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The case being investigated is a rape case, with three women being the known victims. Various aspects of the rape are discussed throughout the episode

A coroner's report finds that a suicide victim was a virgin.

A woman talks of her husband having an affair with her best friend.

A man is described as being creepy, always watching his girlfriend's best friend.

A rape victim says her thoughts during the assault were that she hoped he wouldn't kill her.

Jack says a suspect is not a rapist; he only beats up men outside pubs.

A severed finger features in the plot. It is seen preserved in a jar of fluid.

A man was beaten to death with a wrench. This was described, not seen.

Three uses of "shit" or a derivative.

One use of "buggered".

One use of "arsehole" and one of "arse".

Four uses of "bloody".

Two uses of "God".

Two uses of "hell".

One use of "cobblers".

Gerry has a beer and a cigarette before ringing Sandra and announcing that he is going to give up smoking. He asks her to be his "fag buddy" to assist him. He then throws his pack of cigarettes away. He later says he has given up on doctor's advice. He still has a nasty smoker's cough. The team regularly discuss his giving up and his resultant irritable manner. He boasts of his willpower.

He later weakens and, on finding a pack of cigarettes, lights and smokes one.

Eventually he gives up altogether and smokes a cigar.

One of the victims smokes while being interviewed.

The team meet in the pub on a couple of occasions. Some drink alcohol, some drink soft drink. Use is in moderation and responsible. Gerry asks them to get him a pint.

A suspect appears nervous, jittery. Gerry recognises it's because he's a smoker stuck in a non-smoking environment. "Right now, he'd sell his mum for a smoke". Gerry reminisces about the days when smoking could be used to intimidate a suspect "before they outlawed it".

A character had previously committed suicide. This is always an intense theme.

Gerry gets his sleeve caught in a conveyor belt and, momentarily, it looks as though he might be dragged into the machinery.

UK:12 (video rating) (2010)

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