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Why I rated Captain America: Super Soldier 8 out of 10
mhalla18 February 2013
The game has fantastic sound and playability. You actually get to move and act like Captain America. The bullets really sound like they are bouncing offhis shield. No, the storyline could have been much improved. Many times you do not really know why you are doing what you are doing until youget to where you are going. The graphics are terrific. The game lets you fight exactly how you would think Captain America fights. I know there has been some knock on the "quick-time events" but I liked them. Maybe they could reduce the amount of them, but the events themselves are not so bad. The bottom-line is simple: if you like action games or Captain America, it is simply well worth your time. I have played it through three times. Maybe I am too big a Captain America fan, but if the storyline gets better for the next game, I can see Captain America falling just shy of Arkham City territory.
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Save the world from hydra
joosy5 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have played this game since it was released in Holland and i like it very much.

The gameplay is a bit compared to Wolfenstein that was released in 2009. Red skull was designed very good just like the details in the captain's costume. The other characters are not that good designed but the look like the characters from the movie. You will have to fight against grunts and sorcers and other enemies that are different in power.

There are 18 levels in the story mode and i've come to the 18th level in 5 hours. There is also a challenge mode where you can test your skills. You will have to find several things in the story mode like zemo diaries, zola movie reels, golden eggs and others.

I've enjoyed playing it very much and i still do, great game you should play it and see for yourself.
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