, and with accuracy second to none. Using electromyography, and the fastest camera technology in the world, we investigate whether his speed goes beyond what science says is humanly possible.

Stan Lee ... Himself
Bob Munden ... Himself
Daniel Browning Smith ... Himself
Darren Taylor ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 3: Hammer Head

19 August 2010
Daniel meets Dean Karnazes. He's run 50 marathons in 50 days, and then ran 1300 miles back to the start. But how can Dean's body not suffer the exhaustion and fatigue faced by everyone else on earth? John Ferraro is rumored to have a skull that can withstand sledgehammers, bowling balls and even jackhammers.
Milan R. Amin ... Himself - Voice and Throat Specialist, NYU Voice Center (as Dr. Milan R. Amin)
Langdon Crawford ... Himself - Music Technologist, NYU Steinhardt

John Ferraro ... Himself - Human Anvil
Dean Karnazes ... Himself - Ultra Marathon Man

Stan Lee ... Himself
Kenny Muhammad ... Himself - Human Orchestra

Chris Nowinski ... Himself - Brain Trauma Expert, Sports Legacy Institute
Chris Robinson ... Himself - Future Man
Martha Shenton ... Herself - Neurologist, Harvard Medical School (as Dr. Martha Shenton)
Daniel Browning Smith ... Himself - Host
Joseph Smith ... Himself - UCSF Sports Medicine
Stevie Williams ... Himself - Sleep Technologist, Edinburgh Sleep Center
Zinta Zarins ... Herself - Biotechnologist, Berkeley University

Season 1, Episode 4: Human Speed Bump

26 August 2010
Daniel's incredible journey continues, as he investigates Tim Cridland, who claims to be able to switch off pain. He demonstrates his ability to go beyond normal pain thresholds by impaling himself with skewers, with little or no bleeding. Derek Paravicini is a blind autistic man with an incredible "superhuman" gift.
Tim Cridland ... The Man Who Feels No Pain (as The Torture King)

Stan Lee ... Himself
Derek Paravicini ... Himself
Daniel Browning Smith ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 5: Human Wolf

9 September 2010
Host Daniel Browning Smith heads to the Caribbean to meet Patrick Musimu, who's able to dive to 656 feet on a single breath. Inspired by Stan Lee's own Aqua Man, Patrick believes there is no limit to how far he can push his ability to withstand the enormous pressures associated with such depths.
Shaun Ellis ... Himself

Stan Lee ... Himself
Patrick Musimu ... Himself
Eskil Rønningsbakken ... Himself (as Super Balance)
Daniel Browning Smith ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 6: Human Crash Test Dummy

16 September 2010
Isao Machii is a real life modern day samurai with unbelievable sword skills. But are his eyesight, accuracy, speed truly superhuman? To find out, Daniel asks him to attempt to cut a speeding rubber bullet in mid air. dexterity and body control in the face of death.
Ramani Durvasula ... Herself - California State University (as Dr. Ramani Durvasula)
Norman Gary ... Himself - The Human Bee Hive
Rusty Haight ... Himself - Crash Test Dummy
Charles Ivey ... Himself

Stan Lee ... Himself
Isao Machii ... Himself - Modern Samurai
Steve Santini ... Himself - Escapologist
Daniel Browning Smith ... Himself
Jim Vatcher ... Himself - ex-Major League Pitcher

Season 1, Episode 7: Rubber Band Man

23 September 2010
Daniel Browning Smith's search for real life superhumans takes him to Wisconsin to meet Tim Friede. Tim has made himself a human guinea pig, allowing some of the world's deadliest snakes to bite him and recording the results, to hopefully reduce the 20,000 deaths that are caused by snakebite annually throughout the world.

Stan Lee ... Himself

Dan Meyer ... Himself Sword Swallower
Yves Rossi ... Himself
Daniel Browning Smith ... Himself
Garry Turner ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 8: Jaw Breaker

30 September 2010
Daniel heads to Chicago to meet "The Human Stun Gun"--a man who claims to be able to knock a man to the ground without touching him. Next, it's off to Marrakech, Morocco to meet Salim Haini, dubbed, "the man who eats anything." Watch him chow down on candles, plastic, strip lights, sawdust, nails, newspapers and more!
Tom Cameron ... Himself

Stan Lee ... Himself
Greg Poe ... Himself
Daniel Browning Smith ... Himself

Joshua P. Warren ... Himself

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Unbreakable

27 October 2011
In a temple in Kuala Lumpur, Shaolin monk Hu Qiong demonstrates his unbreakable body by smashing steel on his head, and spears in his throat. Bio-mechanic professor Dan Voss measures the forces at play to prove this is real.

Stan Lee ... Himself
Melchor Menor ... Himself
Chad Netherland ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 2: Shark Master

3 November 2011
Daniel searches out "The Spring," an unlikely internet star from Wisconsin, to see if his talents are for real. Could he be the greatest jumper on the planet? An American born fighter claims he can break baseball bats in half with a single kick.
Sarah Andreotti ... Herself - Shark Behaviourist
Aaron Evans ... Himself - The Spring
David Karpul ... Himself - Biomedical Engineer
Ito Kenichi ... Himself - Human 4x4

Stan Lee ... Himself
Melchor Menor ... Himself - Shins of Steel
Kris O'Conner ... Himself - Human Kinetics Expert (as Prof. Kris O'Conner)
Mike Rutzen ... Himself - Shark Master
David Sandler ... Himself - Sports Physiologist
Daniel Browning Smith ... Himself

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Yo Yo Ninja

28 February 2013
In his quest to find people with real superpowers, Daniel Browning Smith meets some extraordinary individuals including the man with the strongest neck on earth.
Kevin Warwick ... Himself

Season 3, Episode 2: Super Special

7 March 2013
The search is on to find more real-life superhumans! First Daniel is in Canada to meet Pat Poviliatis and a man who boasts his hands are tough enough to withstand the deadly jaws of a steel-tooted cougar-trap.
Dirk Auer ... Himself

Season 3, Episode 3: Human Shield

14 March 2013
Rene Richter says he has the strongest teeth on earth, capable of bending coins. But we discover his strength lies in his jaw, which Rene says allows him to lift over 1000lbs.

Season 3, Episode 4: Steel Face

21 March 2012
Daniel Browning Smith is in Vegas to meet Brian Jackson who blows up a hot water bottle until it explodes. Daniel takes Brian to a lung specialist to measure the power output and pressure of his lungs.

Season 3, Episode 5: Spider Power

28 March 2013
At high altitude, low oxygen causes hypoxia, altitude sickness and very quickly, death. But Ang Rita Sherpa claims he's climbed Everest 10 times with no extra oxygen.

Season 3, Episode 6: Beast Masters

21 July 2013
Dean Sheldon claims to be immune to America's deadliest scorpion venom. Daniel asks him to prove it by collecting 22 wild scorpions form the Arizona desert, and putting them in his mouth, all at once!

Season 3, Episode 7: Rocket Blader

28 July 2013
Stan sends Daniel to meet 38-year-old German speed fanatic Dirk Auer, who claims that with his incredible turbo powered rocket backpack and skates, he can reach amazing speeds.

Season 3, Episode 8: Robo Men

4 August 2013
Matthius Schlitte was born with Proteus syndrome, giving him one arm MUCH bigger than the other. He has used this genetic difference as a gift, and through training, turned himself into a top arm wrestler, capable of beating men twice his size.

Season 3, Episode 9: Bird-Man

18 August 2013
The ultimate superpower is flight, and Yokke Sommer is rumored to have achieved it--coming as close to a bird as any human has ever achieved. Daniel meets him on a 1000ft cliff in Norway, the site of many tragic deaths.

Stan Lee ... Himself
Daniel Browning Smith ... Himself - Host

Season 3, Episode 10: Supersight

25 August 2013
Daniel travels to Sardinia to meet free diver Stig Severinson who wants to take breath holding beyond all known human capabilities. He says he wants to hold his breath for over 20 minutes!
Peter Beteow ... Himself - Cranial Radiology Expert (as Dr. Peter Beteow)
Brad Byers ... Himself - Human Tool Box
John Edward Doyle ... Mr. Zoom

Stan Lee ... Himself
Alexander Levit ... Himself - Super Sight Man
Erica Schagatay ... Herself - Environmental Physiology Professor
Bill Scott ... Himself - Neuropsychologist
Martin Severinsen ... Himself - Free-Dive Expert
Stig Åvall Severinsen ... Himself - Dolphin Man (as Stig Severinsen)
Daniel Browning Smith ... Himself - Host
Mikhail Vasilyev ... Himself - Human Magnet
Christopher Zachary ... Himself - Dermatology Expert (as Dr. Christopher Zachary)

Season 4

Season 4, Episode 1: Throat of Steel

13 July 2014

Season 4, Episode 2: Painproof

20 July 2014
Stan sends Daniel to meet four people who can control their perception of pain, and push their bodies to unthinkable levels. Having created so many fictional pain-proof characters in his comics, Stan never thought real people could possess immunity to pain, but these four individuals perform staggering feats of pain tolerance that challenge the known limits of the human body. Eduardo Lasaga claims he can withstand extreme amounts of bone-crunching weights on his body. But, is he really un-crushable? Evgeny Kuznetsov takes the gore factor to the extreme, withstanding the excruciating pain of dozens of darts penetrating his flesh, but he also doesn't shed a drop of blood. Matthew Ahmet claims he's trained his body to tolerate the same level of pain as the ultimate shaolin warriors. Li Xin's demonstration of skull strength is almost too gruesome to watch, and he claims he's developed a superhuman head, that is virtually indestructible.

Season 4, Episode 3: Human Fireball

27 July 2014
This time Stan wants Daniel to investigate four people who claim to have superhuman heat tolerance, performing potentially deadly demonstrations that push themselves, and the human body, to new limits. Daniel puts them to the test to find out if they really can stand the heat! Ted Batchelor claims he is fireproof. At Salinas Airfield, Ted attempts the longest full body burn of all time, running over 500 feet, whilst burning at temperatures of 2400 Fahrenheit. Kann Trichaan from Thailand is rumored to be immune to the searing heat of boiling cooking oil, and appears to feel no pain, even when submerging his hands for seconds at a time. Anandita Dutta Tamali is the most chilli-proof human on earth, but can she withstand pepper spray? Marshall Ullrich is said to be immune to the lethal effects of heatstroke, but Daniel tests his heat tolerance by challenging him to run in potentially fatal temperatures, in an oven!

Season 4, Episode 4: Powerlifting Pastor

6 August 2014
Super-strength appears in almost all comics, whether a natural-born ability or the result of some misguided scientific experiment. This time Daniel investigates four claims of genuine real-life super-strength that appear to take human power to mind boggling levels. Ales Novak claims to have the ability to scale ropes incredibly fast, using his own pulling power. Daniel tests the man known as the human winch, to find out if he is truly superhuman. Kevin Fast claims he's the strongest man in the world. He says his ability is a power granted by God, but he's going to attempt to pull a 140 ton truck, a machine designed to move mountains. Jim Dreyer is an endurance swimmer who can swim for days on end, while towing tons of weight behind him, like a human tug boat. Lasha Pataraya says he has the world's strongest ears. But Daniel tracks him down in Florida where he attempts to pull a five ton truck with just one ear.

Alex Coker ... Himself / SWAT Rappel Master

Season 4, Episode 5: Fearproof

13 August 2014
This time Stan wants Daniel to meet four people who claim to be fear-proof, and push man's limits to the very edge, performing staggering feats at extreme heights that would paralyze any normal person with fear. Julio Munoz claims to have the ability to switch off fear, and wants to prove it by attempting one of the scariest stunts of all time that requires superhuman nerves of steel. Tyler Bradt takes fearlessness to a whole new level, kayaking over waterfalls hundreds of feet high. Andy Lewis is a fearless slackliner who uses no safety harness when traversing deadly canyons on an inch-wide rope. Gary Connery has dedicated his life to become the first human to jump from an aircraft and land without a parachute, and survive. Daniel heads up to over 3000 feet to watch Gary attempt this insane feat.

Season 4, Episode 6: Rapid Fire

20 August 2014
Comics are full of inventors and geniuses that use machines to perform amazing feats. Stan sends Daniel to meet real life inventors who claim to have built machines that that merge man and machine. But can they take humans to the next level, to become superhuman? Jerry Miculek is rumored to be able to fire an old fashioned handgun, faster than a fully automatic. Daniel puts that claim to the test, to see if he is... a human machine gun. Francky Zapata claims he has built a machine that allows him to fly through and over the water, just like Iron Man. Time for Daniel to see what he's capable of. Paul Swift is rumored to be the best driver on the planet, and can perform feats with a car that appear impossible. Eric Barone has built a new breed of bicycle in an attempt to become the fastest downhill cyclist of all time.

Season 4, Episode 7: Man vs. Beast

27 August 2014

Season 4, Episode 8: High Voltage

3 September 2014
Genetic mutation produces incredible comic-book superheroes. But Stan wants Daniel to meet four real people who claim to have a difference in their physiology, that makes them superhuman! Mr. Duong claims that his entire family possess a genetic mutation that makes them completely immune to electrocution, and can hang from a live pylon and survive. Orlando Serrell claims he was turned into a real life genius after being hit on the head, and can remember the exact weather every day since the accident. Thanks to a unique genetic mutation, Joshua Carter is able to perform a staggering feat of contortion, that rewrites the limits of the human body. Kortney Olsen claims to have thighs even stronger than a python. Daniel tests her crush force, to see if she has turned her body into a human weapon.

Season 4, Episode 9: Disc of Death

10 September 2014
The secret of any good superhuman is a deadly power hidden beneath an ordinary exterior. This time Stan is on the hunt for people with secret abilities that turn them into lethal human weapons! Lee Morrison says he has trained himself to deliver a super-powered strike, as deadly as a tiger claw. Brodie Smith is rumored to use an every day frisbee with killer accuracy. Daniel puts him head-to-head with a sniper to find out how accurate he really is. Rick Smith Jr. claims to be able to throw an everyday playing card with devastating accuracy and power, but can he throw it the length of a football field? Many people claim to have unique powers, but Paul Stringerl says he has the power and strength to run straight through a brick wall.

Season 4, Episode 10: Ultimate Super Team

17 September 2014

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