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After waiting 10,000 years, the opportune moment in history has finally arrived for God to dictate his sacred ten commandments to the only human he talks to, Moses. Unfortunately it takes a really long time to chisel whole sentences into stone, and God's not being very receptive to the commandment that Moses wants to include, 'Know yourself'. So Moses chisels it anyway, so God shoots a lightening bolt at Moses narrowly missing him. Moses yells at God that he's being an ass. Then God yells back at Moses, YOURE BEING AN ASS. I guess it's hard to find a compromise on a hot button issue like the rules that all men and women should live by. Good thing God doesn't have to worry about compromise, since he has the power to take life at any moment.

God and Moses B.F.F. not only fills in the blanks of dialog that are missing from the Old Testament, it also takes much needed liberties in changing the story to increase the entertainment value to it's maximum capacity.
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