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21 Mar. 2012
Auction Hunters: Live
In an unprecedented live event, Ton and Allen attend an exclusive high-end auction and attempt to turn a profit in just one hour! Watch as Ton and Allen race to dig the units they've won and sell their contents live!
28 Mar. 2012
Cold Hard Cash
Ton and Allen go North to Alaska and get a cold reception from the local auctioneer. They find two enormous seaplane pontoons and a pair of Smith & Wesson revolvers, including the most powerful production handgun in the world!
28 Mar. 2012
Ton's Driller Instinct
Ton & Allen encounter aggressive outdoorsmen in the Alaskan wilderness. The guys discover an 8-wheeled ATV that travels on both land & water and an air percussion hammer that can drill through solid rock!
4 Apr. 2012
Hidden Hot Wheels
Ton and Allen challenge a big time auction buyer on his home turf. The guys uncover a 1969 Chevelle Malibu muscle car and a single-shot pistol designed to aid Allied resistance fighters during WWII.
11 Apr. 2012
Big Easy Money
Allen & Ton head to New Orleans in search of easy money, but instead encounter some bayou bidders with big-time bucks! They discover a pair of early 19th-century dueling pistols & a vintage airboat fitted with a turbine engine!
18 Apr. 2012
Auction Hunter Shuffle
Ton and Allen teach a cocky new auction hunter a lesson. They spot a 1940's-era shuffleboard table and uncover an early hot rod made from the fuel tank of a WWII fighter plane!
25 Apr. 2012
High Flying Ton
A nerdy auction buyer tests Ton and Allen's patience at a big container auction in Ventura. The guys discover a basket and burners for a hot air balloon and a 19th century German single shot rifle!
2 May 2012
Drumming Up Cash
Ton & Allen face some silent but deadly competition at an auction in nearby Glendale. They discover a Zildjian brand percussion cymbal from the 1940's and a pyrotechnics control board designed for large-scale fireworks displays!
2 May 2012
Bowling Pin Payday
Allen & Ton visit Ton's old stompin' ground and go head-to-head with a trash-talking auction buyer. They uncover a 19th century rifle with a matching cutlass bayonet and a mechanical bowling pinsetter from the early 1960's!
9 May 2012
Fake Punt Payoff
Ton and Allen contend with a large crowd of inexperienced auction-buyers at a huge storage container auction in Pasadena. They find a small fleet of Segway personal transporters and an enormous custom-made shotgun.
16 May 2012
Episode #3.10
Ton & Allen attend a silent auction in NJ, but that doesn't stop the local buyers from letting them know they're not welcome! They uncover a skeet throwing machine from the 1960's & a vintage vehicle with some real horsepower!
23 May 2012
Mr. Haff Goes to Washington
Ton and Allen invade the Nation's capital, but meet strong resistance from local bidders. The guys uncover a Civil War era black powder revolver and a stash of South African gold coins!
30 May 2012
Episode #3.12
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6 Jun. 2012
Episode #3.13
Ton & Allen face-off against an auction buyer with shady bidding tactics and even more questionable fashion sense. The guys find a custom-built monowheel & a rifle designed to ward off grave robbers in the early 19th century!
13 Jun. 2012
Plank Cannon/Calliope
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20 Jun. 2012
Episode #3.15
An unassuming mom in an oversized sweater tries to pull the wool over Ton & Allen's eyes at a storage auction in Arlington, VA. The guys uncover a black powder cannon designed in the 15th century & a Russian military motorcycle!
27 Jun. 2012
Sidecar Surprise
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4 Jul. 2012
Choo-Choo, Cha-Ching!
Ton and Allen get a surprise second chance after nearly getting shut out in the small town of Palmer. They uncover a motorized railroad maintenance car from the 1960's and a pre-WWI Japanese semi-automatic pistol.
11 Jul. 2012
Episode #3.18
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18 Jul. 2012
Episode #3.19
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25 Jul. 2012
Ice, Ice, Baby
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1 Aug. 2012
Gangs of New York
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8 Aug. 2012
Allen's Ruff Day
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15 Aug. 2012
Ton's Hot Commodity
Allen is late to the auction, leaving Ton to battle a feisty female auction buyer on his own! The guys find a fully functional flamethrower and a rare hand-carved bow and arrow set from South America!
22 Aug. 2012
Episode #3.24
Ton and Allen have to get aggressive when they encounter a towering opponent with a mountain of cash. The guys uncover a vintage ice resurfacing machine and an Olympic biathalon rifle!
29 Aug. 2012
Money Makin' Monster Machines
Ton and Allen duke it out with a local thrift store gang at a Brooklyn storage auction. The guys discover a classic arcade redemption game and a mid-century water cannon designed to fight towering infernos!
12 Sep. 2012
Hula Moola
Ton and Allen jet to the Hawaiian islands where they're joined by a feisty new female assistant!The team uncovers a pair of James Bond-style gadgets designed for high-speed underwater travel and a vintage sled.
19 Sep. 2012
Friends in Hawaii Places
Allen &Ton enlist an assistant, Carolyn, and Allen's Hawaiian buddy, Junior, to help them battle local buyers. The guys find a WWII-era motor scooter and a stash of antique Polynesian tattoo tools that get used on Ton!
26 Sep. 2012
Gold 'n' Gloves
The Auction Hunters team goes on the attack & ends up on a collision course with a hardened veteran auction buyer. They uncover a collection of speedy off-road vehicles and some hardcore heavy metal from the turn-of the-century!

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