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The Huntsman: [to a sleeping Snow White] You deserved better. I once had a wife, Princess. Sara was her name. When I came back from the wars I carried with me the stench of death and the anger of the lost. I wasn't worth saving, that's for sure. She did so anyway. And I loved her so much. I loved her more than anyone or anything. Then I let her out of my sight and she was gone. And I became myself again. A self I never cared for. Until you. See, you remind me of her. Her heart, her spirit. But now you, too, have gone. You both deserved better and I'm so sorry I failed you. I'm so sorry. But you'll be a queen in Heaven now and sit among the angels.

[kisses Snow White]

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Queen Ravenna: Lips red as blood, hair black as night, bring me your heart, my dear, dear Snow White.

[first lines]

The Huntsman: [narration] Once upon a time, in deep winter, a queen was admiring the falling snow, when she saw a rose blooming in defiance of the cold. Reaching for it she pricked her finger and three drops of blood fell. And because the red seemed so alive against the white she thought, "If only I had a child as white as snow, lips as red as blood, hair as black as a raven's wings, and all with the strength of that rose." Soon after a daughter was born to the queen and was named Snow White.

The Huntsman: Can't you see I'm having a bath?

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Queen Ravenna: Do you hear that? It's the sound of battles fought and lives lost. It once pained me to know that I am the cause of such despair, but now their cries give me strength. Beauty is my power.

Queen Ravenna: You are one of the few who has ventured into the dark forest. One of my prisoners has escaped there.

The Huntsman: Then he is dead.

Queen Ravenna: She.

The Huntsman: Then she is certainly dead.

Snow White: I give you my word.

The Huntsman: Yea, but I don't trust you.

The Huntsman: What the hell's going on? Who are you? Why does the Queen want you dead?

Snow White: She wants everyone dead. All of us!

The Huntsman: What makes you so damn valuable?

Snow White: You should know. You're the one hunting me.

The Huntsman: Forget it. I should have never got involved in the Queen's business.

Snow White: Where are you going?

The Huntsman: Getting away from you. You're trouble, is what you are.

Snow White: I need to get to the Duke's castle. There's an army there.

The Huntsman: Oh the Duke's army? Bunch of farmers with milkmaids and pitchforks. I know sheep that have more fight in them.

Snow White: I'm valuable. That's why you're here, isn't it? If you return without me you're dead. If you leave me I'm dead.

The Huntsman: Just for argument's sake, how much reward?

Snow White: However much is enough.

The Huntsman: At least thirty gold pieces.

Snow White: One hundred. Help me.

The Huntsman: Who are you?

Snow White: Maybe you should have asked the Queen that.

The Huntsman: I don't trust you.

Snow White: I've given you my word.

The Huntsman: I still don't trust you. But you have a deal.

Snow White: Death favors no man. We must ride like thundering waves under the tattered battle flag of my father.

Duke Hammond: You must rest.

Snow White: We have rested long enough. Frost to fire and fire to frost. Iron will melt. But it will writhe inside of itself! All these years, all I've known is darkness. But I have never seen a brighter light than when my eyes just opened. And I know that light burns in all of you! Those embers must turn to flame. Iron into sword. I will become your weapon! Forged by the fierce fire that I know is in your hearts! For I have seen what she sees. I know what she knows. I can kill her. And I'd rather die today than live another day of this death! Who will ride with me? Who will be my brother?

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The Huntsman: Why is she of such value?

Queen Ravenna: That is none of your concern.

The Huntsman: And if I refuse?

[the guards all level their spears at him]

Snow White: What does she want from me?

Finn: Your beating heart.

Queen Ravenna: Come and avenge your father, who was too weak to raise his sword.

Young Snow White: You're so beautiful.

Queen Ravenna: That's kind, child. Especially when it's said that yours is the face of true beauty in this kingdom. This all must be difficult for you. I too lost my mother when I was a young girl. I can never take your mother's place, ever. But I feel that you and I are bound. I feel it there, your heart.

The Huntsman: [narration] So poisonous was the reign of Ravenna that nature turned on itself and people turned on each other. The land died and with it, hope. And all that time she kept Snow White imprisoned high up in the north tower.

Finn: Are you always awake when I watch you?

[touches Snow White]

Snow White: You've never come in before.

Finn: My sister won't allow it. She wants you all to herself.

Snow White: I'm afraid of her.

Finn: And not of me?

[leans closer to Snow White's face]

Snow White: No.

Finn: Fear not, Princess. You will never again be locked in this cell.

Snow White: What does she want from me?

Finn: Your beating heart.

Duke Hammond: We have word of the Princess. Ravenna has kept her all these years.

William: She lives?

Thomas: She escaped the castle and into the Dark Forest.

William: I'm going after her.

Duke Hammond: We don't know if she survived. William!

William: What?

Duke Hammond: You ventured beyond the castle walls again, disobeying my orders. You're all that's left. Don't you understand? I cannot afford to lose any more of my men.

William: I'm going alone.

Duke Hammond: I will not lose my only son. You don't know the Dark Forest.

William: Then I will find someone who does. I will not abandon her a second time!

The Huntsman: Why didn't you tell me? Because I'd think it was too difficult a task? You would be right.

Snow White: I didn't trust you. I'm sorry.

Muir: That seat's not taken, if that's what you were about to ask.

Snow White: I want to thank you.

Muir: It's only a log. There's no need to thank me.

Snow White: No, for before. For defending me.

Muir: Your father was a good man. The kingdom prospered. Our people prospered.

Snow White: There were more of you?

Muir: Aye.

Gort: Yeah. The men you see before you and many, many more went deep into the caves. We were noble gold miners because we could see the light in the darkness. Gus, you were just a boy but you remember. When we returned to the surface, there was nothing. The land was blackened. Everything, everyone was gone. Was dead.

Muir: That was the month your father died.

Snow White: I'm very sorry.

Finn: I admire your fight, Huntsman. Your wife was the same.

The Huntsman: What do you know of my wife?

Finn: I remember them all. But especially the ones with fight. She screamed your name but you weren't there. Now you can beg her forgiveness in the other world.

Snow White: [captured by the Huntsman] Will you help me? Please? Please, the Queen is going to kill me.

The Huntsman: Sure she is.

Snow White: She's going to rip out my heart!

Finn: Quick work! Well done, huntsman. Hand her over.

The Huntsman: What do you intend to do with her?

Finn: Why do you care?

The Huntsman: You want her give me what I was promised.

Finn: You did your job well. Now, keep your word.

Snow White: He'll kill us both.

The Huntsman: Shut up.

Snow White: He will!

The Huntsman: I said, shut up.

[points sword at Snow White]

The Huntsman: I'll keep my word when the Queen keeps hers. Where is my wife!

Snow White: He's going to betray you.

Finn: My sister has many powers. She can take life away or sustain it, but she can't bring your wife back from the dead, you fool!

[from trailer]

Snow White: I've seen what she sees. I can kill her.

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Queen Ravenna: Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is fairest of them all?

[from trailer]

Muir: Where she leads, I follow!

[from trailer]

Muir: You have eyes huntsman, but you can not see! She is the One! I see an end to darkness!

[from trailer]

Coll: I don't like killing girls.

Duir: I do!

[from trailer]

The Huntsman: Who are you? Why does the queen want you dead?

Snow White: You should know. You're the one hunting me!

[from trailer]

Mirror Man: My queen, you have defied nature and robbed it of its fairest root. But on this day there is one more beautiful than you.

Queen Ravenna: Who is it?

Mirror Man: Snow White.

William: I will not abandon her a second time!

Snow White: You can't have my heart.

The Huntsman: What the hell's going on? Who are you, why does the queen want you dead?

Snow White: She wants everyone dead, all of us!

The Huntsman: What makes you so damn valuable?

Snow White: You should know, you're the one hunting me!

Mirror Man: Snow White. She is the reason your powers wane.

Beith: Six dwarves against an army.

Coll: I like them odds.

Queen Ravenna: You were the only one who could break the spell and destroy me, and the only one pure enough to save me.

Snow White: Hello? Hello? What is your name?

Greta: I am Greta.

Snow White: What happened to you?

Greta: All the girls in our village were taken. I was trying to reach Duke Hammond's castle when I was caught.

Snow White: Duke Hammond? Is he alive? Does he still fight in my father's name?

Greta: You're the King's daughter. The night the King died we were told all in the castle were slain.

Snow White: William? Is the Duke's son still alive?

Greta: I don't know, Princess. What will they do to me?

The Huntsman: Do not speak of my wife!

Queen Ravenna: You miss her. What would you give to see her again? You know of my powers. Bring me the girl and I will bring back your wife.

The Huntsman: Nothing can bring her back.

Queen Ravenna: I can. A life for a life.

The Huntsman: Troll!

The Huntsman: The forest gains its strength from your weakness.

Snow White: Do you drink to drown your sorrows? Or your conscience?

The Huntsman: What concern is it of yours why I drink?

Snow White: I suppose a man's sorrows are his own.

The Huntsman: What does a young girl like you know about sorrow?

Anna: [to Snow White] Our scars protect us. Without beauty we are worthless to the Queen. It's a sacrifice we made so we could raise our children in peace while their fathers are at war. And you, your sacrifice will come.

William: I said, do you need a bowman?

Gus: I won't leave you, miss.

Gort: We used to have pride. Now we just pilfer and drink and dream about when we didn't. Every man here would die for the chance of becoming that man again. So we follow you, Princess, in life and in death and we shall have our pride again. On Gus' soul on this, I swear.

William: I'm sorry I left you.

Snow White: You didn't.

William: If I'd have thought you were alive I would have come for you.

Snow White: We were children, William. You're here now.

William: She hasn't changed. She has that same light inside her. You must see it.

The Huntsman: You'd be blind if you didn't.

William: I've thought about her every day since I lost her. I can hardly believe I found her.

The Huntsman: You should tell her how you feel. It'd be good for her.

William: No. I wouldn't know how.

The Huntsman: You not telling someone something like that and living with the regret is a lot worse.

Snow White: William. It's as if nothing's changed here. The world seems beautiful again.

William: It will be when you are queen. The people of this kingdom hate Ravenna with every fiber.

Snow White: I used to hate her. Now I feel only sorrow.

William: Once people find out you're alive they will rise up in your name.

Snow White: It takes more than a name.

William: You are your father's daughter. The rightful heir. If I had a choice I'd take you far away. Keep you safe by my side. But I have a duty and so do you.

Snow White: How do I inspire? How will I lead men?

William: The way you led me when we were children. I followed you everywhere. I ran when you called. I would have done anything for you.

Snow White: That's not how I remember it. We used to fight all the time. And argue.

Queen Ravenna: You see, child, love always betrays us. By fairest blood it was done and only by fairest blood can it be undone. You were the only one who could break the spell and destroy me. And the only one pure enough to save me. You don't even realize how lucky you are never to know what it is to grow old!

Queen Ravenna: Come and avenge your father who was too weak to raise his sword. Go on, watch them die. How does it feel knowing you were the one who led them to their deaths? You see? We're not that different, are we?

Snow White: I'm everything you're not.

Queen Ravenna: You cannot defeat me! I've lived too many lives. Ravaged entire kingdoms. I have been given powers that you could not even fathom! I will never stop. Never. I will give this wretched world the queen it deserves!

The Huntsman: [to Snow White] You look very fetching in mail.

Duir: Six dwarves against an army?

Coll: I like them odds.

Snow White: My father was King Magnus.

Queen Ravenna: I shall give this wretched world the queen it deserves.

Duke Hammond: It's the princess. Ravenna has kept her alive all these years.

Queen Ravenna: [to young Snow White] I feel that you and I are bound.

Queen Eleanor: [to young Snow White] You posses a rare beauty, my love, in here. Never lose it. It will serve you well when you are queen.

Young Snow White: William, don't leave me!

The Huntsman: I told you to run.

Snow White: If I had, you'd be dead.

Muir: She is life itself.

Snow White: I would rather die than live another day in this death!

Mirror Man: Is there no end to your power and beauty?

Queen Ravenna: You don't even realize how lucky you are never to know what it is to grow old!

Queen Ravenna: Where is she?

Finn: She was chased into the Dark Forest, where the men lost her.

King Magnus: Fear not. You will come to no harm from me or my men. What is your name, my lady?

Queen Ravenna: Ravenna, Sire.

The Huntsman: [narration] So enchanted by her beauty was the king he forgot for the first time his broken heart. And the very next day she would become his wife.

Queen Ravenna: I was ruined by a king like you once. I replaced his queen. An old woman. And in time I too would have been replaced. Men use women. They ruin us and when they are finished with us they toss us to the dogs like scraps.

Queen Ravenna: Finn! Lock her up. One never knows when royal blood may be of value.

Queen Ravenna: Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is fairest of them all?

Mirror Man: My Queen, on this day one has come of age fairer even than you. She is the reason your powers wane.

Queen Ravenna: Who is it?

Mirror Man: Snow White.

Queen Ravenna: Snow White? She is my undoing? I should have killed her when she was a child!

Mirror Man: Be warned, her innocence and purity is all that can destroy you. But she is also your salvation, Queen. Take her heart in your hand and you shall never again need to consume youth. You shall never again weaken or age.

Queen Ravenna: Immortality. Immortality forever.


Queen Ravenna: Finn! Brother, bring me the King's daughter.

Queen Ravenna: She's no good to me in the Dark Forest, lost! I need her heart!

Queen Ravenna: How is it that an innocent, young girl makes a fool of my brother? Armed only with a nail. If she'd had a sword she would have taken my kingdom. Bring me the King's daughter and you let her slip right through your tiny little fingers. How? You swore that you would protect me! You swore! Now there's no one I can trust. No one! There's no loyalty, no loyalty. None! Not even from you!

Queen Ravenna: My brother tells me you are a widower. A drunkard. And one of few who has ventured into the Dark Forest.

The Huntsman: Aye.

Queen Ravenna: One of my prisoners has escaped there.

The Huntsman: Then he's dead.

Queen Ravenna: She.

The Huntsman: She is certainly dead.

Queen Ravenna: Find her. Bring her to me.

The Huntsman: No, I've been to that forest. I'm not going back.

Queen Ravenna: You will be rewarded handsomely.

The Huntsman: What good is gold to me if I'm lying dead with the crows picking at my eyes? Why is she of such value?

Queen Ravenna: That is none of your concern.

The Huntsman: I'll determine what concerns me, thank you.

Queen Ravenna: [yelling] You will do this for me, huntsman!

The Huntsman: And if I refuse?

[guards point spears at him]

The Huntsman: Do me the favor, I beg of you.

Anna: Only demons or spirits pass through the Dark Forest. Which are you?

The Huntsman: We're fugitives from the Queen.

Snow White: We mean you no harm.

Anna: You don't know who she is.

The Huntsman: What do you mean? Why, who is she?

Ravenna's Mother: Your beauty is all that can save you, Ravenna! This spell will make your beauty your power and protection. By fairest blood it is done. But be warned, by fairest blood this spell can be undone.

Snow White: My father was King Magnus.

Beith: Muir? Does she speak the truth?

Muir: Yes. She is of the blood. She is destined, Beith. I see an end to the darkness.

Snow White: Where are we?

Gus: They call it sanctuary, my lady. It's the home of the fairies.

Beith: No, no, no Huntsman. No one's ever seen this before.

Duir: The white hart bows before the Princess, father.

Muir: He's blessing her.

The Huntsman: What are you talking about?

Muir: You have eyes, Huntsman, but you do not see. You, who have been with her the longest. She is life itself. She will heal the land. She is the one. Can't you feel it? Are your ailments not gone? Gold or no gold, where she leads I follow.

Queen Ravenna: Then let them come. Let them break their skulls on these stone walls and bring me my prize.

Beith: Hi-ho lads, it's off to work.

Quert: If he starts whistling, I'll smash his face in.

Queen Ravenna: You will do this for me, Huntsman!

The Huntsman: And if I refuse?

Finn: Magic comes at a lofty price.

Queen Ravenna: [looking into the mirror] And the expense grows.

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