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What garbage

Author: AlericTX from Mpls, MN
22 January 2012

This version of WW has turned her from fighting Nazis to being a Nazi. Call that hyperbole if you like but the fact remains that they have cast aside every shred of honor that DC heroes have with this drivel.

In the movie Hancock, Nancy Grace chastises Hancock by saying "Nobody is above the law". In this series they have her praising WW for her illegal and unconstitutional actions. When the police ask her to give over the suspect the first line we ever hear her say is "If I give him to you he will 'lawyer up'".

DC heroes never interfered with the criminal justice system. They groused about it but they realized that couldn't replace it. This version shows us a Wonder Woman who will happily adopt the Guilty-until-proved innocent, no due process approach of the Nazis she used to fight.

It sickened me to watch this garbage.

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Murder, Torture, Denial of Rights = Wonder Woman pilot

Author: whirlgigs from Canada
31 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This pilot was hyped to be the quintessential Wonder Woman for the 21st Century. It was supposed to bring her into a new generation of fans and expose her to a wider audience.

*snort* Good luck with this pilot. I can sum it up with one line that occurs about ten minutes in, in which Diana proclaims "I know you want vengeance, but lets leave that up to me. I'm kind of good at it." This loses out on the entire heart of Wonder Woman. If they were trying to shill it to non-fans, those people can get far better 'corporate drama' from any of the Law & Order or legal shows and better action from things like CSI and The Shield.

Fans are equally likely to tune-out.

Gone is Diana eloquence and grace when speaking. Here the largest word she uses is probably 'supplements' and instead of a graceful discussion of her dislike for one of the action figures that financially supports her company, she waves the doll around, talks over people and snarls about 'perfect tits' like a diva having a temper tantrum.

Gone is her respect for cultures. Only seconds in and she nearly refuses to allow police to take the suspect she's apprehended. She shows blatant disrespect for the laws of the country she now lives in by being fine with denying said suspect his right to a fair trial or legal counsel.

Also absent is her calm heart that often provided rational feedback to Superman's mercy and Batman's obsessiveness in comics. Here she tries desperately to pull of the Angelina Jolie sultry/angry pout during every battle that looks more like it should be in a D-movie about vampires than on the Worlds Greatest superheroine. She uses brutal violence as a first resort and murders a guard by throwing a pipe through him because he fired at her instead of using her gauntlets to simply block the shots like she's done in every single other incarnation in comics, cartoons and other live-actions. It's not only wrong, but incredibly hypocritical as she goes on to lecture a grieving mother and Veronica Cale about the wrongness of killing. I guess it's only wrong when people other than Wonder Woman do it? She ends up feeling like a bad rip on other superheroes, unable to stand on her own talent..which the REAL Wonder Woman has in spades. There are things that are unique to her that no other hero has. It's been enough to see her as one of comics leading ladies for over 70 years, but apparently not good enough for a moment of this pilot's time.

But hey, she and her almost entirely-white billion dollar company with billion-dollar interiors are out to save inner-city black boys who want to go to college from an evil white pharma CEO!

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The Troubles I've Seen

Author: darthvoice from United States
13 August 2011

1. I have had to swallow vomit that was in better taste than this...

2. Seriously? Two good reviews? This is most definitely the lowest of the low as far as I am concerned. The writers should be shot for the terrible job they did, and the acting made me want to huff a can of spray paint so that I could be brain dead and not remember what I just saw.

3. The "special" (more like special bus) effects were far worse than such titles as "Supercroc Vs. Giant Octopus" and any SyFy original you could choose.

Finally, I just can't understand why someone like Cary Elwes would even care to be associated with such drivel. I would rather watch a channel that showed only freecreditreport commercials and pictures of abused animals than be subjected to this, the worst drivel I have ever seen in my life

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Not a bad pilot, should have got picked up

Author: A_Real_Hip_Dude from United States
19 September 2011

The Wonder Woman pilot that is floating around on the internet is an unfinished work designed to function as a display for potential companies to sign it and assign to their network. Some of the digital effects are not finished and this apparently makes some people say that the show is low quality. Therefore if you are going to watch this you should be aware that it is in an UNfinished form and will likely not be finished anytime soon. Expect to see ropes occasionally, the jet is not always properly layered against the sky, and occasionally colors are not digitally balanced accurately.

I really enjoyed this pilot. From what I had been hearing I was expecting dreadful, but by comparison to what is on TV today on most channels I'm really disappointed that it won't be on in the fall.

The dialogue runs dry in a couple moments, and some of WW's facial expressions seem to be a bit forced, but these are common in pilots. It's almost like a dress rehearsal where you put it all together and attempt to get comfortable with it as you figure out what needs to be improved.

I think the main fault found in this show was that WW's "story" had been changed a bit from the comics. Who she is and how she lives her public life and private life are altered, but not out of character for who Wonder Woman is. She is still an active and aware female doing good in a mans world. She is fierce and well natured all in one. Granted, the actress needed time to grow in to the role, but I felt that she was a good choice and could have smoothed out her portrayal had they been given a season to air.

The main problem that any comic-based superhero TV show or movie faces is that the comic readers develop a sense of ownership over the characters that they feel they deserve due to years of faithfully throwing away money on their books, so when a show or movie is made they view it through a lens of religious zealotry and assemble in screaming protest at any slight variation from their favorite stories.

Thus was the case with Wonder Woman. It was not a bad pilot, but of course had it's rough spots and could use some tuning. The cries of die-hard comic nerds, ranting in unison on the internet and scaring producers is getting to be something like squatters-rights on creativity. With Wonder Woman, and others, it would be nice if we could say "Oh, this studio is going to do something based on this comic-book, lets see how it goes". Had Wonder Woman been given a full season I think we could have had something fun.

Keep in mind that pilots are usually a lot rougher. Seinfeld was almost painfully dry. The Dukes of Hazzard was an almost completely different show (A couple of my favorites) and by comparison I think that Wonder Woman should have gotten a shot.

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It's not perfect. But it aims high and it's not bad. Worse pilots have made it to TV and spawned series that ran for years!

Author: RikerDonegal from Ireland
23 July 2011

Okay, here's everything I have to say/write about the 2011 Wonder Woman pilot.

1. Adrianne Palicki is superb! I'm a fan. I've been a fan since I first saw her in Supernatural and South Beach. I liked her because she is uncommonly sexy and very beautiful. But when I saw her in Friday Night Lights, I quickly realised that she is a supremely talented actress. She brings something to the table that is rare: she makes you believe that there is a lot going on behind her eyes. The most obvious example of this quality is the late Peter Falk. You watch him as Columbo and you believe that he is thinking about... something/everything. Palicki does this in Friday Night Lights and she does it here. So... she's beautiful and sexy and she has - I suppose - gravitas. Or whatever. Here, in the WW pilot she totally nails it.

2. The writer (David E. Kelley) has a specific take on Wonder Woman and runs with it. His shows tend to be shows about the law, his shows tend to be about lawyers. So... he drops WW into a world of laws, corporations, big bucks, legalities/illegalities and - in this one hour of TV - explains why she exists in this world. And, to be honest, it works. It's not MY take on Wonder Woman, but - after seeing this - I would be willing to take a leap and watch HIS take on the character.

3. The action scenes are good.

4. This is not an origin story. This is a case-of-the-week story. This is exactly how I would start a WW series (should anyone care).

5. Some things DON'T work. Sometimes the dialogue makes you cringe. There are a couple of bad scenes, in my humble opinion. The hospital scene, the two scenes with Steve Trevor, the applause scene, etc. Scenes where you roll your eyes. But, because I liked lots of other things, I'm willing to let the bad stuff slide. And, to be honest, even when I was cringing at something, I could appreciate what David E. Kelley was trying to do. It's not perfect, but it has a clarity of vision sadly lacking in the Bionic Woman or Knight Rider reboots. I HATED those. They had no redeeming qualities. This, I didn't hate. It had redeeming qualities. I could see what it was trying to be. And, because it succeeded on a few points (especially the fantastic lead casting), I was willing to go the extra mile and accept the other (weaker) stuff.

6. I liked the main character, and wanted to root for her. The most obvious comparison here is Bionic Woman from 2007. That show was dark and edgy and stuff. And... I never found a reason to like the main character. In one episode she set fire to her kitchen. That baffled me. What was I supposed to do? Laugh at her? Pity her? What? Diana Prince, as written by David E. Kelley, is interesting and likable. She's dark and edgy, I suppose, but she's more than that. She's arrived in our world and established herself an interesting set-up. And she's decided to 'go it alone' for reasons that make sense to her. And kinda to the audience as well. She's self-sacrificing and brave and annoyed by injustice and other stuff that would make me root for her on a weekly basis. Kelley's script has scenes that could, in the hands of a lesser actress, come off as self-pitying and unattractive. Palicki rises above that. Rises about the (sometimes flawed) material and makes us care, even when the on-screen image is something as uninspired as Diana at home alone, with her cat (!!), watching Ryan Gosling's weep-fest The Notebook.

It's not perfect. But it aims high and it's not bad. Worse pilots have made it to TV and spawned series that ran for years! 8/10

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Best Pretend It Didn't Happen

Author: mmaxi73 from United Kingdom
13 May 2012

Fair enough, as a bloke in his late thirties I admit it's probably impossible anyone would be able to totally fill Lynda Carter's red boots as Wonder Woman for me. However when I saw the pictures of Adrianne Palicki in the outfit I laughed.And several months later when I had finished laughing I decided to check out the pilot.

Turns out I had been a bit unfair on Ms. Palicki for, although no Lynda,for me she is the best thing about this pilot.Let me rephrase that - for me she is the only good thing about this pilot. Oh, O.K. the action isn't bad.

But the rest is just really really depressing. The dialogue is truly awful,the plot terrible, the supporting cast stinks. I'm not a major fan of David E Kelley so I expected to have to put up with people banging on about the law a lot (they do). What I wasn't prepared for was Wonder Woman's total disregard for the law. But the thing is this isn't the character of Wonder Woman that anyone - anyone - would recognise.

I had never seen Adrianne Palicki before but thought she had both presence and charisma.I suspect I shall see her again in the future. And with the success of the Avengers re-igniting talk of Wonder Woman on the Big Screen, maybe best for all concerned we just pretend this didn't happen...

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Not as good one might think

Author: julekmeister from Poland
21 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought a while, how to grade this pilot. I went for 4 out of 10 with 5 as a production that is neither bad nor good - watchable. Here's why I gave it this grade: There is a lot of things people, especially male viewers, would like. There are some decent fight scenes, there is some decent acting and there are beautiful women. That's pretty much it. Elisabeth Hurley and Adrienne Palicki are stunning and they do know what acting is.

Unfortunately these are the only qualities I could find in this production that would make the time spent watching this not entirely wasted. The character of Wonder Woman is significantly different from her portrayal in comic books and other TV series. While it doesn't necessarily mean it's bad this Diana just doesn't make much sense. On one hand we have a successful business woman, on the other lonely, delicate girl living alone and in the middle of this almost a psychopath killer. It's just like the main character has a split personality disorder. One might argue that the whole idea of having and alter ego is that those two personae have to be completely different, so that no one would uncover the secret identity of the hero. But that's not the case here. Wonder Woman in this show is publicly known so there is no need for hiding who she really is. And yet, while being Diana Prince she is lonely, heartbroken and gloomy watching TV with her cat - I think that is the true self of the main character since she doesn't have to hide anything from her pet. And in the same time in her Wonder Woman form she is ruthless, with no regard for law or human life. The most shocking scene for me in the pilot was when she pinned a man to a door with a pipe killing him and she didn't even blink. She even said to her cat, that it was a good day, because she got to beat up some bad guys as if not realizing she's just murdered someone. I'm not opposed to a new, darker, more morally gray hero, but the lack of consequence. It's almost as if different writers wrote different aspects of Wonder Woman's character and private life without reading what the other guys wrote. It just doesn't make any sense.

Further more, what's the case with the lasso? A TV reporter stated, that Wonder Woman used her lasso of TRUTH to capture a villain. That means, her rope has the same properties as in the comic books - it can make every man tell the truth. Yet she still has to torture a guy she's just put in a hospital (!) to tell her anything? Why the h she did that when she just could wrap her golden string around him and ask politely? Maybe for her own pleasure - hence she really IS a psychopath.

So, in my opinion, writing on this show sucks. It is poor and inconsequential. The CG is also not so good. The scenes where Diana flies her "invisible" jet are so static it just hurt my eyes to watch. But I guess that's the least important thing, although in a superhero show you wanna see some good SFX and cool stunts.

So, the acting, cast, gorgeous women (Hurley and Palicky are just stunning as I stated before :)) and the action scenes are a big plus to the show.

The writing, plot holes, character creation, special effects and essentially every thing except the few things mentioned above make a giant minus. Hence the grade 4/10. It's watchable but bad.

PS. Is Wonder Woman even a superhero in this show? She can't fly by her own, she is strong but doesn't seam as strong as in the comic books (she has almost Superman level of strength in the source material) and her jest isn't invisible.

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This is awful!

Author: CountVladDracula from United States
12 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Where do I begin? This version of Wonder Woman goes too far in trying to make her dark and edgy. It's worse than the 2004 Daredevil that taunted and tortured men just for winning against him in a court of law.

This Wonder Woman lacks compassion or mercy. She tortures men who are already helpless and in hospital beds for information. She is sadistic and cruel. Not only that but she has a confusing three alter egos. And the "Casual" one just sits at home, petting a cat, watching chick flicks and pining for her ex. I wanted to smack this obnoxious stereotype on what it means to be female.

It is my belief that the only real difference between men and women, psychologically, are the constraints that society imposes on us. In example: A little girl might be raised to like pink because it's a "girl" color and a little boy is taught the same about "blue" but these are not basic biological patterns of reason but rather an odd cultural impression that many conform to without realizing it. There is a reason human psychology is just that, human psychology, not male psychology or female psychology, just psychology. This felt like it was written by someone who can't quite grasp that despite the reproductive organs or what gender you might be attracted to, we are all people with the same basic wants and needs. Women are not some strange alien lifeform.

I kept wanting Bo from Lost Girl or Buffy to come along and smack her as they are actually well portrayed female heroes. This was insulting. It made me feel dirty and ashamed to be female. The character was so dark and repulsive (when she wasn't being a bad stereotype) that I found it hard to believe she was the hero. This was disgusting.

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Would be Great - if it weren't Called "Wonder Woman"

Author: looniper from Oz, KS
24 April 2013

I have read many reviews citing poor acting, poor writing, shoddy camera work... As a made-for-television pilot, I found all of these to be acceptable. It isn't a feature film after all.

I also had no trouble seeing Adrianne Palicki in the role. She has the right proportions, figure, and face to closely match the classic DC comic heroine.

But where it all falls short - profanely so - is in the complete abandonment of her Story. They seem to have ditched her Greek Mythology origin and made into some kind of female version of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Even her bracers (forged by the god Haephestus for her mother, Hipolita) and lasso aren't divine artifacts, but technological gadgets paid for by marketing clothing lines and action figures.

The show would probably have been picked up if they had used a different outfit and name, but the outcry from the comics community was loud and clear - Don't break the story!

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so far from canon it's something else altogether. PLEASE LET JOSS WHEDON do this right next time?

Author: Michelle Levine from Israel
16 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If I was not a major WW fan, I'd still have been bored to tears with this mealy-mouthed whiny production, but as a Wonder Woman fan, I'm OUTRAGED!!! Wonder Woman is NOT Superman, nor Batman - she is not simply out for the pursuit of justice, as portrayed here. WW left her home (Paradise Island/Themyscira) to come to man's world to teach us to live in peace and harmony - thus she is always written as an uplifting and inspiring character. As David E. Kelley dresses her down, she is more depressing and disappointing than Rachel Mcadams in the Notebook, which we find her watching.

Many writers have portrayed Wonder Woman over the last 70 years in the DC Universe - and all agree that Wonder Woman avoids needless killing at all costs, yet David E. Kelley paints her as a heartless killer. In FACT, Diana is so amazing partly because she never needs to kill, nor torture people for information, as David E. Kelley also has her doing. THAT IS WHAT THE LASSO OF TRUTH IS FOR. Kelley's ignorant writers have her using it as a sort of high-tech cowgirl lasso, for reining loose criminals in, when in FACT, the LASSO IS HER BIGGEST POWER - when inside the lasso, one is COMPELLED to tell the truth, and even to SEE THE TRUTH whereas before their own perspective was clouded. What if they invented a new Superman who couldn't fly? a Green Lantern with no ring? THAT IS WHAT THEY'VE DONE TO WW by making her lasso a flaccid toy. The magic of the lass of truth is part of WW's on-screen magic - but making magic is apparently something Kelley and his team oppose on principle.

WW fans the world over have blasted her awful pants suit, and while it's hard to imagine an intelligent person approving that outfit, I wouldn't disqualify the show based on her poor pants and plastic bracelets/headgear alone. I've been looking forward to the new incarnation of Wonder Woman WAY too long for that. No, sadly the problem is the writing, the direction, and the casting of Wonder Woman herself. Palicki is pretty enough that i can see why they AUDITIONED her, but to cast her? She is a good enough actress for a sitcom, but not for an iconic role like WW. She played her very mainstream mundane with zero charisma...her under-acting in the hospital scene with Willis and her response to hearing about his passing were so off-putting that it's clearly director-error to not at least try to get some emotion into this brunette barbie-girl. Clearly Palicki does not have the BASE HUMILITY to watch a few Lynda Carter episodes, to understand the type of magic she should be bringing to the production. Palicki belongs on Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill...not in the league of superheroes! If fans get our due and Whedon redoes this, he should bring back the original WW theme song, but rebooted, and play it for dramatic effect during a press conference that builds energy - this whole thing was so lacking in energy it almost put me to sleep. NOT the way you want to feel after watching A PILOT episode.

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