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A man is seen standing in a doorway completely naked, though his crotch region is heavily shadowed, so barely anything is seen.

A teenage girl looks at her bare chest in a mirror. One of her breasts is seen for a few seconds.

A man performs oral sex on a woman. Her breasts are seen, and most of his buttocks. She makes graphic sexual moaning noises.

A group of men are seen completely naked, all of them covering their crotch regions. The buttocks of several of them are shown briefly.

A man and woman have doggystyle sex. No nudity is shown, and only the woman's face and shoulders are shown.

A woman's breasts are shown as she sits on a bed.

A man and woman are seen having sex. He is on top of her and thrusting, while she moans sexually. His buttocks are shown. This scene only last for a few seconds.

A woman's breasts are shown, and she tells a man she is "wet again."

A dead woman's buttocks are seen for a few seconds.

A sleeping woman's breasts are shown as she lies in bed.

A young nun is seen holding her clothes up, showing her breasts, with a man on his knees in front of her. It appears to be coercive by the man. They are interrupted before anything else happens. Her breasts are only seen for a couple of seconds.

A man and woman kiss passionately.


A man punches another man in the face several times.

A man whips himself several times, and his cut and bloody back is briefly shown.

Blood from a girl's first period is shown on her hand and briefly on her thighs.

A woman jabs a teenage girl with a pin, and she shouts in pain. The mark is very briefly shown later.

A man is hit with a club by another man.

A man beats his wife to death with a club. Bloody wounds are shown on her, as well as blood pooling on the floor underneath her.

A man's cut and bruised face is shown for a few seconds.

A man slices the ear off another man with a knife. Blood sprays out, and the severed ear is shown.

A man is dragged out from underneath a bed and beaten by two other men.

A fight breaks out in a bar. Multiple men are punched and stabbed, one of whom in the eye, with brief bloody results. Another man has his finger cut off, which is briefly shown afterwards.


2 uses of the word shit

1 use of the word piss


A man drinks a glass of wine.


The scene where a man beats his wife to death with a club is fairly disturbing.



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