Poupoupidou (2011) Poster




Fantômas (1932)
Poster shown
The Ten Commandments (1956)
Mentioned by name
The Misfits (1961)
Paddleball scene with Marilyn Monroe is mentioned.
Twin Peaks (1990) (TV Series)
There are many references: the plot is similar (the investigation of the mysterious death of the local beauty in a small town); the "Welcome to Mouthe" sign; the dead body of Candice Lecoeur is filmed the same way as Laura Palmer's body; both Candice and Laura kept diaries and their psychiatrists keep audio tapes of them; policeman Leloup crying after the discovery of Candice's body mirrors deputy Brennan crying when discovering Laura's body; Betty the hotel receptionist trying to seduce Rousseau mirrors Audrey Horne trying to seduce Cooper at the hotel; the electrical disturbances; Rousseau examining Candice's body in the morgue and finding a letter on her hand mirrors Cooper finding a letter under Laura's nail; Cathy's line at Candice's funeral "you all killed her" is similar to Bobby Briggs' line at Laura's funeral; Rousseau's pen name Magnus Horn is similar to Audrey Horne's name; Rousseau's book title "Qui a tué Roselyne" (Who killed Roselyne) is similar to Twin Peaks' tagline "Who killed Laura Palmer".
The X-Files (1993) (TV Series)
Agent Mulder's name is mentioned

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