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Boy meets girl, etc. Huge Tiny becomes many little ones. Titan. FTL.
lynnwengland15 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Dear Syfy: Have you ever wondered why such a popular hit series like this took a nose dive and crashed? Or why hardly anyone bothers to write reviews anymore? Well, it could be that you took a wonderful, quirky science fantasy and turned it into a dull, stupid soap opera. This episode was all about Jo and Zane; Carter and Allison; Grace and Henry and very little about the STORY LINE, which disappears faster than the Helli pad on the roof of GD. The gang at GD just only conquered Faster-than-light but what about the flowers for the wedding? Now that's the important stuff. It's no wonder you canceled this and your other gem, WH 13. Shame on you.
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Wait, wait! 2 billion miles?
arbitrarydissent7 January 2013
I have been so watching Eurika for two weeks on Netfix that my wife has peeked in to see what I was really doing at 2 am.

First half of season 3 was the best.

Here, however, I draw the line. 2 billion miles? That would be one chicken scratch on the way to eternity. Titan is that close?

On the other hand, in the next episode the following was the best line I have ever seen in this series;

"No. See, I've seen this before and then the Staypuft marshmallow man, 'Aarrgghh' comes down the street. I -- No.

Thought I would die laughing. Keep watching.
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