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Who told Kristen Stewart she could be an actress?
marcia-varaschin5 June 2012
The movie is good (not great, though), specially because of the visual effects and Charlize Theron acting. She is great, beautiful, impressive, plays her role full of passion, as usual. Also I think there was no need for a 127 minutes picture. It could last less time, because in some moments I felt like they were just dragging it for no reason. I expected more, but all the problem is with Snow White choice. Kristen Stewart is like my refrigerator, no matter what I put in it (milk, soda, eggs, vegetables, meat), it is and it will always be a refrigerator. And so is she. She is always the same, no matter what role she is playing. If she can be an actress, so can my refrigerator. They are both cold and have no expression.
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Bad casting killed this one for me...
xalterax-mc1 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Well I saw huntsman the opening night, midnight showing. I went into it expecting something amazing. It was...alright. Honestly the visuals were really good. I enjoyed the how well Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron portrayed their roles and drew me into the story. The little girl that played Snow White at the beginning had me entranced, and everything was going great - then she grew up.

Kristen Stewart as the female lead really ruined the whole film for me. She was depressingly emotionless and despite everyone in the film's world wanting to save and protect a otherwise unlikable character due to the character's performance, left me neither identifying with nor liking the character. I felt for the little girl at the beginning, who was easily 5 times the actor Kristen Stewart was in this film.

Everyone I went with felt the same.

Throughout the film she is very quiet, and what lines she has aren't memorable at all (again, no emotion). Chris Hemsworth pours his heart out to her in one scene, and while she was asleep and ultimately it was his kiss that woke her...she goes on, cold and emotionless - feeling nothing for him. Very sad, as the first 10 minutes had me very excited for the rest of the film - but then it just fell apart when she failed time and time again to react or become a likable character.

She acts the same in the Twilight movies, as far as I understand - so I'll continue to stay away from those as well. The rest of the movie was a good production, though it dragged a little at parts. To avoid the same problem in the future, I will simply abstain from anything Kristen Stewart is in. If you want to see this, but haven't seen say - Avengers, see that instead.

I'd wait for Redbox on this one.
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Entertaining but weak plot
Warning: Spoilers
As a huge fan of fantasy books and films, I had very high hopes for this one... Especially when people said "oh, you liked Lord of the Rings? You'll love this!" The verdict? I now know who *not* to listen to next time. If your tastes are similar to mine, you tend to read the books before watching the movies and you don't really follow particular actors. So, really, I had high expectations for this film - and that might've been the problem... Charlize Theron played the evil queen well but I would've loved it if the film had delved further into the queen's history as several ideas were started but never really explained (I have a decent imagination but I don't really think, as a viewer, I should be entirely responsible for thinking up ways to connect the dots). For instance, why is the Queen able to feel everything her brother feels? Why did her mother decide to give her the spell rather than both her and her brother or just her brother? And why, once we get into the meat (or the attempt at the meat) of the story, did the Queen spare Snow White's life when she didn't yet know Snow White was "the fairest"? And if she did know, all the more reason! Why spare her?? The Huntsman was, I would argue, the best developed character - at least in comparison to the others. At the very least, you knew enough to explain his drinking problem and his bitterness... That said, his wasn't an overly complex character to portray. For exactly that reason, it seemed more than a little ridiculous that the Huntsman *alone* carried the romantic scenes between he and Snow White. For instance, at one point, as he leads Snow White through the forest, he takes a knife to her skirts (apparently he thought they were getting in the way). Snow White stares blankly at the Huntsman and it is only once he says "don't flatter yourself" that you realize the emotion Snow White was supposedly showing was chaste shock. Granted that, perhaps if I was more familiar with Kristen Stewart's acting, I might have recognized what she was portraying, but, on the other hand, I'm more of the mind that I shouldn't need to know your acting style in order to recognize so basic an emotion. This kind of jarring (not in a good way) and unbalanced acting was repeated at the end of the film when Snow White is crowned and the Huntsman enters the room. Looking at Snow White, one sees only a blank yet tearful smile, but when The camera turns to the Huntsman it dawns on you that there was supposed to be some sort of moment passing between them. All in all, the chemistry existed only on the side of the Huntsman, leaving much to be desired from Kristen Stewart's portrayal. And that, of course, brings us to Snow White. The character seems to borrow much from Joan of Arc to the point that one might wonder if she wondered into the wrong film. There is an attempt to develop the character but Ms Stewart seems to be little able to carry the development of what might have been a very strong female character. The only hint of real strength comes with Snow White's battle speech which would've been fantastic except for the utter lack of build up to this newfound strength of character. So, in spite of the best intentions, this moment came across as contrived. If only Kristen Stewart had managed to keep up that pace of energy throughout the rest of the film, it might have been more believable. So, unfortunately, though I had high hopes, I actually found myself rolling my eyes frequently and feeling a bit like I was watching someone show off all his "super awesome" visual effects - which *was* pretty cool... Just not enough to carry a story. In conclusion, if you count yourself as one who likes a good plot, great character development, and strong female leads... Either lower your expectations or skip this one entirely.
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epically bad
M K2 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It's hard to find polite words to describe this movie, but I did start laughing about 2/3 through it, and that's not a good sign as it is not a comedy. With such memorable lines to call together an army as 'fire melts iron and it will writhe inside itself....' Wah?? Charlize Theron - who I had always respected - comes off as a grudgingly aging Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - wait, no - Orange County wearing bad eye makeup and screeching in reality-TV-caliber hissy-fit.... and I had always liked her. Kristin Stewart resembles her MAD cartoon parody. She's able to play the suffering goth waif, but when her character is supposed to play fired up or determined, she comes off more as a high school freshman that is determined to retrieve her math book from the library before the bell rings for class - not too powerful.... And when Chris Hemsworth gives a stand-out acting performance as the most believable character in this manufactured dark 'epic', well.... ya know you're in trouble.... I do admire the writers' ability, however, to cram every cliché that has ever been imagined into this 14-hour, I mean 2-hour story. Please note that I am generous in calling it a story since it actually had no plot. The characters had no depth. I was hoping that they would have done more with the wicked queen as that could have been a juicy part, but she was about as deep as the aforementioned 'Housewives.' The musical score was magnificently inappropriate for the scenes and built up at the oddest times so that one would expect something was about to happen... instead we are presented with a magical deer that doesn't really do anything but has a white aura around it. However, the musical crescendo that accompanies this scene makes you think Something is going to happen (it doesn't). OK - last negative criticism - a fun game would be to take a shot every time one of the actors unexpectedly breaks into a Really bad and unexpected British accent. Just sayin. And now I'll say something nice: the costumes were pretty good - impressive really.
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The Snow White story, except she ends up becoming a trained warrior...and there's a happily ever after, as always.
thetweedledumb1810 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It's an interesting retelling of Snow White, and I rather enjoyed the idea of Snow White ending up with the Huntsman as opposed to the fairly personality-less prince.

One gets the feeling with this film, though, that Snow White (portrayed by Kristen Stewart) deserves the prince with no personality, as she has very little personality herself. I cannot call this film completely awful, because casting Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman I believe was an excellent choice. He is full of animation and character, even a bit godlike (Thor-reference intended) and is the perfect hero for the film.

You get sort of a Twilight feeling with this film, though, because Kristen Stewart makes what was supposed to be warrior-Snow White seem like she needs all the supporting cast to give her a personality and save her. She isn't her own person in this film or the Twilight films.

Charlize Theron, being the excellent villain that she is, ends up overacting and makes her role seem extremely over-dramatic. Obviously, the evil queen is supposed to be desperate and, well, evil, but you get the feeling that Theron is actually over-acting to make up for Stewart's lack of it.

Even when she's supposed to be happy, you get the feeling that nothing is going on in her head. Stewart's method of acting seems to be empty one's head of everything and say your lines. Toward the end, when she makes her speech to rally the troops, it is the most emotional we have ever seen her in the film and I had high hopes. Unfortunately, due to the writing, she essentially said nothing, and I feel like the passion of the troops was totally non sequitur to her speech.

The only parts of the film that had characters I and others didn't hate were the bits with only the dwarfs and with the children at the beginning. Time was not kind to Snow White. She seemed to have lost not only her personality but her looks as well. Kristen Stewart's lack of acting seems to make everyone saying she's pure disingenuous, and even with Chris Hemsworth staring at her in love and admiration trying to convince you that she's worthy of it, as you watch her you get the feeling that perhaps he injured his head at some point previously.

Even Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron, the most likable characters for the majority of the film, make you hate them because of the writing of the film. Perhaps the director told Charlize Theron to overact, but both ended up seeming ridiculous because of the writing.

The religious bit confused me too: at a point toward the beginning of the film, Snow White says an Our Father and acts pious, but not only was there no religion in the original Snow White, there are no other references to religion throughout the film. You'd think there were many points where she might pray, but did not, so I can't see why they felt the need to include it at the beginning. It certainly wasn't to make the film longer. It was too long already.

Thus, I give this film a 3/10, and I can only hope that if they actually go through with Snow White and the Huntsman 2, they change the casting of Snow White to an actress more suited to the role. Dye Emma Watson's hair black and cast her (if she isn't tired of acting nowadays...)! I wouldn't mind it, honestly. Also, they might need to change writers...and director...and most things about the film...except the visual effects and Chris Hemsworth. I'd say don't change Theron, but her character died, so...
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Big Disappointment!!! - MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!!
Magellan864 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have NEVER posted a review on IMDb before and I'm so sorry to inform you that this movie was so bad, I HAD say something! It might have been watchable but there was absolutely NO way that I could get past Charlize's horrible HORRIBLE British accent! Thank God for her beauty.

Next, KRISTEN STEWART was just terrible! How she got the lead in this only God knows! Completely emotionless and a very laughable "pumping up" speech at the end. And WHY oh WHY does she always have her mouth open? Every time she was on camera, she had an absentminded look with her mouth hanging open showing off her horse teeth! Its NOT pretty! It was just too awful to watch this movie, all I could see were Kristen's teeth the whole time.

And William? Take him out of the movie and it would have worked out the same! His character was pretty much useless in the movie.
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Anything good has been done better before.
Joshua Brown6 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The few good things about this movie have all been done better in other movies.

I went into this film with an open mind. The first thing I believed was that reviews had been too harsh on Kristen Stewart and I was willing to give her a chance. Bad call. Snow White's primary expression for most of the movie is a blank stare with her mouth hanging open. At one point when She is armored up she delivers what is supposed to be a rousing speech to the troops. Instead it was Kristen Stewart just shouting with no passion and certainly no inspiration. There is also no chemistry between Snow White and the Huntsman. In reality the only lead actor who shows any charisma and actual development is the evil queen. There is little to no development for any other characters, which manages to even drag down Chris Hemsworth's role as the Huntsman.

While the movie did have decent special effects, they aren't enough to save the film and even they have been done better in other films. The "action" sequences are sparse and fairly generic.

I was very disappointed with this film. It had potential, but a bad script and boring/non-existent acting on Stewart's part destroyed it. If you want an actual captivating fantasy film, you'd be far better off watching Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, or even the most recent version of Alice in Wonderland. The movies listed actually have a good script and good acting along with good fight sequences and excellent special effects. There is simply nothing memorable about this rendition of Snow White.
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Don't believe the hype - This ones a snoozefest. Stiff acting, very bad pacing.
Theedg34 June 2012
The trailers were great, they got me interested, had me excited to finally see Snow White And The Huntsman but my excitement quickly turned to disappointment. The movie starts off well showing you how the Queen came to power and did a good job of introducing her to the audience but it fell apart soon after that.

The acting was very stiff throughout the film, I believe Kristen Stewart was miscast for the part of Snow White, she doesn't have the acting chops to play even a semi serious role like this one. She should stick to the Twilight series.

The pacing of the film also just felt off. Their are a lot of anti climatic scenes such as the ending, it just leaves you wanting more or wondering what they could of done to make this a better movie.

Dialogue throughout the movie was pretty bad as well, people in my theater only laughed once or twice and that was during a scene that wasn't even intended to be funny.

Most critics praised Therons performance, but she really just whined the entire time and was over the top, she didn't really deliver, but she was the best part of the film.

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So much potential ... down the tubes
darth-tobe6 June 2012
What a load of nonsense. Those were 127 almost completely redundant minutes. It doesn't happen often but after about the first third I was considering leaving the cinema and only the ticket price kept me in my seat and the vague hope that something might change. It didn't.

Where to start? There was no build-up, no climax (more of an anti-climax actually) and no development of any sort. There was a bunch of characters that fit together awkwardly at best: imagine Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Aragorn, Luke Skywalker and the guys from Hot Fuzz against the Wicked Witch and the Terminator - that about covers it. There was nothing that made you feel one way or the other about the characters since they all had their reasons for doing what they did and ... since it fit the plot it was fine anyway and they didn't need to change. The whole piece had a plot and general look and feel that couldn't make up its mind if it was going to be Chronicles of Narnia, Joan of Arc or ... Pan's Labyrinth? There were, however, a lot of pointless details that didn't matter to the plot but they were just there - take the queen's background, take the troll bridge, I could go on. There were a lot of over-acted emotions, like the queen screaming at people in slow motion for no apparent reason (both the screaming and the slow motion); and I cannot remember seeing Snow White in any shot in which she did not have tears in her eyes.

I still wonder where they wanted to take this picture. Dark fantasy with sex-appeal and gritty violence might have been a good idea but it seems the writer and production designers were too busy being politically correct to go all the way. There are a few things that I liked, which is why I give the film a 3 but those are just details and would contain spoilers. Like this the film just seems to try and capture as many tastes as possible but delivers nothing really. And then suddenly it's over as if the producer had said: "that's enough now." Maybe that was actually a blessing in disguise. Reading the original fairytale is still more exciting.
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All in all a big disappointment!
robtolboom10 June 2012
Very poor performance from Kristen Stewart. She keeps looking as if she is sitting on the toilet and doesn't convince nor captivate the audience in many scenes. At one point in the movie she gave the men a pep talk, one of the worst ever! Almost all her dialogues are poor and unconvincing.

The only thing that kind of kept me in the audience were the funny dwarfs. Also the CGI was pretty nice. But the bottom line remains, acting is the most important and especially that of the leading role...

Apart from Kristen, the other actors were OK, but unfortunately not enough to save the movie.

All in all a big disappointment!
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